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BLUSH OF THE WEEK: Holika Holika Hello Holika Chic Blusher #01


Yesterday, The Face Shop launched their summer makeup look and their VIP Club 20 card.  Bloggers were on hand at this event and we got introduced to their new campaign for summer.

The event was held at their branch at Trinoma.

Behold, The face shop marks down their prices on 109 products!

catering was provided by TGI Fridays, and we got to take home that tall, tumbler thing.

lookieee what we have here, a new nail kit.  this just in about a week ago!

and their orange line 😉

i’m not sure what these are, i’ll get back to you 😉

summer lip gloss!

hmmmm waterproof gel liner!  i’ll try this out next week!

hey an oldie but goodie, but now it’s a square compact and they have matte shades for their orange eye shadow from the lovely me:ex line.

our latest the face shop campaign, a world wide club.  the mission is to make cosmetics more affordable to our younger ladies.

below are sleeping packs! new as in one week old only 😉

hero Tania joined me at the event.

I got my hair done 😉

and ooooh an amy winehouse do!

or top girl winner graces us with her presence.  after meeting her, i get it, she truly does deserve to be our top girl representative.  hopefully, she’s a fan of our great leader, kim hyun joong that way she feels the full benefit of this Korean craze.

on the right is brand manager Candy 😉 

our nail art blogger was on hand to do a demo 😉

wait, bb cream! a honey bb!  yes, i will eventually get to this.  it’s in a glass bottle? no pump either, hehehe a foundation hiding behind the bb craze/name.

more new items that just arrived last week!

baby lotion, awwww!

photo-op with our winner 😉

hero T has a makeover done.  which i liked when she was all dolled up and finished 😉

here we are, thank you, Ms Marge for the invite! more power to the face shop!

my loot bag.

and here we are, my very own club20 vip card, this is PhP150.  you get these items below that, according to the packaging can last you 5days, so perfect for travel!  the vip card entitles you for exclusive invites for events like these launches, nail art and makeover events held by the face shop.

the products below iis part of their orange is the new retro campaign.

the new lip glosses and a lip plumper 😉

this has been around a while but i think these items are part of the 109 items that they are marking down the prices on.

the lip and cheek stain 😉 on 100 pesos mark down!

the powder pact, ladies, pls quit applying baby powder to your faces and try these compacts from now on!

i’m eggzited! i wanna try the waterproof gel liner in pen form!

ah this skin care line, my skin is oily to combo type so this may not work for me?

but a foaming facial wash is always good

and the moisturizer.

check out the items that are on mark down! i hear they will even increase the number of items that will be marked down!

the vip club20 card is only available in 3 branches, the trinoma, the megamall, and the sm moa branches.

grab one now!

I received an invitation from Tony Moly Philippines to attend their press launch held yesterday at SM Mega Mall so off I went 😀

The office i work at is only moments away and i arrived just a little after they had started.

and now i can take pictures of the interior of the one time branch of yet another Korean cosmetics company [who has since moved to the other SM mega bldg].

LOL the real Joong Ki is way taller hehehe.  Tony Moly Philippine officials claim that they are putting it in the works to bring him here.

and, they too, are into the escargot skin care as Thor would lovingly put it.  I must say, i haven’t much wrinkles to erase but the snail slime based cream i was sent is indeed working out pretty well on my face to prevent the ripening or burgeoning pimples.  i also have tiny wounds from where i dig out black heads, i would feel a slight tinge upon application of said snail slime based product on the wound and almost the next day, said wound has dried! based on tip-of-the-iceberg-research on snail slime for topical medicine, it was said that Hippocrates crushed a few snails and applied the entire slug on on someone’s open would.  so there, who would question the guy they named our oath after? and going back on topic, i am glad that snail ‘escargot’ skin care is in the Philippines that way i don’t have to preorder and wait too long.

and their higher end products

their current in-store promo, a free cherry cheek stain for every 1k worth of purchases ♥ currently citrus rcbc card holders are not entitled yet to a 5% discount or so they said yesterday, but i distinctly recall someone saying ‘pwede na’, oh well i guess they are already working on it.

yippeee nail polish! so far, their snake or cracked finish polish the black one is out of stock, so for that i wait LOL. 

the tools! the cost of the items here are considerably less than this other store leader is now endorsing. but some items are more expensive than the other store, the one sandara is endorsing.

the array of skin care ranging from acne sensitive to age repair

they also have a line for men

 different skin care.  i love the simple sleek packaging!

an extensive collection of serums for different age and skin types and budgets!

oooo me wants to try the floria i should’ve asked if it’s any good for oily combination skin LOL

nice gold packaging for their pressed powder foundation! on the right hand side is what replaced my pore clear skin care.

