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REVIEW: Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion with video review and application demo.

what i used in Seoul last week because it does not require setting powder nor does it need touching up and it lasts until you remove it! (all i need are oil blotting films and my face is freshened up)

As some of you may have deduced i’m on the mailing list of Laneige Philippines and I was advised that the latest on their snow bb line has made it to the Philippines.  Naturally, i just had to get one!

Product description is below please click the pics to enlarge and the description is readable.

the ingredient list, i don’t see no paraben listed, but i could be wrong.

the compact

the sticker cover of the cushion.

the lid and what separates the product from the sponge

what the product looks like.

has a luminous satin finish.

the really fine rubber sponge

the product on me no concealer under my eyes.  pic taken with no flash

with flash, just a little reflective, but it seems the skin on my arm is similar to the skin on my face, so i’m good with this product.

complete face, pic without flash.

a pic with me with flash.  i lightly patted with a setting powder.

my video review with demo on how to apply the product.


  • 3 shades the lightest for someone like my skin, something in the midldle and a third shade that the SA says can be used by women with kayumangi skin (the malay-indo skin shade, the light brown)
  • spf 50 pa +++
  • a liquid in a compact so you don’t have to bring your liquid foundation in those glass bottles when traveling
  • good shade match
  • has not broken me out
  • coverage is medium to buildable to almost full coverage, excellent pore coverage
  • i need very little concealer when i use this either under my eye or on my scars
  • photographs well – DEPENDING ON YOUR FLASH this is not reflective, so a xenon flash would work anything less and well it will be reflective
  • does not cake up in the middle of the day
  • satin luminous finish but manages not to make me look oily when i already am oily LOL
  • lasts all day, around 10-12 hours (though the revlon colorstay liquid foundation lasts just a little bit longer by about 2 hours LOL)
  • does NOT rub off on the rim of my glasses, my phone, or my clothes.
  • oh no need to set, unless you’re like me, oc oc hahaha


  • fragrance same fragrance as the rest of their face products
  • i really can’t complain about the price, it’s actually PhP300 less expensive here than the srp in SG


  • just like the revlon colorstay liquid foundation, this is very difficult to remove. i use my cleansing oil and twice per cleansing routine, i then follow it up with a foaming cleanser and tone. just like the colorstay, it’s possible you can swim with this snow bb cushion on your face and unless you rub your face? it won’t come off!
  • it’s a bitch to clean the sponge. the product seeps in the white part of the sponge provided. it’s easy to clean the blue part of the sponge but not the white part of it

Do i recommend? well yeah?! duh? the travel convenience alone is its selling point, since it’s SPF50 and PA of ++ you hit two birds with one stone you have your foundation and sun screen in one compact with mirror!

i’m seeing a lot of vloggers and bloggers have been putting up their best of 2010 or worse of 2010 or one girl, whose take on these year-enders did a video which i liked best, glintzy, that did a year end vlog that show cased items that she bought back in 2010 but either didn’t use or lost interest in or didn’t work out for her. so i’d like to put up something similar but stuff i’ve hit pan on, stuff that i’ve already finished the product of.
moving forward i realize that my review of the
skin food peach sake bb cream and my video on the bb cream review here:

seem to be the most read and viewed of all of my posts combined.
since i’m on to a different skin care line this year, i thought i ought to bid this hugely popular peach sake line a decent farewell review.
i used up two of each of the products you see in the initial picture.  i just had to stop using the bb cream only because shade #2 became a tad dark for the skin on my face.
the peach sake line is for women for oily to combination skin type and also their line to help with pores.  whether or not to cover up and make them look smaller or try to make them smaller is probably written hangul somewhere.

the emulsion:
is very watery creamy texture of white lotion. that dries up on my face in about a minute.  it’s very moisturizing without too much the glowy look.  the moisturizing effect lasts a full day and i don’t end up like a grease ball. BUT it does not affect the way my pores look like.  it doesn’t hide them nor does it shrink them nor does it give them light reflecting properties to mask my pores.

the serum:
OMG this serum.  i can’t say enough about this serum. it’s a combination of a creamy lotion with the qualities of a primer.  AND IT HAS little tiny reflective particles that ideally mask the pores on my t-zone area and around my nose and the apples of my cheeks.  compared to most serums this one is applied AFTER you apply the emulsion.  so it’s a serum moisturizer that can be a primer and keeps the oilies at bay.
the t-zone gel
this is the primer of the line.  but it didn’t turn out that way.  it was too watery-gel like, it dried up pretty quickly, it didn’t cover any pore.  BUT IT SURE DRIED UP MY ZITS a lot quicker than they normally dry out without this product, and any impending zit.  a primer this is not but it IS my pimple gel LOL.


