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i love these make up remover wipes. they just make things simple.  anyone who follows my facebook page know that for about a month i had no access to my usual favorite lip and eye makeup remover wipes from the competition for about a month.  so i gave in and finally bought something Floria (usually a whitening thing from Tony Moly)

I’m glad i did though.  I cleans very well and as seen below, it removes my very pigmented lipstick and foundation with bb cream.

after a few rubbings, it eventually removed the difficult to remove Lioele brush tip liquid liner.


  • it’s cheap! it’s PhP98 per 15 sheets compared to the competition (which is php175 per 15 sheets o.0)
  • this smells so good! very mild and delicate, the scent is (oh ha parang master yoda lang :P)
  • it does the job even difficult to remove makeup like the lioele brush tip pen liner as shown above.
  • for bb creams and not so long wearing foundations like the photoready and the kate/kanebo mineral foundation, these cleansing tissues remove it very well.
  • travel friendly
  • is not too drenched but is wet enough to provide a good rub down on my face
  • available at the time that i needed it!
none so far but i also have not tried it on something like the revlon colorstay foundation or the laneige snow cushion, now that thing is tough to remove!
Will I repurchase? – yes i have
Do i recommend – definitely!

Finally I get to this product.  Though I know I’m going to get a few more of these babies, here are my initial thoughts.
i got this at Watson’s about a week ago, and there’s the price, it’s PhP298 per sachet of one use mask.

Upon opening the packet I was expecting the usual folded up really thick tissue drenched in goo. i get a clear thick plastic holds the fold of the mask in place. The mask was sandwiched between plastic, paper, and ANOTHER PAPER.  soooo it’s slimy, and I got the thing, both parts on my face.

my before pic after i had applied toner.

the during, see the nose flap? The nose flap was irritating.  oh yeah i fell asleep with this on.  it was that cooling, relaxing, minus the part where i can’t breath properly LOL.  so i guess i wore this for about an hour? I had the sniffles this weekend and having a slime drenched flap cover your nostrils made my breathing even more troublesome, and yes it flapped while I breathed.

Every time I have these things on I end up scaring the cats like hannibal.  But ovey, I needed the moisture.

and no, there isn’t an extra lamp lit for this face to have gotten this bright. it kinda did work.


  • At least 70% snail slime
  • Gel type consistency of the drench so I wasn’t dripping
  • Cooling effect
  • My skin absorbed it like nobody’s business
  • I didn’t need to wipe any product off after I removed it.
  • No harsh skin reaction
  • Quite brightening on my skin, if I do say so myself
  • Scent is ok


  • I don’t get the triple layer of paper, the plastic, then paper.
  • The price-but then all snail products are pricey.

Will I repurchase, yep, specially on sickly, breakouts, tension-filled days like these.

That’s all for now folks!

nooo, i didn’t get the item because of the packaging, pramis!

i mess up my lips and continue to do so whenever i use my Nyx’s.  but what can i do, those shades are so bold, i love them hahaha.

so, always, on the next day (after using a nyx the previous day) i have this along in my kit to help heal my lips

 it’s in hangeul. LOL

 a top lid

 the product.  where the beads are quite obvious.

 a creamy medium that tastes sweet, no bitter after taste.

 the aftermath, the next day, after using a nyx matte product.  can you say chapped? hahaha

but after about a couple of uses of the tony moly kiss kiss lip scrub for about a day, my lips are ready again for lipstick features like my laneige honey pink below!  no chap, no crack, no wounds.


  • the packaging, hahaha obviously
  • the taste – it’s sweet but not overwhelming and no after taste
  • the beads – amount is ample enough for a scrub but not too much that when you roll them, they’d hurt your lips, but not too few, just right
  • the creamy medium – picks up the sloughed off lip skin and keeps the shed lip skin neatly rolled until you (or I) wipe them away
  • not messy – the product only goes where your fingers guide the product to go, unlike other lip scrubs that scatters too much upon the pressure of your finger on your (my) lips
  • quite effective.  my lips heal fast with this treatment.  the chapped part get rolled away, exposing new lip skin yet helps any wounds i have on my lips (because i bite my lips when dry hahaha), to heal faster.
Dislikes – 
  • none that i can think of
This is PhP348 and has two variants, this red one and a pink one.  
will i buy this again? most likely, i’ve got lots of nyx’s and i love wearing them and i may just buy a couple more hahaha, i’m a masochist that way, choz!
do i recommend? clearly! hahaha my lips when i was younger, healed far slower.  weird, so i attribute the faster healing with this product.

