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hey i’m back!  you may have heard that the face shop is having a top girl contest.  this is it.  the below pic is actually the set rules given by the face shop, international.  then i suppose each country that have the face shop are given the freedom to have consolation prizes for those who didn’t win.

source – here

the set rules for the face shop philippines is below:

so no where is it written in the philippine version that the top girl chosen by the face shop philippines will get to meet leader and the other endorser, kung sino man yun, YET.  when it’s clear in the international rules that the top girl will get the chance to meet hyun joong.

this TOP GIRL thing is a beauty contest.  a beauty contest sans the swim suit and evening gown competition.  i have no real stand on beauty contests.  i respect the ladies that join.  from Imelda Romualdez Marcos to Oprah Winfrey, yes, they were beauty queens.  the former became our first lady the latter used her winnings for her scholarships and college tuition.  regardless, how people say beauty contests are demeaning to women, ultimately it is up to the woman who joins if she will be affected in being objectified.  women will always have a way to either not get affected and or use it to their advantage.

I am not going to even attempt in joining this.  I was advised that the age limit is 35.  that’s where i have to raise my brow.  really age limit?  oh well, it’s their call and we have to respect that, cuz hey, they didn’t have to come up with a top three and top ten on top of having a top girl.  and with that said, before you spend your 500 bucks, ask and confirm this age limit thing with the store clerks FIRST.

if any of you know me, if any of you actually read this blog, then you’d know by now i’m not the kind of person who deals with stress.  the only kind of stress i am ever willing to deal with is to do well at work because if i do well at work i will be able to provide for my dad and mom and if i do well at work i will get lots excess thereafter, and i would be able to provide for my two hobbies, kpop and korean cosmetics.

i will not attempt to even clarify this age limit thing.  the fact that one branch manager says there is a limit is enough for me to turn around.  i will also not entertain any notion or suggestion to join. so some or just one ‘triple s’ should put her dirty and malicious mind at ease that i have no connection to the face shop philippines.

so it comes down to this.  i will continue to support kim hyun joong, regardless of brand he endorses, that means i will continue to support the face shop.  i will continue.  if there are any events that the face shop will be doing, i will do my best to be apart of it try and report about it.  this also means that i will continue reviewing the face shop products since it is after all, the face shop is Korean.

I will always have this, this dti supervised raffle from the face shop philippines that i won with the last raffle ticket i purchased with my own money.

a few updates:

  1. i ordered a couple of things from my suki an elisha coy snail cream and a peach sake bb cream,  i also bought a couple of things from etude house, tony moly, and skin food, taking advantage of their sale this weekend.  but my big purchase went to lunasol this afternoon.
  2. i will be uploading a massive haul video, hopefully this weekend, excluding the stuff i purchased today and yesterday.
  3. my next goal is to purchase a lunasol foundation and to buy the latest laneige lipstick line shown below 
  4. after that, meaning after april, i will no longer hoard.  i believe i have enough from my previous haul video and the one i am uploading tomorrow for many many reviews to come
  5. having said this, i will not be spending on cosmetics for a while.  a cosmetics shopping fasting now commences.  and no, this isn’t my sacrifice for the Lenten season.  
  6. i am now going to save up for a trip to south korea.  meaning i’d rather work hard for my own money to go to south korea.  at dun mag shopping ng bongelz! oh ha ano akala nyo hahaha seryuz much? bwahahaha, lech bawal sa kin yun.
  7. any new haulage will be looties from events if i am still invited LOL if not eh well shrug hahaha 
good luck to the ladies who are thinking of joining this contest in the Philippines and around Asia.

Just as the other day, i have come to back to ortigas because i was to attend an event.  hahaha while i wait for the mall and the event to start i hang near rob LOL…well free airconditioning and a chair! LMAO.  but it was time to head on down to the last event of 2011.  the 3rd annual kpop convention.

Once again, with Gawad Kalinga, we have our con.  this year’s GK booth was much bigger to accept people’s donations for the victims of Sendong (Typhoon Washi) in Cagayan De Oro.

having dropped off mine and theBenj’s donations, i look around and see and  i couldn’t believe that after 3 years the clamor for this Korean popular culture is still as or even hotter today than when they first started!  kudos to the fans!

and speaking of hot.  maaayghad, dear megatent, your so called aircons where just not enough.  nuff said.

though sparkling magazine will have a new issue out soon with kara and what’s left of tvxq on the cover, their standee today is still of dear leader.

 now of course, i would take notice of all things TOP and big bang!  i was on double duty today.  my hero T was still down with the flu.  i’m glad she didn’t go, her condition might have gotten worse had she mustered up the strength and gone to the event!

 most of the fanclubs that have groups older than 3-4 years old were there.

 there were also stores selling ‘official merch’

 and well, novelty items…hahaha parang supernatural lang noh? ang daming driver’s lic at iba ibang i.d. hahahaha

 awwww a special place in my heart after i had seen beast perform at the araneta last year…boy can these youngins sing LIVE!

 and of course, the reason why i went to Sg last july! hay standee palang gwapo na

 the ladies of fangirl asia, running out of breath because of the heat! hold on ladies! hold on! just 4 more hours for you to stay!

 i keep reminding myself that i’m a member of bigbang phil, i just forget to be active hahaha.  i’ve signed up like 3-4x already LOLs

 ahhh these guys…ok 

 and these guys, of course we know them, they endorse Etude House AND sang one of the songs on the Boys over Flowers soundtrack!

 2AM…i actually enjoyed their little performance in libis this year.  super awesome balladeers!

 ay CnBlue! mapapanood ko rin kayo live! one day

 awwww 4minute.  super cute!  i liked them since i saw them live at sm megamall.  wow has it been almost two years already?

 FTI!  twice already i’ve seen FTI, once in manila and once at Singapore.  just a good band! yes, with instruments 😉

 eeeeep!  of course may picture ng booth of my 2nd home.  the ladies that adopted me when i got lost.  or shall i say lost the key to my previous fandom home.  the triple s and now the henecians always have an open door for me.  thank you so much.  i love you so dearly!

 hehehe of course i’d put up a pic of 2ne1ph’s booth.  duh i’m a silent blackjack, kaya 😉

 ok, ahhhmm dear readers, ah eh kahit pink pa yan, tunay na mga lalaki ang mga bantay ng booth na ito.  huwaiii? kasi po ang kanilang mga ini-idolo ay ang mga binti at hita ng mga girls generation.  hahaha sorry omg sorry i had to say it 😛

 more kawai stuff.  uys si kuya nag labas ng industrial fan.  wala ba yung industrial fan yung sa simbahan? yung silver na malaki na halos di mo na marinig yung pari sa lakas ng motor ng fan na iyon? to think ha, paki puna po.  ang laki ng hinagulpak na a/c sa likod ni manong, ganumpaman sya ay nag labas parin ng sariling electric fan.   phffft.

 teeehee more stuff.


 and for the D…sorry anak naubos na pera ko by the time i saw this =( sa susunod na lang ha?

 a booth that was selling everything for 50 bucks! from posters to stickers!

 T-ara’s booth! and supernova.  we know t-ara because of….! Tony Moly of course!

 and a view of the stage.  when this pic was taken a group cover dancing big bang was on stage.

 FINALLY REAL KOREANS.  yep a mom and pop shop (well bit bit naman nila anak nila to help out)  yep a mom and pop shop.  in their progressiveness, they have managed to keep that practice/tradition.  parang mga italiano nung araw sa america.  with their pizzaria…but somehow updated din naman, seeeeee, hallyu stuff ang kanilang bentahin.  and good quality stuff, printed in Thailand and Viet Nam, and for inexpensive prices!  pinoy printers have their work cut out for them to bring their prices down!

 ayun oh, globe.  phhhhffft wala man lang free wifi. syyyyet.

so nagikot, nakipag chikahan at nagkapic moment kami ni Monica…awwww sorry ginulat ba kita with my meso beso? kinikilig ako when someone recognizes me eh hahaha, oh ha me alreydee!

naturally, naubos ko ang baon kong pera. to think di na ko nag lunch nyan ha?! hahaha so yeah, i’m up to my eyeballs in calendars.  waaahoo!

haaaay, i know malapit nga ang megatent, but wow, i really, i prefer last year’s venue kung ganon naman ang aircon, halos nonexistent.  naawa naman ako sa mga organizers, natural they thought it would be cold enough eh di naman puno yung venue ng tao nung nag-ocular sila.  and it was poorly lit ha.  isang light bulb lang per fanclub tent? malamang isang paris rin lang ng outlet ang binigay.  

ang hirap talaga.  sana next time ma-goyo natin ang mga tao ng rockwell or ng nbc tent para dun naman, gitna parin but with better airconditioning!  

once again i ended up missing my girls.  

T get well soon.

D umuwi ka na. 



This an account and farewell to August.  As some you who follow my blog, i’ve been wary about the month of August even in the midst of enjoying myself back in July. 


the reason is below.  it seems fair, doesn’t it?  and really as a marketing stand point, the mechanics is truly quite fair, from a marketing point of view.  and it’s left to lady luck to choose you.



for example.  this ticket below.  this is the last ticket i bought, on the last day of the promo, the 17th.  the computer cash register at the robinson’s galeria hung and had to be re-boot(ed), i used my card to accumulate miles, so they had to swipe that, dial the credit card number get the approval while waiting for the cash register to load up and accept the sale while i filled out my name, in short form, Marge aaaand i had 7mins left in break.  off i went, with this crumpled ticket, i ran the distance from the face shop store to our building, a good half a block, fr the elevator to my desk, in 4mins.  that my friends, is a feat for me, since i don’t walk much and i certainly don’t run.  for all my jeet kune do in my younger days, that stamina is now gone.



so when my friends started to notify me via facebook and even my friend Elisa called me, i couldn’t believe it specially because of the winning ticket.  to me it seemed like a joke, reading the name, i knew it was the last ticket i filled out, since i always fill out anything with my real name, Margareth. 



I was present for his high five event the previous day.  in all out support for his solo album being promoted here. so i am one of the few who was able to touch his hand and tell him thank you to his face.



I would like to add, in the many hundreds of people that he greets, he takes time to look at you, directly in the eyes and respond to you.  no matter how quickly that moment is, he still tries to grab the chance to look at you.  i was in the fourth row and queued up since 6.30am at trinoma so i was able to queue for a seat as well near the front so i was fortunate enough to be part of the  front rows allowed to come up on stage and be able to do the high five event.  some people were even there at around 330am!  nope, i personally didn’t have an A-card, my sister in law does.  and i didn’t know that expired ones even from another user could be used so i could skip the long wait/queue.  i also felt i had to be there in the trenches with the rest of the fans to somehow feel the fangirl experience.  and in all fairness, i actually gained at least 3more friends, 2 from the company i work for, as a matter of fact! thanks Paz and Grace for saving my spot while i got a new dress!



but my own event was for the next day.  i will happily recall the random girls that were congratulating me.  i still couldn’t believe it, until i actually was at SM Moa that morning that i was gonna see these two again.



this time, the visit at the SM Moa is part of The Face Shop Asia Tour



where you have the endorser, currently, Kim Hyun Joong tour different Asian countries and promote the brand and its latest products.



he greeted us, and well in that shirt, i was mesmerized. i felt like a teen ager.  between Hyun Joong his angelic face his body and his body guard, it was all i could do to keep from fainting!  on a personal note, i was also suffering a female pain that, well as luck would have it, had to arrive this very day.



and the body guard: the one that never smiles but has captured the hearts of many fans.



as much as i love the rugged look on the kim hyun joong, he sure does look good in slacks an in this linen shirt, which well, fits his form really, really as in really well.



and my prize.



close kami?  he actually leaned me forward, idk, to be not too tall for the camera men?



it actually surprised me that he put his arm around my shoulder.  though my friend Karren already warned me about it, and i had the presence of mind to switch to secret’s platinum protection.  i knew i’d be desperate pain and may sweat.  seeeeee there, i couldn’t even go closer, i was afraid to taint him or something.



doesn’t his smile look so relaxed and genuine? that’s one of the comments given by my new FB friend, Babes, that he seemed relaxed.  all i could say was kamsahamnida their thank you in polite form then bowed my head, yet he still got to look at me directly and tell me you’re welcome, and in english. LOL



there were 7 pix posted the face shop philippines, wall. 