  • the pump of the serum, in the two occasions i purchased the serum the pumps are easy to control, can do half pumps.  the hole of the pump the gel-cream like substance of the serum is small enough to keep the spurts controllable while big enough for something as thick as the serum.
  • the effect of the serum and the tzone block gel they were effective in different ways that i had anticipated but the effects were welcome and wonderful
  • locally available in our department stores in case you’re the type who just HAS TO HAVE IT as in naoo na.
  • the scent, i super love the scent.  it’s a peachy soft scent.  it makes me feel young and fresh
  • this is a great moisturizing set for people with oily to combination skin especially for summer since they’re very lightweight on my face


  • the use of glass bottles for the toner, emulsion, and the serum.  makes the products heavier than they should be and when they fall they might break
  • the prices in our department stores [in the Philippines].
if you are willing to wait for your korean products you can try my suki.  just pm her if she has on hand skin food products and other brands.  her prices are very fair and at par with ebay / amazon prices sometimes even cheaper.

Do i recommend this:  yes, for anyone who dislikes the heavy feeling of moisturizers on the skin.  the lightweight feel of this set is divine but they are quite effective.
thanks to fuzkittie the youtube make up guru i was influenced to look for and purchase the most expensive bb cream among my collection. and i’m not sorry for buying this.
L’egere White Multi BB
White Multi Blemish Balm Cream
sun protect + make up base + skin cover + foundationS for 24 hours, skin white, transparent, Moisture, and elastic

that’s what’s written on the bottle. ano daw? [say what naooo?]
finally, i get to this bb cream. this seemingly magical product to see if the women on the internet are right about this product.
let’s break it down, shall we?

it’s an updside down squeeze tube. after all of the bb creams i’ve tried, i think, for now, i prefer this type of squirt tube. somehow i have better control squeezing out the right amount of product that i need to spread over my entire face or specific areas.

The BB cream itself:
it’s a not too thick a cream. i can only describe the consistency as something between a hair conditioner and philadelphia cream cheese spread. it’s very easy to spread and blend over my moisturized oily to combination skin.
This smells really nice. a very faint baby powder scent, LOL, sadly, at least i think so, sadly, the scent dissipates right away.

The Shade:
it initially starts out a tad dark on my skin but then blends right in to what my skin shade really is.
it matches my skin. but, since the skin on my face IS slightly darker than the skin on my neck and chest, then it will still not match the skin on my neck even if i apply the bb cream on my neck. the solution a setting powder whose shade matches the skin on my neck.

Oil Control:
though it doesn’t really say that this formula is for oily to combination skin, it does slightly better in controlling my oily t-zone compared to my Etude House total age repair wrinkle repair royal bb cream or even compared to my missha perfect cover bb cream. the oil control of this L’egere Multi white BB cream is sorta like the face shop’s skin extra bb cream, at least on my face.

Lasting power:
it says 24 hours! Maybelline 24 hour and revlon colorstay this thing is sooo NOT. never the less it lasts a full day’s shift give or take a couples of hours. so about 8 to 10 hours with at least one blotting of some shine from my nose and surrounding area and one retouch with whatever compact i have in my purse.

Skincare/Blemish Balm:
it has not compounded the 2 zits i had while using this. in fact, i leaning towards the belief that it helped dried up the 2 huge a$$ zits i had during my monthly womanly thing, which is around the time i have those anyway.
Whitening effect. that’s kinda hard to gauge, considering i’ve only been using this a week. the only time i will admit that i’ve gone fairer is when the skin on my face finally matches my neck and chest.

dude, unless the bottle / label shows me a number and at least one + sign, then i will consider thing to only the bare minimum of SPF and no PA protection, which is about SPF6 similar to what the revlon colorstay for oily to combination skin has.