the different bb creams, makeup bases, correctors, and sun screens ♥

the different affordable makeup, well, less expensive than revlon or max factor for par quality ♥ i’m currently loving their triple baked dome eye shadows and their gel/cream liner!

one of their latest skin care tech the tomatox. ah combination of antioxidants with a ‘botox effect’

which is already available in stores there’s also an eye cream for this line also available in stores now.

and Clarinda-tama ba, Ma’am? the manager and me

the event was catered by Dulcinea, the churos and chocolate, came a little later.  the chicken lollipop is nice and crunchy ♥

guess who i caught before i left!

it’s Shen! one of the top beauty bloggers in the country.  hello there, nice to see you again.

Some Tony Moly plans in the works:

1.) Posters of Song Joong ki once they become available

2.) At least 10 shops in the metro

3.) by next month or sooner, a Tony Moly kiosk in the SM Makati Dept store. ERRATUM: KIOSK IS ALREADY IN PLACE ♥

I’m sorry i forgot to ask about this!

if a membership card is already in the works! aigoo, blogger fail. LOL, would be nice to have a membership card with Song Joong Ki’s face on it ♥

praning to get back to work kasi and not go over my lunch period LOL. i guess we can always ask their facebook page, because yeah! they already have 5000++ fans! way to go tony moly, your time [at least in the Philippines] has finally come!  Thank you, Miss Foz for the invite more reviews to come specially on the stuff you gave out in your loot bag yesterday! Thanks!

hmmm so the tony moly jingle is on the disk right? LOL

of course i’d get some stuff, i need makeup remover wipes for my trip LOL and i wanted a revlon fire dupe so i hope that uber cute lippie would do it 😉 isn’t the lip gloss packaging [the one with the tomato head] just LOVE ang cute!

dadaan pa ba ko ng tony moly sg? LOL only if their on a super sale LMAO


hay nahuli pa ko ni mister at the event, sumusubo ng pagkain, hahaha hulikaw! 😛 jowk!

ERRATUM:  all photos taken outside of the boutique.  as i didn’t know if that’s allowed, since it generally isn’t.  natuwa na lang ako nagpo-pose na si ms branch manager, hahaha ang cute!

I am pleased to report that i feel very lucky in this store.  at this store i’ve been recognized twice already, once by one of the EH’s SA’s as she claimed she saw one of my videos on youtube.  hahaha and then a year later and on my birthday at that, last sunday, one of Tony Moly’s patrons who arrived at the store ahead of me, came up to me and asked, ‘you’re Marge, right?’ i go, uh yeah, she said, ‘hi! i read your blog!’ and off she went to pay for her purchases bwahahaha.  couldn’t even get her name.  hopefully she leaves a comment here 😉

Like I posted on Tony Moly Philippines facebook page, LOL, that upon hearing that a Tony Moly branch will open at Megamall, i let it slip that at least i’d have some place to go on my birthday.  after my birthday brunch at Borough i hopped and skipped my way to the brand new tony moly branch, where???? at Megamall, this is the same spot Etude House had before they moved at their current location at Mega B.

soooooo Tony Moly Mega is at Mega A.  near toy kingdom [was] which phhhhffft wala na rin, hypermart na sya.

notice the LED? it’s a changing! LOL

hehehe natuwa ako sa lights?  i’m just excited to see it.

notice anything missing?  no standee yet.  don’t worry folks, miss branch manager, smiley sweet cakes in the pic below has requested for one na.  and ohhh took note of my request…y’all would know what that request that would be right?

hehehe i’ll get their names down din, like i know the girls of my other fave stores in mega 😉

the testers were like unopened yeah, nobody else’s DNA or epithelials when i got to some of the stuff, lol.  csi moment!

and you know it’s newly painted so everything smells new.

alas, my girl Elaine is neither here nor is she at the other store, so no kpop music playing.  so i suggested, ahmmm your endorser Gain is part of the Brown Eyed Girls, kindly play their music once in a while 😉

prices.  well, i’m happy to report they kept it low.  with the usual addition of a little on tax and rent fr sm, but over all almost or just a little over the prices i’m used to when i buy from my trusted seller Kkochipida-Charmaine.

sun screen face mist – PhP668(?) basta di abot ng 700, false lashes, a whopping PhP88, hahaha ok i’ll go here instead of Daiso Saizen from now on.  nose packs PhP28!!! 10 bucks less than EH’s.  the cheek stain is free since my purchase was over 1k.  i’ll post the prices of the mascara base and the eye primer later, i forgot na hahaha, but i still have the receipt.  i do distinctly recall that the eye primer is less expensive than EH’s.  oh oh, Fara! don’t forget, the gel liner brush is only PhP168 considerably less compared to the price of TFS’ gel liner brush LOL.

memba this?  i’ve already suggested that they have a membership card with the face of their current endorser similar to the pic above of leader when he was with tony moly.

and i also asked of the brand manager, hehehe the real nice one with the big smile in the group pic up above

to request for posters of their current endorser, Song Joongki, be given away free with purchase the way tony moly has done in the past with their previous endorser so i can have another haul like this:

i’m also pleased to report that just like EH the people that manage the Tony Moly Philippines Facebook page are active and reply to posts and comments.

Have you visited Tony Moly at mega yet?

This is one of my hubby’s many mini-birthday gifts last weekend. [main big one forthcoming this July in SG! can’t wait!!]. i had seen one of Hollyannaeree’s May hits and misses and towards the end she mentioned that she love love love as in super love Essie’s Too Too Hot a limited edition from the Brazilliant collection.  so yet again, thanks to youtube, i wanted something hahaha.
now depending on your screen/monitor settings and how the light hit my nails and fingers for that matter, the type of orange red will be different for everyone.
in the bottle it looks like a bright red with a hint of pink and a lot of orange.
and there are times it’s pure orange red and the hint of bluish pink can’t be seen at all. hehehe
and again, for the second time, anew, and once more, depending on the light?  the shade sorta kinda medyo darkened how the skin of hand really looks like.  or am i nuts?  well, one of my office mates said so, so i wasn’t going nuts when i noticed that hehehe
yan, percy, hold still, lemme frame your beauteepul peyz.
 so like i told my sister in law between PhP95 at the face shop for this nail polish and Essie’s i choose this one from the face shop.  it’s a pretty close dupe?
Whatcha think? how was your weekend? 😉 me gots more weekend posts comin up LOL






From YesAsia

Editor’s Note

An effective oil cleanser that removes dirt, oil and even waterproof makeup without stressing skin, dissolving surface impurities and makeup to be quickly and easily wiped away. Berry Berry Complex hydrates and moisturizes skin, while the water soluble formula rinses off completely, leaving skin smooth and soft without a greasy or sticky feel. By Tony Moly.

Additional Product Information

  • Removes makeup and impurities from deep pores and provides a moisturized and smooth texture of your face by berry complex.
  • Pack Size – 150ml 

This is my first ever purchase at Charmista at Central World in Bangkok.  Charmista had just opened and launched Tony Moly about a few months before our visit and SS501’s last concert, evah, together last year.  Like i may have previously writen in another post,  I did not bring any skin care LOL, i had planned to jump right in to buying Tony Moly at Charmista and try it out my first night at BKK.
At the time it was summer and already really humid in BKK so good thing i brought my Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in Buff so i was set to get really warm & humid without my foundation melting off LOL.  I also used my cherry crush lip and cheek stain from stila, my bobbi brown long wearing cream liner, and that’s it!


yeah all long wearing stuff so i don’t have to touch up.  but at the end of the day all of that is easily removed, almost in one smear! LOL.  naturally, from all the walking,  since i didn’t care to ride the tuktuk’s and it’s pretty expensive to cab around bkk [and our hotel is not near the tram station] it was walking to pratunam, to central world to mbk LOL.  for once in almost 25 yrs i had a tan when i got home.  but woah i love neutrogena’s ultra sheer body sun block. it really is not sticky hehehe walang sinabi ang nivea.
i love the smell of this cleansing oil.  it’s so mild, sweet but sorta citrus-ey, like a berry, berry berry nga deeba? LOL.  hahaha the first thing i got from Charmista-Tony Moly is this and the facial foam, musta naman, hahaha dang pollution naman kasi eh 😛
  • the scent hehehe really mild
  • it’s an oil but really easy to take off with facial tissue, and i get no greasy feeling after.  it’s A-mazing LOL
  • a little goes a very long way, and thus i hardly made a dent in using up this product but then, i rotate how i clean and wipe of my makeup.  hehehe
  • quite sanitary, there’s even a safety cap. well in fairness a lot of cream or liquid products of the like nature now have those plastic safety caps, so this is no different.
  • does the job.  with just 20 seconds of massaging my entire face of this, i can wipe of the most long wearing makeup i’ve ever tried.
Not too sure:
  • is 700 plus pricey? i’m sure there are cleansing oil that are cheaper
  • i prefer a pump mechanism now that i’m back in Manila.  [but while i was there and thinking of the flight i was very much ok with the bottle the way it is as there was no spill at all]
Do i recommend?
Definitely:  Tony Moly will be opening at Mega mall this sunday.  if you get overwhelmed with the myriad of stuff they have, try just a simple cleanser like this 😉