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Nature Republic, the store i just have to, as in have to, visit whenever i’m at sm north (i mean trinoma so i have to cross edsa towards sm north).  but purchases from Nature Republic always seem worth it.  case in point this lovely baked shadow duo.  the #1

it has instructions in english.

and what it looks like with its packaging.  the inner corner of the eye shade and the brow shade is marbled with some kind of periwinkle blue that doesn’t really show up on the skin but gives a nice sheen when blended with the mustard yellow and silvery pink.  the salmon shade you see below is actually a kind of cooler pink.  it’s just my camera made it look warmer on the picture.

it’s a tad muted down without eye primer underneath but still wearable if you pack on the color.

what it looks like on my lids with eye primer underneath.

a simple every day look for work or school. perfect for summer and well springtime in countries with spring. something fresh and natural looking.



  • packaging the clear case makes it easier for me to know what shade is inside!  it’s very compact, too. great for travel
  • pigmented with or without eye primer underneath
  • very little fall out
  • nice sheen
  • finely milled considering it’s baked
  • does not crease, yep, i’ve worn this without eye primer underneath
  • does not fade throughout the day
  • doesn’t sting my eyes
  • locally available and now nature republic has a multiply account, so they are available online, too
  • great for a summer or spring time look!
  • 500 plus for just two shades
  • sm north is out of my way (ano pa kaya ang fairview at festival mall LOL) more branches please!
will i repurchase? – i will in this same shade, too.  it’s just so wearable
do i recommend – yes, specially to those women who wanna start using makeup or those women who don’t want to wear ‘too much’ makeup


seryoso? herblier? hahaha oo nga herblier!
the ingredients include parabens 0.o

it’s twice the size of my usual tfs herb day lip and eye makeup remover wipes

AND IT CAN remove the water proof stuff.

and it really does clean!


  • it was actually available at the time i was there, ahem other k stores that are always out of stock of these makeup remover wipes
  • not drenching wet
  • no violent reaction from my skin
  • 100 bucks per 15 sheets
  • sheets are thicker than the usual we buy from say bench or other k stores or watsons
  • travel convenient!
  • removes waterproof stuff
  • locally available
  • i’m not a fan of the scent, though i love avocados specially with milk and sugar (pero hindi yung shake yung asa bowl lang with milk and sugar)
  • parabens in the ingredients
  • NP has yet to have a branch in mega hehehe so this is not part of the dislike list for the product
Do I recommend? yep, for sure! specially if other k cosmetic stores are not near you, it’s only a hundred bucks!
Will i repurchase? yep, most likely hehehe

Apart from bb creams, and on top of korean cosmetics, and yes, even apart from big bang and ss501, i’m now very much into snail creams. i’ve been breaking out since my not so fortunate spiraling circumstance of breakouts on the lower part of my face specially the parts where toothpaste suds trail around my mouth. plus, there was that really bad reaction i had with the shu uemura foundation and or the skin care i kept using during my basic training and then i had to use my ensogo voucher for a diamond peel facial and the lady was ‘kind’ enough to prick the bumps she thought needed squeezing out.  and there i was with the lower half of my face like a dart board. 

so ayun, there, i have a few snail stuff including this one from nature republic.  and as soon as ‘the next day’ arrived after my facial/diamond peel, i peeled this open and used it, and soaked under it for about 45mins!

here’s what it looks like, it’s packaged similar to the competion, wherein the mask has two parts, one part for the lower part of your face from the nose down to the chin wrapping around the jaw.  the other part is the part that covers your face like a spartan soldier from 300

tadaaahh yep, dami kong tama, on my left cheek 2, on left jaw 2-3, and on my chin, 2.  some of those pricked by the nice lady at surgiderm, some i had to squeeze and pop out what that nice lady pricked but left behind 


uhmmmm, well, the effect is quite instant.  although i admit, that the marks you see below, at the time no longer has its ‘eye’ or so i thought(!) the drying up process of my wounds was pretty pretty fast!  which i attribute to wearing this mask.  the scab that my immune system formed was pretty stiff!  no plasma was coming out, you know, the ooze that’s midway between yellow with a hint of red?  plasma the medium of blood and other particles such as your platelets and wbc’s and other particles.  and there you have it.  i slept easy knowing that my wounds are semi dry and that i wouldn’t reopen them with my frisky fingers while i’m asleep.  yeah, i sleep-zit-pop.  hahaha lech (though i’m not making it up! i wake up sometimes with a little blood under my finger nails!)