I’ve got several makeup removers, and depending on my mood on a particular evening i’d go through the entire regimen of makeup removal or just use my trusty herb day lip & eye makeup remover since it can remove even my waterproof eye makeup.

i’ve got this clear magic from tony moly at  PhP398 which is twice the price of what i’m used to with my usual from etude house lip & eye remover.  but at the time, a great deal of etude house’s stock was stuck at customs so here i am at tony moly and bought this as i couldn’t wait for etude.

everything is in Korean so unless you can read korean then below is the ingredient list, instructions etc it would not be meaningful.

i love how this one performs.  this is all with one swipe, i just let the cotton soak on my lashes and lash line for about 5-10seconds and voila.  this, just like my etude, this doesn’t sting my eyes.

then when there was this one time theBenj and I couldn’t go home because of typhoon Pedring and had to buy this. the labels are in english and properly labeled as a makeup remover instead of something to remove your eyes and lips.  it also claims to be for sensitive skin.

the ingredient list, directions and product description is also in english.

below is the aftermath of using this.  O_o not as much removed specially the difficult stuff to remove such as my lioele liquid liner and my majolica majorca lash expander.  this doesn’t sting my eye either.  it just take a lot longer to soak my lids in the cotton with the product for more of my make up to come off.  maybe an additional 10seconds.

this also feels very filmy around the lids after i’ve wiped the product off. it feels heavy on my lids.

Aspect Tony Moly The Face Shop
Content 150ml 130ml
Effectivity on Eye Makeup 4/5 takes a quicker time to remove waterproof makeup 2.5 / 5 takes a longer time to remove waterproof makeup
Effectivity on Lipstick 3/5 yep i have to wipe more times 4 / 5 have to wipe less times
Harsh Skin Reaction none none
Harsh Eye Reaction none none
Cloud in the Eye does NOT make my eye go cloudy after use does NOT make my eye go cloudy after use
Scent perfumey sea breeze type of scent  light citrusy scent
Oily Residue none there is, there i times when i feel i have to wash with a foaming cleanser to remove it
Price PhP398 PhP525 

given the fact that the face shop’s makeup remover is more than hundred bucks for less content and gives me a filmy residue, it’s a safe bet that my vote goes to tony moly even if the scent can throw one of if one is not used to something as perfumey as that.

both products do what they’re supposed to one better than the other either for the eye or for the lip.  it comes down to your loyalty or budget.  i’m for budget which is back to etude house for 150ml for a whopping PhP198 LOL

what do you use to remove your eye makeup?

October 18, Tuesday, I was invited to attend a product launch held at Chef’s Quarter for Tony Moly Philippines.  It was a lunch event.  Other bloggers and a few Summit Media ladies were in attendance.  Lunch was served but we could already see what was going to put us in awe after our sumptuous meal. hahaha forget about the sumptuous meal, Jheng/Anne of and i were too busy chit chatting away 😛

another edition to their bb cream collection.  a bb cream with snail mucin.  thanks so much Tony Moly so far so good on my face ^_^

the snake venom line, has arrived in the Philippines! it is an intense wrinkle repair system.  there is a serum and a sleep-pack.

what it looks like before blended and absorbed on the skin.  the consistency is absolutely glorious!

there are two kinds, photographed below is for fine wrinkles.

Hyun, the project manager sent to the Philippines from Tony Moly HQ, said they will be printing an english version of the study/pamphlet below for the rest of us in the western world.

the also launched their double ended eye shadow stick and lippies.

they had a demo and they brought along a Korean makeup artist for Tony Moly, some of you may have already met her during their make over sessions at SM Manila and SM North.

their make up kit with glorious beautiful makeup.

and the final explanation.  sorry bad lighting.

there were two looks done today a day and a night time look using the double ended shadow sticks 😉

two managers from tony moly, in the middle is Hyun from the tony moly hq.

ayun ang sutil 😉

last picture moment before we had to rush of LMAO

a farewell and thanks giving to those who attended.

and the loot bag.  some of you may already have the mirror and the desk note from last weekend’s promo at sm north and manila.

yep, i am already using the bb cream with snail cream.  so far so good, will post a review after another few days as i’m trying to see if my skin would develop any reactions to it 😉