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Thanks to being an avid reader of Nikki’s, i caught the news that our very own Glambox Airbrush Cosmetics is having a workshop.  It was a draw lots, best essay why they should pick you kind of invite.  i was pleased as punch that my rather simple and straight to the point message to them was accepted and finally the day arrived and LOL i was late.  but hey i made it and there was still good food to be had.

Nikki, dear Nikki was one of the workshop’s coaches for the day.

Today this is our method of choosing foundations. 

which was done to our uber funny mowdel-guinea pig 

and there’s beautiful Sophie of , our second coach for the workshop today.

they begin by demonstrating the method of spraying the airbrush on a piece of tissue and that though the mist is that fine, you can see color in a few seconds.

now for our mowdel. foundation application.

our coach, Nikki, then sets the foundation very gently with makeup forever’s hd finishing powder.

and on the right side of our moWdeL’s face is a truly flawless finish, while on the left side of her face are her freckles still visible.

it was time for Sophie’s turn, and she demonstrated how you can contour your face with the airbrush system.

and apply blush

i like how the shade match is purrfect on our bubbly philo-major mowdel, lol, luv ya sis!

and for now, glambox has yet to launch their airbrush eye shadows so what the scientist/artists ladies Sophie and Nikki do is mix mixing medium and very very fine mineral makeup with a little airbrush foundation to make their own concoction of eye shadow.

and the bronzy green now being spraye.

yo! Alice, me iz like grand theft auto on you, baby!

and the lovely ladies behind yesterday’s event.


naturally, photo-op! me iz happy like a romulan!


my cam only likes, me, seriously, it does.  the 2nd to the last time i had my cam handled by someone else? my orig batt ran away and never came back. hay


and lady Shen was there! kewl!


the unit, it has the compressor and the 3 adjustment settings.  dang this thing is tiny.  

and the airbrush gun.

it was a fun experience yesterday, seeing Nabs again after so long.  meeting Alice and finding a new Korean telenovela fan LOL.  

thank you Nikki and Sophie for the opportunity.  you ladies are inspiring.

My office mate finally received the samples she requested for from the ellana minerals website LOL and i had to, like just had to take pics and try the blush that was sent along LMAO, thanks Donna!  and here’s fulfillment, yep, isang L lamang after the letter u otherwise you’d get the red squiggly lines on your spell check LOL.  from the zip lock bag it kinda reminded me of nars’ orgasm once i apply the orgasm on my face. 

but actually it looks more like theBalm’s hot mama both in the container and on my face as you shall see.  i like how ellana mineral blushes look so natural on me, i use theBalm’s baby kabuki brush because LOL, it was the only thing that could fit through the mouth of the sample zip lock bag.  photo below under natural lighting. yep it’s a great dupe for the theBalm’s hot mama!

photo below with flash, and there’s the satin gold finish.  hola! from the cam screen i thought the blush didn’t photograph well, but when i was processing the pics already, ayun, awwww ishohpweeeteee

this made me wanna buy the 2.5g or at the very least the 1g later today still thinking, i wanna get their “hiliters” [the raspberry cappuccino one] which are their highlighters, sana maitama naman nila yung spelling since it’s on the web, the world wide web. sorry i may suck at grammar and homonyms but i at least notice the red squiggly line of mister spell check, LMAO

oh by the way it only slightly faded, the blush remained on my face despite my oily combination skin.  and it only slightly oxidized on my cheeks.  which i liked actually, it kinda gave me a sun-kissed effect.

Do i recommend? most certainly! i love ellana minerals, how affordable they are and how lasting their products are in my vanity.