Coverage: ‘transparent’ nga daw eh LMAO [it did say transparent on the bottle doesn’t it?.  doesn’t cover up my pores too well but hides the redness around my nose.
Makeup Base:  i’ve only tried this as a makeup base under my the face shop phytogenic powder foundation [meaning not with any other kind of foundation yet] and so far it made the foundation last and i only touch up once and only blot the oil once or twice throughout the entire time i have the makeup on (usually about 8-10hurs)

i had used the l’egere multi white bb cream for the first time when i took this pic.  so with the right shade of setting powder this not only lasts it will match the skin on my neck and chest.Will I purchase this again?: at US$29.99 at [or a price starting at US$23 onwards] wow that’s a tough question. but then i have a lot of bb creams to go thru before i can justify another bb cream purchase. but I DO HIGHLY RECOMMEND this bb cream as a fantabulous makeup base or light coverage foundation for occassions you just super as in just can’t get out of the house without something on your face. 

the one common thing about shopping at korean stores is that they give samples of their products especially if you already have good rapport with the store manager or her sales ladies.
so when their repackaged phytogenic line came out i got this with my purchases.
they gave me the darker shade in nb23. there are currently only 2 shades that i’m aware of, nb21 the lighter more fair shade and this nb23 for those people who are not as white as snow.
before application…the consistency reminded me of bb cream sorta.
my face with just the face shop the skin extra bb cream as my primer.
and pics of me after the application: i noticed that though it’s thick and not too slick, it blends in my skin well and covers pores very very well. and it was able to cover my blemishes and broken capillaries. (yung mga maliliit na ugat na either red or parang violet).
photo below taken without flash
with flash
it was enkore that said his face has a different shade from his neck and chest. i have the same issue. it’s only natural for people to have a slightly darker shade of skin on the face since that’s what sunlight hits all the time, unless of course you’re the type that always wear a tube top or a tank top LMAO.
so i thought all the while my shade was the 2nd shade from the lightest. but actually hahaha i really am scarily white and can pull off putting on the lightest shade of most foundations.
so why the disclaimer? i have shade 23 the shade second fr the lightest and or the darker one. therefore, it really looks nice on my face since it fits the skin on my face, just don’t look at my neck and chest for that matter hahaha. but with the flash it seems ok, right?


  • coverage, it covered almost all of the pores on my nose and the major ones on the side of my nose and it concealed my broken capillaries and redness around my nose well enough
  • hardly any scent
  • infinite? well not really, just around 12 to 14 hours, so it’s competition for my revlon colorstay
  • almost matte finish
  • only the top of my nose looked shiny even during a busy day
  • didn’t look cakey
  • i’m at a point of my cycle that one false move i get a zit, and well suffice to say my skin didn’t react to this.
  • looks better on me when the flash is on bwahahaha


  • thick consistency and it dries so quickly that it was difficult to blend, and people in the west complain about revlon colorstay’s quick drying? ha, they prolly haven’t tried this yet. so you’re better off using your fingers so that the heat of your fingers on your face will keep the foundation moist long enough for you to blend properly
  • the shade i have didn’t match the skin of my neck and chest…so i was going to invest in this liquid foundation i’d go for the lighter shade.
  • the price…hahaha no i didn’t pay for the sachet, i mean the price of the real deal. it’s PhP995 for 35ml with a pump dispenser. hmmm my revlon colorstay is only PhP825 but has no pump YET [revlon has announced that they’ll bring back the pump bottle for their colorstay liquid foundation line]

WILL I Purchase:
sure i would, so long as it’s nb21 and if i can use the receipt for the face shop calendar promo




my before shot shows a person that nearly just woken up, has done her morning routine and this face is already moisturized with skinfood’s peach sake emulsion and serum. i have some unevenness stemming from some dark circles under my eyes and i look sallow and pale (maputla).

bb on the right side of the face:
the bb cream applied just on the right side of my face. viola, most of the discoloration was covered by the foundation like consistency and shade of the product. i ALWAYS use the second shade from the lightest with these Asian cosmetics and it’s working out so far. there is also slight coverage of the pores on my nose and the apples of my cheeks.

the finished office look. i use all of my bb creams as primers, so on top of tonight’s bb cream is my hg foundation which is Revlon’s Colorstay for oily combination skin in buff.