  • no strong scents
  • 1000mg mucin!
  • cooling effect 
  • helped dry my zits, the photo’s above were taken last saturday, by sunday the ones around my jaw were dry, unpoppable. the one near my nose had a little surprise but i got that out THEN it dried out. and by monday, i just looked like i fought with a derma instead of having had a treatment with a derma! tenginangyan
  • it was NOT goopy but just silky slick.
  • the nose cover, ang hirap pong huminga so i had to fold it over my nose.  pang parrot ata ito
  • the packaging, similar to what i disliked in the last snail mask i tried, this thing was double wrapped and sandwiched in plastic inside a plastic!
  • the price – the price is pretty competitive so i can’t argue with it.  (meaning pantay sya sa presyo ng ibang korean stores)
Do I recommend? – oh yeah! 
Will I repurchase? – definitely

so yeah i’m totally sucked in to this snail therapy thing.  and i’m glad i have oily combination skin or i’d dry my skin out completely hahaha choz!
has anyone else tried snail stuff?!

Disclaimer:  though this bb cream is a gift with purchase Nature Republic didn’t pay me to do this review.  I also do not know how much the full size of this at Nature Republic Phils. And by the way I do not know what md water is, hehehe baka may magtanong, hindi na ko nag-google.

It’s been a very toxic week with the sniffles, and a culmination of three months work is upon me and I needed something quick and easy for my daily face, no mess or fuss.
This is actually what I needed this week.  Something simple, nothing too fancy with a bit of protection and coverage.  the really nice and really mild baby powder scent is a sweet bonus.  I’m glad this freebie is in that kind of upside down squeeze tube and makes it more hygienic and tidier to keep and reuse.  Either my skin is extra dry because of the season, the colds I had this week, or the tension but my skin appreciated this bb cream that I think is really for combination dry skin.
Only my nose would get oily and would get that way only after 3-4 hours has passed already.  I actually no longer retouch with powder and only blot the oil from my nose. It has spf25 pa++ enough for indoors.  The scent, awww I really like the johnson baby powder scent, yung normal.  It lasts all day, too, I just haven’t tested it walking around in heat or humidity.
 It didn’t break me out and it’s not too reflective in flash photography.  The coverage though, is well, very light.  I like the shade though, it suits me.  A touch of setting powder helps, but overall if you have redness and scars to hide then have your concealer around.  Pore coverage is minimal as well.  but at least, it’s quite easy to remove 😉
  I recommend this bb cream for those short trips to the market when you’d need some sun protection and not look like the walking dead.  Will I purchase the full size?  I think I’ll try out Nature Republic’s other bb creams specially the one for oily combination skin.

Some of you may have read on my previous post visiting nature republic at the sm north the block, 4th level – here.  well i’ve since gone back and actually did the rest of my Christmas shopping there.  i got this on my first visit.  because in real life it looks like a blue kinda baby pink that’s kinda soft.  it just so happen my cam and the lighting made it salmon kinda looking.

it has a satin glossy finish.  but when i wore it the other day it really reminded me of milan.  though on the swatches, you’d wonder why.

so on the lips, the only difference is the finish.

and here’s the side by side comparison. (note that underneath both lip products i applied a thin coat of my lipstick base reviewed here and a thin application of my lip concealer reviewed here to make sure that the real shades of both lip products would come out)

ayan, oh ha parang dalagang pilipina hahaha demure kunwari, hahaha chos 😛

Aspect Nature Republic Nyx
Shade Match almost exact dupe of Milan  except that the nyx is has a matte finish
Coverage Need to apply several coats, this is sheer Need to apply several coats to get the pigment on the lips
Finish satiny gloss matte
Lasting Power lasts even after a meal kisses off even when it has dried on the lips already
Lasting Power -part 2 unless you eat how you first apply it will remain that way til you take it off Nice upon initial application then cracks after 2-3 hours revealing the cracks & lines of your lips
Effect on the lips Moisturizing Dries my lips
Price less than PhP500 around PhP300

Dude, i’m not hating Nyx ok?  i like how intense the shades are, i like the price i just don’t get what the big deal is.  this is like my 3rd comparative review?  and clearly there are other lippies out there.  and just cuz it has amazing color and it’s way cheap doesn’t warrant the hullabaloo.  these soft matte lip creams cake up after about an hour or two on the lips, so you end up applying gloss to spread the pigment around and touch it up.  so what the hell is the point of it being matte if you’re gonna have to apply gloss on top of it to keep it looking fresh?

i had the revlon colorstay ultimate liquid lipstick my review of which is here same consistency/formula where the cream or in that case the liquid lipstick’s pigment/product won’t stay put when your applying it on the lips then when it does set, it REALLY sets, so when you move your lips when you speak, it cracks what you applied, oh ha ano ito clay?  i actually liked the revlon even if a gazillion people hate it.  the revlon didn’t tell me it was matte, all the publicity about that was just about having one application, the color and balm in one (rather than having the double ended gloss and tint or color).

