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Eli’s the best part:
I got you cornered girl Where you gonna go
Up against the wall like an animal
Breathe deep, show your teeth Underneath the lies
I know your love could be one a kind girl


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The following are information that I have researched about the four major music shows in Korea. All the times stated are Korean Standard Time, so please check your timezone. Shows are sometimes pre-empted or cancelled due to live broadcast of generic sports event or otherwise. Please check at their specific Soompi threads on the day itself to see if it’s showing.

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at least this gives me an idea on what to do

Cookie's beauty blog

It’s been a week since I fought off the jet-lag and stepped back to the reality of London- my holiday to Seoul was officially over! But, oh what a trip it was!

Starting our final girly holiday- my sister and I flew over to Seoul, Korean style, with “Korea Air;” Onboard, we got our first taste of the “Land of the morning calm,” with our Bibimbap meal and with proper bowls and metal utensils to boot (no plastic knives or forks here people!).

2.40p.m, local time, we touched down, and the immediate 28 degrees Celsius heat hit us and made a welcome change to the colder London air we had left behind. Walking out of arrivals, our 1st thought was to find our mode of transport to our hotel of choice “Doulos Hotel,” in the Jongno 3 (sam) area, but before we could even step on the 6002 Limousine bus…

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Hello To Myself

I Came across this on FB and found the blog post from! I was like.. ohh korean coffee shop? in eastwood? say what? In Philippines? then me thinks ..uhmm who among the kpop parents bringing this cafe shop in the Philippines? (Well, If you are a kpop fan, You’ll be aware of the fact that many coffee house have sprouted in Seoul and the owners are the kpop omma”s and Appa’ which is very famous is Super Junior’s Yesung Handel and Gretel, Miss A’s Suzy’s parents –Caffe 秀Soo, Super Junior’s Leetuek, Kyuhyun, Sungmin’s Kona Beans and many more..)

This has sparked my curiosity and did a lil search about it.Caffe Bene is everywhere in Seoul!! Caffe Bene is a leading coffee label of Korea. It is a trend-setting multi-cultural space that offers an ideal combination of coffee, waffle, and gelato. Here, visitors can enjoy general blended…

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 some of my the people that read my blogg, if not most, know that this is the other brand that has my favor the last few quarters.

This month they have a few new items that tempt me.  but in the guise of skin care, i bought this lip treatment.

 they have three varying shades, a red one, an orange one and this pink tint one.

 it’s a wonderful baby in between cool and warm pink

 look it has spf17 and the active ingredient(s) is clearly indicated and in english

 the list of ingredients are also in english

 more information

 one swipe on my lips.

 for a better than my lips pink.

this and the pink red from the other L of my life have the softest, creamiest and most buttery consistency that moisturizes my lips really well.


  • the beautiful pink, it’s there but not too much
  • really creamy to apply
  • doesn’t feather out my lips
  • has spf
  • didn’t dry out my lips today
  • doesn’t have weird taste
  • no weird scent
  • stuff written is in english
  • now more readily available to me 
  • i love how these lipsticks now have that shaft protect the product like that, unlike lipsticks before you twist it and the stick comes up, you push too hard on your lips, and voila, you break the bottom of the stick hahaha lech 😛
  • not too lasting as it is really buttery
  • pricey for a lip balm
  • what the hell is up with that, don’t apply on open sores? ano pa saysay ng treatment?
They recently added a small as in small kiosk at the mall where i basically live, the galeria.  it’s right in front of dorothy perkins and nine west.

and now for their other new stuff, on the shelves by this weekend!

Water Supreme foundations, base, finishing pact
Water Bank eye gel cream
Water Bank moisture full ampoule
Cool Stay Powder (limited release)

this is the ad for the water supreme foundation

Don't ask me to smile...

Dear Ovation,

First of all, I’d like to thank you for bringing over NKOTBSB for a concert in Manila. I’m a big Backstreet Boys fan, and anyone who brings them to our country can’t be all that bad in my book (even if I don’t really understand some of the people you bring over for concerts).

However, I do still have a few bones to pick with you.

First, the pricing of the regular lower box seats is particularly problematic. At PHP 7,920, they were only PHP 500 cheaper than Lower Box VIP. Probably anyone willing to pay PHP 7920 would be willing to spare the additional 500 bucks or even PHP 1000 (for Patron) for the better seats. Then the jump in the price between the upper and lower box tickets was too big. Upper box tickets cost less than half the lower box tickets at PHP 3,700. With…

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the kind people of Outsourced Marketers emailed me asking if i would be interested in reviewing a hair product they carry.  since there are only a few group sites that i’m actively subscribed, i have never heard of Lorys (not sure if it’s missing an apostrophe there) hair cream until i was approached via facebook by Kira of Outsourced Marketers.

I said i’d be happy to review this and here we are, a couple of weeks later.

the ingredients listing below.  kindly click the picture to enlarge it.

what the top layer looks like.  this variant, in fruit cocktail is a like four seasons minus 2.  so underneath this yellow cream layer you have a pink one.

The picture below is my office mate’s hair.  Thanks Tina.  she used the item on the day i took this picture

this is Ria’s hair.

and mine

clearly, none of the pictures of hair above have the same texture, received the same treatment i.e. one the women above is straightened while the other two had digiperms.  none of the hair above have the same thickness like the amount of hair we have and none of us have the same type of hair strands.

the only unifying fact on this post is that we used lory’s hair cream in fruit cocktail the day we took these pictures of our hair.

the information below is what i gathered to be the common opinion among the 4 other ladies that used this product.

Aspect My Hair Ria’s Tina’s
Scent fruity – not my thing but Ria and Tina liked it, smelled fresh to them
Texture / Consistency  really smooth and  easy to spread  and easy to rinse off
Finish shiny but not too much shiny as in really shiny shiny just a tad shinier than my hair
Softness on Hair 4/5 (1-stiff 5-pillow soft)  4.5/5 4.5/5
Oil Control 2/5 (1-zero oil control 5-no greasy next day hair) 3/5 3/5
Lasting Power 2/5 (1-hair goes stiff w/in a day 5 softness lasts 2days) 3/5 3/5
Bad Skin Reaction none  none none

Overall, the ladies in my office that got to try this generally liked the product.  It made them think about purchasing their own specially while it was on half off on a group site.

With that much paraffin in your hair, naturally your hair would be soft.  i’m thinking it’s way better than having mineral oil in your hair, right?

Personally, if you ask me, if it’s better than my love tsubaki shampoo and hair cream, it isn’t, but that’s my personal preference just because my hair doesn’t go greasy even after 2 days of not washing.  yes yes, i don’t wash my hair on a daily basis.  why? i take the cab to and from work and it’s a really bad idea to wash your hair on a daily basis, as in really bad idea 😉