Packaging: Of all the Skinfood bb creams this variant comes with a pump. The pump isn’t all like the pump of the face shop’s the skin bb. My first tube of this skinfood peach sake bb cream had no content (walang laman) and i had to return it. my second tube has a funky pump. the spring locks the pump down and i have to twist it about, i nearly returned it until the sales agent at skinfood mega mall made the pump work again, and the product came out of the pump. so yeah, i hate this pump.

The BB cream itself:
Consistency: It’s as watery and silky as skinfood’s ginko bb. very easy to apply, spread, and blend on my face. It covers most of my smaller pores even with its watery consistency.

The Shade: If i had the choice, i always go for the number 2 shade (the 2nd from the lightest) in most of the Korean cosmetic(s) that i’ve tried. This one is no different. This number 2 shade blends so easily on my skin. it doesN’T give me a gray or white cast like other bb creams. it covers my under eye circles well enough. having the bb cream on my face by itself makes me look very natural and gives that no makeup makeup look.

There is a slight and pleasant scent to this bb cream but dissipates upon application.

Oil Control: This variant of bb cream (along with their agave bb) is supposed to be for oily combination skin. There is some oil control since i only get oily on the tip of my nose where i am oiliest and i don’t have to blot as much on the apples of my cheeks or the rest of my t-zone until about 4 hours after application. so i use less of my oil blotting sheets since i only wipe off oil from my nose. It doesn’t dry my skin in my U-zone either. moreover, i don’t end up like a grease ball using this product. i love the balance of oil control and moisturization especially now coming in to our dry cooler season.

Lasting power: Because it controls my oilies rather effectively, it lasts about 6 to 8 hours on my face which means it helps any foundation i put on top of it last much longer. I use this bb cream as a primer and it helps my mineral foundation and liquid foundation last considerably longer.

Skincare/Blemish Balm: well it hasn’t broken me out. hasn’t contributed much to the number of black heads i already have. I haven’t had any break out or zits in months so i can’t tell if this product does help with healing.

SPF: it has an SPF of 20 and PA + (only). so i advice to use a proper facial sunblock if you’d like to use this bb cream by itself or if your regular foundation does not have a higher sun blocking property. the low spf and pa is prolly the reason why this thing isn’t reflective of the flash in photos so you can see my neck still matches my face…hmmmm

Will I purchase this again?: It will be a long time yet before I purchase another BB cream. the stupid pump at the end of the tube is such a hassle, kaka-turn off. i wanna cut into it and transfer the contents in sample jars. But the product itself is wonderful as a primer and tinted moisturizer.



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FINALLY, after I first saw a huge tarpaulin of Song Hye Kyo covering the boutique being constructed for Laneige THREE MONTHS AGO, I get to trinoma and it’s open! They had a soft opening about a couple of weeks ago and the grand party is on Wednesday, Aug 5. 

I got treated to a light make over so as I type this review, I still have the Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation that bubzbeauty shown on the vid below keeps using, see vid below to see how some of the laneige products are used.

i have a before pic on my review of skinfood’s bb cream. i now hardly have any blemishes but my skin is sallow and i have a bit of that under eye darkness. but, grace, my laneige sa that worked on my foundation demo/”make-over” wanted to do the “natural” looking no makeup makeup look on me as inspired by their endorser song hye. ehto, awa ng Dios, mukha paring intsek! hahahano makeup makeup look hahaha sorry naman bad hair daybut apart from the foundation, she filled in my brows, tightlined my lashes with their water proof eyeliner, and used their snow crystal lipstick and gloss, which by the way is still on my lips even after i’ve eaten and doesn’t feel drying on my lips


THE SHADE: Shade number 1 was almost ok but had a pink undertone on me so i said, hell no. Shade no. 2 had a more yellow based undertone, so she used shade no. 2 which suited me just fine, and today, finally, i found the shade that matches my neck and shoulders.