Will i purchase? yep, for sure!

thoughts & disclaimer: i will always keep an interest in ellana minerals just because they do sell quality mineral makeup at an affordable price and it’s filipino.  plus the fact that to me they are accessible since megamall is a stone’s throw away from where i work.  even my office mates have caught the ellana bug and have ordered samples from their site. so visit their site and see how simple it is to get samples from this company 😉  now for the post LOL.
Since up to now my tangerine collection is yet to be completed and currently [and still] i’m all over the corally-orangey ~ tangerine shades, i was only too peachy keen to have purchased this from the Ellana kiosk at the sm megamall bldg b hyper mart area.
it has three hole sifter from which the powder can come out from.  i opted to just have two open and moved the tape that covers it to the side but still covering one of the holes.
on the orangey side, yes? like the cream choux in #2.  this one has a matte finish
super natural looking and not jaundiced looking on my skin/complexion.
ah it’s love at first blush 😛
  • very inexpensive, PhP180 per 2.5g
  • the finish, it’s matte and since it’s mineral it helps absorbs my shine and oils throughout the day
  • lasts all day but i’m in an airconditioned environment, haven’t tried going outside for a long time LOL, that’s just not me 😛
  • the shade, it suits my complexion. the coral is warm enough to suit my complexion yet orangey enough to suit my current addiction to tangerine LMAO  and from my recollection the peachy coloring of this happiness shade is an almost perfect dup to the cream choux #2 of the tangerine collection from etude house LOL
  • no scent, this will suit people who are sensitive to scented stuff
  • the veil looking finish, yes it’s matte but since it’s also a mineral product it gives some sort of coverage but the coverage is natural looking and you can still see my skin.
  • very easy to apply with my baby kabuki fr theBalm
  • as with all mineral makeup, the nature of mineral makeup is my dislike.  it can be messy.  to think she only put in 3 holes for the sifter it can still scatter within the area above the sifter so i need to be careful in opening the lid
by the way, she accepts online orders for those who are too far away fr the sm branches from her website you can check out, too, if she ships internationally, so check out her site
Product Description from their Ellana’s Multiply site:
Eye primer for the eye area to make the eye colors more intense [and from the bottom of the tub container] AND prevents creases on the eyelids. Blends with all skin types. Shine Free Matte Finish.
I’m a big fan of Ellana and hardly any weekend passes by without me visiting her kiosk at sm mega / hypermart. i also have a good number of her eye shadows since they are just love and voila, hardly needs an eye primer!
so i’ve read one blog raving about this, so naturally, i just HAVE TO HAVE IT. i was thinking of doing a video on this product just to show you how much it reminds me of clay, or play dough, but hopefully the product squished and pushed around near the rims of the container gives what i have to say enough description into what i mean.
ayan, because i use my ring finger to get some product and apply it on my lids, i push down, twirl the belly of my finger around til i can see some powdery stuff outlining the ridges of my fingerprint, parang csi moment.
in fairness, and in my case, it did keep my not so awesome eye shadows from creasing and it did make the shades more vibrant.
for weeks since i purchased this i’ve been debating with myself whether or not to post a review on this.  i thought it was just my primer that has this play dough consistency. and even as i write this, i’m still looking for the thing that makes (made) it so celebrated.  but like i always say, our genes are different, we are all unique and our bodies or tastes, in particular our eyes are all different. thus how we will react or respond to stuff will be different as well. so here goes:

  • inexpensive
  • local brand, available for online sales and is available at the sm that is near me on the weekends
  • matte shine free finish
  • makes the shades vibrant
  • application of shadows is slightly smoother [even from the chunkiest eye pallets [ahem tangerine lucid darling gradation eyes #8 berry berry]
  • somewhat covers my broken blue to violet capillaries on my eye lid
  • i like it better when this is slightly melted, yep left it for a couple of hours in the car
  • consistency – i find it quite difficult to apply unless the product is slightly warmed up, the product balls up like play dough in the container, the reason why it looks like that in the tub is because my finger pressed down the product.
  • though my lids’ shadows didn’t crease my lids still got oily through out the day
  • something as chunky as the brown shimmer shade of the berry berry #8 pallet fr the lucid darling gradation eyes still had fall out when ideally applying a primer makes your lids smooth yet the shadows should cling more to your lids, i guess it’s [the primer] too powdery once applied
What I end up using it for:  because of its powdery finish, i end up applying, when i’m successful enough to get a good amount on my fingertip, on the outer lower eye lid area.  the spot where pencil and sometimes gel liners tend to melt and drip down.  it’s somewhat effective in absorbing the oils melting and dripping so the black tint doesn’t follow and i don’t end up looking like a panda at the end of the day.
Will i repurchase:  probably not, since there are alternate brands like elf or etude in the local market, albeit they are more expensive than this, hindi naman ako maiinis while applying.
Do I recommend?  – I suggest for you to go to sm makati or megamall near the hypermart and look for the Ellana booth and check this product out for yourself and see if the consistency is something you can work with, keeping in mind what you may be aware of from watching enough youtube videos with those women using too faced shadow insurance and the highly popular urban decay primer potion, don’t expect the consistency to be like what you see on youtube.