I’m getting a lot of questions from our fangirl teens on what makeup to buy but at a cheap price.  naturally, there’s only uber inexpensive brand i always say, clue, it’s a brand endorsed by Dara.  

True that the nyx is really cheap, but at around 300 then you buy a lip balm or gloss at let’s say 95 na nivea, why not just get one lip product that’s actually priced at 400?? less stuff for you to put in your kit pa.

so dude, i’m not hating on nyx, i’m just presenting facts as i see them.

Like they say, you get what you pay for…very little product in a tiny tube that you can’t see if you have anything in there left, and the cracked finish, not to mention the chapped lips after a day of wearing the nyx.

So yeah, Korean this Korean that, left and right…and why not? for a little more all you have to do is go to a mall and there you have your options at least 7 (to 9) brands that have a kiosks and shops in our malls in the metro.

if you like western products then by all means.  if you like nyx then prepare more than 300ish since you will need a good lip balm to use in conjunction with the soft matte lip cream.

do i like this nature republic bloom kiss? well it’s not the best, it’s like the revlon colorburst carnation, exactly the same, even the pigmentation is just as sheer.  just that the colorburst is a tad more expensive than this NP bloom kiss (revlon, locally that is).

for our young ladies who just want a sheer wash of color on their lips, this or301 is just right for you.  it’s your lips only better kind of shade 😉

there i said it hahaha

It’s gonna be 2012 in a few hours. and unlike last year, i’m just gonna post one long entry on the best of 2011 and the not so. let me begin with the not so that way we can dispense with any bv or nega and end on a high note, shall we? below are few items i just ended up no longer using.

from left to right on the first pic below. let’s begin.

  1. The Victoria Jackson survival kit – though initially a love because of the swiss army knife idea behind the travel worthy makeup kit, my blog entry on it here.  as time went on.  i just noticed that the eye shadows were just so powdery and not creamy to apply as my majolica majorca shadows.  and even with the ellana eye primer the shadows still oxidized on my eyes.  the lip products dried out my lips and were too sheer, and blushes were too dark and were also oxidizing on my cheeks.  the liner pencil smudged and smeared.  the mascara was pretty decent though. and the lip liner was nice, too those i kept on using.
  2. the Etude house AC Clinic White Trouble Bubble Cleanser and the AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot patch  the bubble cleanser can’t clean off stuff from my face, and the pink powder spot patch didn’t do anything for me.
  3. the closeup fire freeze dual sensation – yung condo… este toothpaste.  that just broke me out, nuff said.  si jowa ang umubos while i bought another tube of colgate toothpaste
  4. the body shop’s band wagon hopping product – their bb cream the shiso white – this is better for normal to dry skin and for those who have the budget for it.  it’s too expensive for the amount of product you get.
  5. ang walang kamatayang the face shop hydrosplash bb cream (sorry not shown in the picture) – it just didn’t work out for me.  so i gave it to my mom who has dry skin.
  6. and finally Nyx – the matte stuff – disclaimer – i dislike applying too much stuff on my lips so i don’t like applying a separate lip balm before or after the application of a lip product (which is why i fell in love with the skin food’s fresh cream color fit with spf12 which was balmy, super color payoff, and had spf)  so apart from the fantastic color payoff and cheap prices for nyx i’ll have to swear these off. they are just too drying and ayoko ko ngang kung ano anong anik anik ang pinapatong pa sa lips once na lipstick na ko.
  7. the in2it – mascara, the ball type tip, can you say clump?

PHEWWWW! good vibes now LOL

so for bb creams – i have below 3.  a high end, a mid range and something not available in the country hahaha syyet.  the laneige bb cream is wonderful specially for a date, very luminous, the l’egere is also luminous and very long lasting AND ACTUALLY HELPS WITH healing my zits. while for a matte finish the expert triple from Tony Moly is my go to.  it lasts all day, helps with my oils, has spf45 and pa+++

for foundation.  a low and high end.  not to mention a day and night time one.  both are available in the philippines.  for night, i recommend the laneige.  it gives such a flawless, luminous almost ethereal finish.  oh ha, no, not Cullen-esque but more like the elves in the lord of the rings!  while for day it’s kate’s mineral liquid foundation i recommend.  it’s easy to apply, travel friendly packaging.  and on the matte side

while for setting powder and concealer.   y’all know, if you follow my blog, that my colorstay aqua can make the dullest of bb creams look fantastic on my skin with just one light handed swipe hahaha exag.  while for the revlon age defying concealer. ay Dios mio, last year pa yan, still going strong!

and my fave blushes.  nars’?? naaaah, pahabol of the year.  see there’s the orgasm and angelica with albatross already!  comes with a really soft brush, too.

