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Finally, i have the chance to visit Nature Republic, but i didn’t go all the way to sm lagro.  this is the boutique in SM North, the block, on the 4th level.  since i didn’t know where it was, i had to ask two information desks at sm dept store and main mall.  neither information desks knew where it was and their listings were at the time, have yet to be updated.  but i hear this shop opened last november, my visit was last dec 10.  but oh well, eventually, sm admins for north edsa would update their listings. 

i eventually found it thanks to google and my phone and beauty bloggers that wrote about it.

and here’s Jang Geun Suk.  He’s the lead actor in You’re Beautiful and Marry Me Mary. 

Nature Republic used to be endorsed by Rain, which is how i found out about this brand.  but now Nature Republic has Jang Geun Suk, Kara, and JYJ.  that’s pretty amazing for a cosmetic brand as the talent fee for these folks is by no means peanuts.

the shop itself is pretty big, about the size of etude house or slightly bigger a few floors down.  and you have your basic makeup, the only difference would be the price range and packaging.  and possibly the formulation of the skin care and makeup itself.

and i ended up with a small haul, i got a baked shadow, a lippy to match the shades in the baked shadow, an israeli but from korea volcanic ash mask thingie something, a couple of lip glosses with spf for Christmas gifts several bb cream samples, a membership card that entitles me to a 10% discount from now on, one JGS clear file, and a JGS zip lock packet and that paper bag.  

I had them reserve for me a 3 step black head removing thing.  so hopefully i get a text soon LOL.

by chance the store manager was there and i asked her as to when they would open up shop in mega, the sales lady and not the store manager immediately and enthusiastically answered, ma’am next year na! oh ha, i jokingly replied, ah eh next year is already in 2weeks! LMAO ay honga naman ang sagot, sabay defensa ng manager, next year, december din, oh ha, mabuti kalog din ako, gets ko na joke rin lang yun hahaha eh kung maselan ako 😛   oh sya sige surprise na lang.

there are times i wish i was park shin hye 😦 in the ads below, she gets to spend time with 3 of the hottest stars in the Korean music/acting industries, Jang Geun Seuk, Lee Min Ho and of course Kim Hyun Joong.

wow it seems so long ago since i’ve gotten into this makeup craze thanks to an invite from my sister in law to one of those Bobbi Brown mini seminars / launch of their collection at the time, back in ’08.  since it was bobbi brown and the lauder that it is i was then looking for cheaper alternatives and something that will go well with our humid environment. i then stumbled onto mineral makeup, then quickly got over that,  because i had discovered bb creams, Asian makeup and Korean Dramas in what seem like just a span of 3-6 months!  thanks to youtube and the night shift, i quickly got acquianted with the boys over flowers, their music, and their seemingly flawless skin.

it’s still these two guys after all this time that get my attention.  and thanks to lee min ho and kim hyun joong i’ve settled on at least 3 Korean brands. of course they are Etude House, Tony Moly and The Face Shop

hahaha even for water they get the current top stars to endorse

and our somewhat our own, Sandara Park for Etude.

a manly sexy ad for Tony Moly

and leader’s newer ad for TFS ahh at least this new one is inline with what i’m used to with Tony Moly

apart from the Bobbi Brown event, the Etude House grand launch is what i would call my very first makeup event.  it was at resorts world, republiq, the president of Etude House Korea was there and Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye spared time from their busy schedules and made video greetings even whilst their contracts with Etude were on the last few months already.

why the trip down memory lane?  la lang i went on youtube to uplift my feelings just a tad.  i went to this thing yesterday and i ended up feeling left out and totally didn’t belong.  sure they were friendly since, c’mon, they were trying to unload their stuff at their event.  but i did get stares fr head to toe first before i was greeted.  phhhhfft felt i was back in assumption again [san lo].  and the registration girls were hmmm didn’t really take care of this new person trying to get it. they didn’t know that the entrance fee is half off when you bring some kind of school supply or used school book. fine whatever.
but oh, segue back to kpop lol, one coniotic girl did notice my vip lanyard, bwahahaha and motioned to her sister, ‘ey it’s big bang!’ then sheepishly said ‘la lang’ like hmmm come out of the kpop closet already, not everything is bruno mars in music, y’ know.
theBenj notice immediately i was not the usual chipper Marge and i merely told him how i felt.  i said, i feel old, outdated, and yeah, i feel old.  he said, i don’t care i still love you.  pinagalitan ba ko 😛  and he treated me to arya since he was feeling like a sweet lassi and he knew i loved Arya.
there, hehehe nuff said, since this is what makes me happy imma gonna stick this this 😉 i’m even trying, still to learn hangul bwahahaha, seonsengnim, i promise to get back to you for my module two final exam LOL.
there, i feel better LMAO thanks to theBenj, youtube and my addiction 😛

but but but then there are days i wish was UEE instead LOL pahabol?