THE CONSISTENCY: it’s a cross between a cream like olay’s total effects and your usual foundation like revlon’s colorstay, so it’s light, not so runny but creamy and easy to apply. it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin either. if at home the foundation can be applied with foundation brush or your fingers, i don’t suggest a wet sponge since the product is on the runny side and you’ll (or i’ll be liable) to get more product in the sponge than applied on the face.

THE FORMULA: the foundation is not specific for oily skin, they have another foundation for that but their lightest shade is too dark. so if i were to purchase a foundation from this cosmetics company, it would be this snow crystal variant. BUT walking around this terribly crowded mall, with some parts of it hardly having any airconditioning, i can safely say that even after 4 hours my t zone had no signs of shine! wow, may katapat na holy grail kong revlon colorstay! 4 hours is my usual limit since with most other products my nose would get oily by the 2nd or 3rd hour. i didn’t get oily until the 5th hour, no touch up, air being humid at home since it was about to rain on top of the fact i had to do some domestic duties. it also didn’t oxidize on me. the shade remains the same on my face as it was first applied albeit the snow sliding pact (their pressed powder) has now been completely absorbed by my oilies. It doesn’t sink into my pores either, cuz some of these cosmetics after awhile make my pores even larger, this foundation has not done that.

THE PACKAGING: here it is fuzkitties snow crystal foundation this is a pic taken by one of my favorite makeup gurus fuzkittie and as you can see, the pump is quite different from the pumps we’re used like from mac, makeup forever or even vov, ever bilena, or the face shop’s foundations. the top is spring loaded but the product comes out in the middle. supposedly this way is more hygienic, pare pareho lang yan depende sa pag gamit, linis ng brush or mga daliri. i find the usual pumps like from makeup forever or mac or the usual pumps you’re familiar with like the olay total effect’s more hygienic than this top loading thing. la lang para maiba sila siguro.

LASTING POWER: ok, i’m a slow typer, idea collator, and thinker, it’s now been about 7 hours since the foundation was applied on me this afternoon. it’s still there! not melted away by my oily face, ahem bobbi brown oil free foundation ahem. i’ve only blotted my t zone once. have not touched up. the shade is still the same as it was first applied.

THE PRICE: er, kapantay ng presyo ng bobbi brown. but i was pleasantly surprised that the overhead and other duties are not as imposed on this brand as it is on mac!!!some of the items are priced the same way as the items at the skinfood. i know it isn’t the face shop when it comes to friendly prices, but cosmetics in general are a luxury, period. hahaha oh ha defensive ulit, pera ko nga pala toh.

it’s also been reviewed and given high marks on click here

I actually bought something from the store, since i still had lots of bb creams and a couple of foundations, i opted to buy a makeup base that had a higher spf to put under or together with my bb creams. i’ll try to make it to their grand launch on wed night, (asa pa ko, i’ll be coming from makati and ass wipe training ends at 8pm buset).

WILL I BUY THIS FOUNDATION: i’m still iffy on it, since there’s a concealer with it on top, i don’t know what i’ll do with it since the foundation itself covers my under eye circles just fine.
And finally, in keeping with the other Korean stores we have here, i was given samplesssss. laneige samples


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i bought this bb cream back in may and i’ve been wearing it almost everyday since june. i think after about two months i can safely give a proper review on this bb. 

FIRST THINGS FIRST, WHAT DOES BB STAND FOR? bb means blemish balm. it first came from Germany and was intended for post op coverage and treatment of cosmetic surgery in case the patient needs to go out. bb creams are supposed to be an all in one cream. short of being a blusang itim bb creams are proclaimed as the only cream you need since most of them have SPF of at least 15 or 20. most of them have moisturizing properties, are used as makeup bases or primers. some have oil controlling factors. some have whitening features. some have anti aging properties. most of all, by the very name, the product is a blemish balm. TAKE NOTE I DON’T KNOW WHAT ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH A BEBELISH BALM IS, Korean speak english and well enough so i don’t know what this “bebelish” is all about. all of these creams are supposed to help heal scarring and other forms of blemishes. it’s supposed to be a miracle cream because of its challenge of being an all in one product. I have seen the German bb cream online, but it’s like a hundred U.S.!

i wanted a bb, as in I WANTED! my first bb ever was the face shop’s skin bb cream with spf20 pa ++ click to read my review that was pretty ok except for the pinkie gray cast (parang ly-na at chin chun su) and the baby powder mixxed with dimetapp scent. i also bought the quick and clean bb cream from the face shop (review on that hahaha someday).

currently, there are only 2 big named cosmetics brands from Korea in the Philippines, they are the face shop and skinfood. this ginko bb is one of my first purchases from skin food. i’ll find out tomorrow if laneige has finally opened in trinoma, it’s been under construction for the longest time.

what’s a review without pix? here’s my bare face without anything on my face, not even moisturizer.bare facedhere’s a pic of me with the ginko bb on my facewith ginko bbwahaaa, almost no change! well, i see it, my skin tone’s evened out, there’s less of my under eye circle and some of my gray zit scars have been covered, sheerly but well enough to see it, i mean NOT see them. and an after picture setting it with my favorite tns mineral foundation, my current favorite lip and cheek stain from vmv in water melon, mascara from max factor 2000 calorie false lash effect, and tight line with prestige’s midnight blue water proof eyeliner, nudy grey geo lenses available from my trusted multiply sellers trinketi and dainty shop. since i didn’t know my grade when i got the geo lenses i bought the contacts without grades on them.Photobucket Photobucket

as a primer/foundation: it’s a cream, it’s a whole lot easier to apply than my tfs skin bb cream, since skinfood’s ginko bb is runnier. i bought shade number 2 in natural beige. it’s yellow based and looks like any foundation as compared to dark ones like doctor jart’s bb. shade number 2 is a bit darker on my skin upon first application but it somehow adapts and as you can see my face is almost the same shade as my neck and shoulder.
as a primer, which supposed to make your makeup last longer, this ginko bb cream fails in doing that. it’s a tinted moisturizer at most in that department.

AS A SKIN CARE PRODUCT: ginko applied on the face is supposed to be an antioxidant. all i can say is, after 2 months, i’ve had no break outs with this bb. well wala rin naman kong break out with tfs skin bb, in fairness.
the cream doesn’t smell bad! it kinda smell like a plant. though some might smell a plastic-y scent, i kinda like it. does it smell like ginko? no i haven’t taken any ginko capsule/tablet that smells like this cream and i’ve been taking ginko biloba tablets for school (instead of glutaphos) since my BSPT days.

NO SPF! this is the only Skinfood bb that do not contain sun protection factor out of all the skin food bb’s. so i either wear it with neutrogena sheer water light or mix in the face shop’s skin bb.

ALMOST ZERO TO NO OIL CONTROL. i have to blot in about an hour, even with mineral foundation on top (tns’ mineral foundation has kaolin clay). i still get shiny on my t-zone almost right away. which brings me to how long it lasts.

LASTING POWER: because my face is oily nothing lasts long on it except revlon’s colorstay foundation with softplex for oily combination skin (SPF 6). the skin food ginko bb doesn’t last on my face, unless i mix it with either the neutrogena sun block or my tfs skin bb. as i write this review, there is less and less of the skin food’s ginko bb’s coverage and my pores are much more apparent now then when first applied.

THE PACKAGING: it doesn’t have a pump but it comes in an up side down tube as shown in the pic. like your rimmel stay matte foundation or your revlon active light foundation. it contains about 1.76 oz or 50 g and the tube is easy enough to squeeze out the product. None of the skin food’s bb’s come in a pump.

PRICE: may vary depending on which country you get it or from which ebay seller you get it from. i got this from the landmark skinfood stall at trinoma. (hahaha di parin sinabi yung presyo)

WILL I BUY IT AGAIN? NO. not just because of the aforementioned thoughts but i need a bb for oily skin or oily combination, and the recently released peach sake and agave cactus bb from skinfood are for such skin types.