the etude house proof 10 eye primer wow, this is lasting me a long time and because of this. it gave me a 2nd look at my kate brown collection pallet below! the i’m fine eye liner, though i’m not a fan of the uber long brush tip, i like how black it is yet easy to remove unlike my lioele.  and of course, the soft touch auto lipliner!  this thing lasts and lasts and it takes major brushing of the lips to remove this from your lips LOL

my favorite eye pallets.  leaning towards the wearable natural looking on the girly pink side, these are my best.  and my surprise.  i had given a not so great review on the kate brown collection here but i was using a less than superior eye primer.  when i started using my proof 10 eye primer, the pink no longer turned salmony oxidized pink and stayed the nice pink that it is as you see it in the pan.  and my tony moly romantic khaki triple dome baked shadow great for travel, nice pigmentation, great for daytime.  and of course from day to night, my lunasol in soft beige from the 2011 fall collection.  i love how with just one pallet you can spruce up your daytime look to a smokey night time look!  and of course the creaminess of the shadows goes without saying!

another japanese product.  hahaha yes, i’m crossing the pond.  from kate, to lunasol but of course one of my first was majolica majorca. my lash expander frame plus.  this think just keeps going and going.  yes, buhay pa sya.  though a tad dryer but still easy to work with none the less!  now this gives my lashes length and volume.  my lashes are the type that can be applied fiber wig on, so this works for me.

after my not so great experience with the chapping of my lips with nyx.  i must admit, nagalit ako sa sarili ko for getting envious only to have my lips chapped severely.  so i swung the pendulum sobrang the other way and here i am.  addicted to laneige.  in manila these are not as expensive as buying a mac lipstick, #justsayin.  these lipsticks are super pigmented.  very soothing on the lips WITHOUT giving me that gunk of product at the entrance of my mouth (the inner part of the lips) the way that clinique thing did to my lips before.  so i am super happy with these purchases, no matter the cost, hindi naman nasaktan ang lips ko at uminit ang ulo ko sa sarili ko ring kagaguhan.

and removers.  of course i need to mention, my face savers the face shop wipes and the makeup eraser from tony moly and etude house’s mascara be gone!

they just make makeup removal so much easier and i can rest easy on my pillow in the knowledge my makeup won’t be on the pillow the next morning!

and since my lips got all chapped and all, tony moly’s lip scrub was there to the rescue!

and the pahabol extra’s this year, the etude house beauty blender! the etude house mini anti germ hand lotion homay, wala bang biggy size! lol

and another surprise last entry the wannabe color my lips! homayghad it’s super creamy AND DIDNT’ chap my lips 😉  the color payoff is fantastic, too!

as mentioned earlier, skin food’s fresh cream color fit with spf12 nearly has everything i would like in a lipstick, balmy, yet awesome color payoff and with spf.  so yeah naturally this would make the list, at pahabol, too!

and as for skin care, y’all know i went all gahgah over snail creams.  thanks to the skin shop.  this snail cream is 90% mucin and it’s great for my oily to combination skin and has a pump!  my current bb cream is nearly as awesome.  it is only less awesome because it has no pump, but otherwise super great in healing and preventing my zits.  the missha one helped me clear away the battle scars from using that  closeup fire freeze dual sensation.  separate review on the missha one soon.

and for the hair.  i love love these.  they keep my hair from breaking and the lush shampoo bar is getting me new hair growth!

and still on lush.  of course, i love my big!  it’s just makes my hair soft and fluffy!  i just hate the lid, the sea salts gets in the way of me closing it properly.  ahhh my all time favorite american cream.  vanilla scented hair, what’s not to like?  i asked for a vanilla scented body wash, since i hardly get any scent from honey i washed the kids, so i was given it’s raining men!  i love both scents of american cream and it’s raining me.  big’s scent is nice too, very lady like.

and finally…2012

what i’m looking forward to reviewing.  the face shop’s arsainte eco therapy super gel.  i’m thinking water sleeping pack when i see that.  a nature republic bb cream, etude house soda tablets, laneige renewal skin care line, a nature republic clay mask wow from israel, ahava ishtatyu? 😛 eh’s aqua cure, since i’m thinking laneige water sleeping pack.  and oooh something a little new from eh, the black head heating gel thing.

i had a wonderful 2011, meeting many of you, meeting very popular bloggers.  and further finding a home with the triple s ladies and henecia’s  thank you and here’s to us in 2012!  thank you Etude House and Tony Moly for all the wonderful products you’ve brought in from Korea. More reviews from me, asap! thank you! The Face shop for bringing leader here and for all the cute gwp’s.  Nature republic! I’m looking at you!  oh yeah, yo Lush, thank you for some hair back on my head 😉 Skin Food and Laneige, I’m glad i’m back to blogging about you, too.

thank you my hubby for putting up with a fangirl-budding-beauty-guru.  you are the best gift from the heavens ever.
and the video form: