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weeeeeeh a new Nars blush.  theBenj bought me this when he bought me the lunasol pallet about 2wks ago.

and since it’s not summer anymore, my blush has turned pink from corals/orange!  I actually was going for deep throat, hahaha since idk, i find that coral shades are really nice, at least on me.  but Lara, the SA for the Nars counter at Rustan’s Shangrila Mall said, ma’am if you have orgasm already, why not go for something from a different hue.  oh ha, may tama si kuya este at-eh.  so it was either mata hari, something else and this.  i went for the more wearable and buildable shade, the angelika, thanks for the heads up Laurence, i mean Lara 😛

huwow this thing is pigmented, that’s just a couple of very light handed strokes with my fan brush!

even my lipsticks are pinks now, too LOL

angelika looks so natural on me, like i’m blushing! hahaha

below i used nars angelika but topped it with a little of ellana’s kitten also pink but more on highlighting.

My mom asked, pumuti ka ba? trans: did i get fairer? in all honesty, i do believe so, once a upon a time i was color matched for the photo ready and i was 04nude but when i bought it last july, i had to go for the 03 shell.  so, i guess so.  my face caught up with the rest of my neck and body with all the bb creams i’ve been applying and the sunscreen in them that i now produce less skin pigment on my face so i look like i went a shade lighter.  so now, this kind of pink looks like a natural blush on me,  LOL  like i’m giddy over some hot cutie.

I should update this with pics of my ladies at work who’s got medium to warm skin toned, i bet it’s gonna stand out too since it’s on the shimmery side.

Take note that rather recently these shadows now cost PhP1450 a hundred bucks increase from it’s previous PhP1350 (when i bought the orgasm back this summer). at US$27 retail, the additional 300 Pesos would or should cover tax, shipping and the convenience of just buying nars babies in a mall rather than worrying about shipping and that customs we have that targets kpop merch and makeup!

i’m glad i have both the orgasm and angelika, they’re both wonderful and do not break me out.

next project, the multiple g-spot bwahahaha

what’s your blush this week?