As some of may know i used to really be into mineral make up.  until of course i discovered bb creams and how convenient and easy they are to use, being the all in one foundation, sunblock, moisturizer that they are.  one of the things that made it easy for me to turn from mineral makeup is the mess another is how my face just eats it up.  no mineral foundation has lasted on my face more than 6hours.  one of those that did last on my face was ellana’s.  BUT THE ONE THING that keeps me using the mineral eye shadows in my video tutorials and what keeps me interested in mineral eye shadows is the fact that they do not expire another is that they have never creased on me, ever. stila and revlon eye shadows do crease on me, but ellana’s multi purpose minerals / eye shadows have never creased on me.  on my lids, i don’t have to use a lid primer.

so i still check up on ellana minerals.  not only is it asian, it’s filipino.  i’ll be interested in ellana minerals for a while to come.  so i received their newest catalogue.  ah so i haven’t checked them out in a while.  for me a great deal of their stuff is new.


their foundation…check out their site and check out if they still send sample sachets of their foundation(s).  that’s how i got to try them as well.  they’re also at SM Mega Mall and SM Makati at the hypermart area every weekend.  so you can buy their foundation in sample jars.


i’ve reviewed their products such as their finishing powder and primer and for me their espreso con panna is one of the best finishing powders i’ve tried.


their mineral stick concealer has been reviewed around the blog world and it’s worth trying out.


i’ve got two of their blushes, my fave of the two is fetish.  it’s like bubble gum pink that’s salmony pinky peach that just gives my complexion a nice flush.  it lasts on my face too, and it’s great to use as a setting powder for a cream blush.


i’m not into bronzing so but ey, i like that mineral tinted cream blush, nice simple packaging, LOL i’m liable to use that as chap stick if i’m too sleepy in the morning LOL


ah the mineral eye shadows…the bottom pix and my video tutorials show how i use these shadows and love them.  they’re very pigmented and easy to apply and i hardly need a lid primer as they are very pigmented and vivid and never crease on my lids.


their other stuff, a couple of bloggers attest to how very effective their brush cleaner is, but i just use my jergens antibac hand wash to clean my synthetic brushes and johnson’s baby shampoo for my horse and sable haired brushes.


i’ve seen these at the hypermart, the prices are competitve.  and you can check them out at their website.


wow, may fragrances na rin sila ngayon.


i’ve reviewed three of their brushes.  what’s memorable to me is their eyeliner brush.  i love that.  the stems are too long for the three brushes i have (the eyeliner, crease, and pencil brush), but overall, the synthetic brush is better for cream products, so i use other brushes for their mineral shadows.


kewl now they have these, too.


the brushes i have, the eye shadows, the finishing powder and the mineral primer.  and oh a lip scrub.


i hope the prices of ellana’s products remain competitive or cheaper than most makeup brands.  the other filipino brand, vmv hypoallergenic is brand worth investing in, especially their armada line, but naturally, the inclination will be for products that are more affordable and just as effective or even more so.

kudos to ellana minerals and have a great Christmas season ^_^
LOL here’s my old review of the products i have from ellana minerals… ang ikli pa ng hair ko ^_^


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phew! what a mouth-full! i’ll list down the negative qualities i personally find about this product to get them out of the way. this is about p500+ at regular or full price. so judge what you will on how vmv price and value their products. 