I skipped going to his other events.  soon as he left my physical pain came back and i received not so great news.  i found out that someone whom i thought was a good acquaintance was verbal in her disbelief that my ticket was picked out of the the face shop DTI registered raffle.  all i can say is, though i am a beauty blogger and though i frequent the face shop regardless of promos, i, like the rest of the fans bought at least 500 worth of the face shop products to qualify to buy the korean version album with 2posters and the raffle ticket.  i would like to add if ever i dismissed this person, if ever i was harsh to you in anyway that i apologize.  you should know i tried to help you one time to get sponsorship for the event that you needed funding.  if ever you bought ten times more than i did, i am sorry if your ticket didn’t pop up.  i am glad to hear that you were at the face shop party and i hope now that you are with new friends you are happy.


now that i have these pix and have run their 15mins of fame on the interwebs, i can let go.  thank you kim hyun joong, thank you the face shop for this successful international event.  i am very happy to have been part of it, and have somehow contributed to it.


apart from the Shen’s Clinique event and the last weekend of August, not much has happened, except the weird stuff i just now chuck off to Aughost.  I learned a lot from the people around me this month. learning something is always good.  


Farewell, August.


Hello September.



How was your August?

ever since the non-renewal of the contract of kim hyun joong’s, idol pop group, SS501, [meaning they can’t use that name, can’t perform together using that name without a new contract under their previous label] i’ve been wanting these dvd’s.  the pink one is a compilation of their performances when they first debuted.  while the other is their last performance ever together as/in a concert.
these dvd’s come with photobooks.  and my sataima performance even came with a wallet sized picture album thingy container.
as some of my readers may know, ever since boys over flowers and the song because i’m stupid by ss501 [used on the boys over flowers soundtrack] which was used a great deal on youtube make up tutorials, i became hooked on bb creams and asian makeup which led me to become hooked on kpop and ss501. and now i have these babies.  i’ll be satiated for quite awhile.
i miss them and await their return, hopefully this year.
these dvd’s are actually my 2nd orders of these items.  my previous orders didn’t go thru and i had to wait about 5 and half months for them to be available again.  yes, they are hard to come by especially now that they are rare items [the pink one is out of print while the saitama is from japan and is limited.]
i ordered and should’ve ordered [to begin with] from fangirl asia and yes asia for these.  word of advice to anyone new to this fandom, order from legit online stores and people you know who accept credit cards [as it adds legitimacy to their enterprise].  also, in fairness to legit online stores who have been in the business for more than 3years like Princess Ng / keeping8simple, there are online sellers that will have yearSS worth of good feedback.  so always always research and read reviews and feed back of the online stores you will be buying from.
that’s all for now  ^_^ imma gonna watch my dabel s babies ^_^

here’s a note i wrote on facebook and thought it was fitting to blog it as well. just as a word of caution, thanks, and reminder to those that appreciate, that don’t, and those who are closet or hidden fan(s) of any kind of fandom.
wow, it seems that the year is ending already and i sooo wanna do some spring/new yr’s/year end cleaning. a sort of a catharsis and exorcism of what had happened this year and years passed.
as some of you know i follow at least three fandoms, there’s the scifi fandom

there’s my kpop fandom and my makeup hobby


these hobbies and fandoms are what i maintain and with these fandoms i have gained so many new friends. friends that i would like to keep and see for a very long time to come.
i think friends you gain from fandom are less judgemental.
less likely to call you DIE HARD.
will hardly call you jologs. and would merely respect you for the things you are liking at the moment.
of course everyone is different, some fandoms dislike each other just because it seems disliking and judging is easier to do than trying to relate, trying to see what your friend is in to, and most of all disliking and judging is way easier than expanding a mind.
there are so many fandoms out there, even rachel ray has fans and that really loud dude from abc’s extreme make over home edition. all i can say is, don’t dismiss a person for his or her fandom. we will respect other people’s thoughts and opinions if only those opinions do not look down on us or make it seem that the person judging is better than every body.

this year i’ve regained a new outlook on people who’ve i’ve met along the way from both my fandoms and my very distant past. through facebook, i was reminded of what need to remember and what i need to hold dear.
i know my note is very jumbled up and makes no sense.

i just want to put it out there that if i don’t judge a person for having x number of kids, or if i don’t judge a person for whining that he/she is super toxic with life and can’t pursue a certain course. then allow me the same courtesy. kung ayaw mo mag make up eh di wag, wag ka na lang magcomment because people who do wear make up [like me and my ghels] we just love our winged liner as we are asian pop fans bwahahaha and that is our preference.

hindi jologs ang nakaka donate ng 500k sa gawad kalinga at nakaka bili ng original dvd at cd. lalong hindi jologs ang nakaka ibang bansa just to watch a concert or a fan meet.
thank you tsph and thank you nwa/via-astris. live long and prosper.