i had a hard time finding it on the web. i eventually had to download one of vmv’s pdf’s online to get this journal vmv (item in question is encircled). then, i wanted to list the ingredients, but see since i can’t find off the web, i’d have to read the back so i took a picture of it instead and their color scheme for their packaging makes it hard to read the ingredients off of the pic. ingredients

then, i actually don’t know what peonies smell like so i can’t really say if this smells like peonies. the smell reminds me of sweet ginger, if that makes sense. so while using it, it smells weird. but after rinsing, there is no scent left behind. much like all vmv products that do not have a scent.

i also saw the expiry date on this. so ok, i get that they’re paraben free and all, but i got this at the end of june (from one of their buy one get one sales) and my tube expires MAY of next year (though they say to add 4 to 6 months) . i have another vmv scrub of a different variant to finish because of the bogo. and since these things are only used once or twice a week, it might spoil on me. it just bums me out that much like getting a gardenia loaf i didn’t get to reach deep into the shelf to check if there were newer stocks.

now for the more positive aspects of this scrub:

the packaging. it’s pretty straight forward, it’s an upside down tube. i prefer this than the scrubs that the body shops and lush sell that are in tubs that i have to dig out the amount i need. tube packaging like this makes it more convenient and hygienic .

if you’re a beginner with skin care and cosmetics like me, i(we) cant compare this product with anything else but with st ive’s apricot scrub from way back to our mom’s and tita’s time. the st ive’s one still have so much more apricot bits and grain than this scrub. the apricot bits on this vmv product though, is substantial enough for a good scrub. the medium or that cream that holds the scrub or grain together is soft and creamy and doesn’t dry out to quickly nor does it slide off too easily of the more rounded or cylindrical parts of your body which could make for a difficult scrubbing, i.e. your arms, [deltoids and triceps]. triceps, you know that flab of meat that waves with your hand if you’re not careful.

i also like how it sticks to my hand and body rather than sliding off to the tiles on the floor, what i mean is it doesn’t flick or splash off at the ends of my finger while i scrub away, aka talsik.

the effects are lasting enough. gets me through the whole day without me feeling grimy right away even with the weird humidity we’re having. i feel squeaky clean but my skin doesn’t feel tight or dry. i like the silky soft feeling i get after using this scrub. it’s like i put light lotion or a body milk.

i only recommend this product if it’s available at buy one get one.


i think i have found the pinky coral-ey blush i’ve been looking for. it looks orange in the tube doesn’t it? could just be my flash. 

THE FORMULA: it’s a creamy consistency on the tacky side but once on the lips it’s more of a creamy gloss. it isn’t drying on my lips either. but it isn’t moisturizing either. but it claims to have vit E. isn’t sticky enough that when my hair go on my face it will stick to my lips and not fall off naturally. on the cheeks though it’s kinda has sticky tacky feeling.

as with all vmv products, this lip and cheek tint has no fragrance to it.

THE COLOR PAY OFF: Photobucket it’s a little like occ’s lip tar in grandma when i see it swatched on peoples’ hands on youtube. though occ’s lip tars seem to be like liquid lipstick while this vmv glow lip and cheek tint is a tad less intense. but it’s buildable and can be just as intense as the occ lip tar. a little goes a very long way using this cheek stain. you’ll other wise look like a clown if you put too much. it isn’t sheer at all. it isn’t too glossy either on the lips and it’s almost matte with some pearly frost on the cheeks, but i suppose that would depend on your application as well.

LASTING POWER: my body shop lasts all day and hardly if ever, fades. this vmv lip and cheek tint does fade on my cheeks a bit BUT has better staying power than my Photobucket. the vmv lip and cheek tint also does not oxidize on me. it stays the same coral-ey pink that i love. it looks red on the back of my hand but it truly is on the salmon pink side.

THE PRICE: as with all vmv products it’s priced as though their in the states. it’s 500 plus. but i got it at buy one get one (my other one is their “debutante” variety). that shade is on the cherry berry red, like my body shop stain.

WILL I BUY THIS AGAIN: ye, sure, but only if it’s half off or buy one get one.

the vmv glow cheek and lip tint on my on my cheeks and lips:Photobucket

hope this helps, vmv is Filipino company so it deserves our patronage or at least a second look.