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89f88-p1030630-grandprize2of2MY HUMBLE MID YEAR GIVEAWAY – Open to Metro Manila Residents


i love these make up remover wipes. they just make things simple.  anyone who follows my facebook page know that for about a month i had no access to my usual favorite lip and eye makeup remover wipes from the competition for about a month.  so i gave in and finally bought something Floria (usually a whitening thing from Tony Moly)

I’m glad i did though.  I cleans very well and as seen below, it removes my very pigmented lipstick and foundation with bb cream.

after a few rubbings, it eventually removed the difficult to remove Lioele brush tip liquid liner.


  • it’s cheap! it’s PhP98 per 15 sheets compared to the competition (which is php175 per 15 sheets o.0)
  • this smells so good! very mild and delicate, the scent is (oh ha parang master yoda lang :P)
  • it does the job even difficult to remove makeup like the lioele brush tip pen liner as shown above.
  • for bb creams and not so long wearing foundations like the photoready and the kate/kanebo mineral foundation, these cleansing tissues remove it very well.
  • travel friendly
  • is not too drenched but is wet enough to provide a good rub down on my face
  • available at the time that i needed it!
none so far but i also have not tried it on something like the revlon colorstay foundation or the laneige snow cushion, now that thing is tough to remove!
Will I repurchase? – yes i have
Do i recommend – definitely!

October 18, Tuesday, I was invited to attend a product launch held at Chef’s Quarter for Tony Moly Philippines.  It was a lunch event.  Other bloggers and a few Summit Media ladies were in attendance.  Lunch was served but we could already see what was going to put us in awe after our sumptuous meal. hahaha forget about the sumptuous meal, Jheng/Anne of and i were too busy chit chatting away 😛

another edition to their bb cream collection.  a bb cream with snail mucin.  thanks so much Tony Moly so far so good on my face ^_^

the snake venom line, has arrived in the Philippines! it is an intense wrinkle repair system.  there is a serum and a sleep-pack.

what it looks like before blended and absorbed on the skin.  the consistency is absolutely glorious!

there are two kinds, photographed below is for fine wrinkles.

Hyun, the project manager sent to the Philippines from Tony Moly HQ, said they will be printing an english version of the study/pamphlet below for the rest of us in the western world.

the also launched their double ended eye shadow stick and lippies.

they had a demo and they brought along a Korean makeup artist for Tony Moly, some of you may have already met her during their make over sessions at SM Manila and SM North.

their make up kit with glorious beautiful makeup.

and the final explanation.  sorry bad lighting.

there were two looks done today a day and a night time look using the double ended shadow sticks 😉

two managers from tony moly, in the middle is Hyun from the tony moly hq.

ayun ang sutil 😉

last picture moment before we had to rush of LMAO

a farewell and thanks giving to those who attended.

and the loot bag.  some of you may already have the mirror and the desk note from last weekend’s promo at sm north and manila.

yep, i am already using the bb cream with snail cream.  so far so good, will post a review after another few days as i’m trying to see if my skin would develop any reactions to it 😉

hello pay day, well as of today, good bye pay day huhuhu, now you see it now you don’t again that pay check of mine. i tell ya my pay check is better than David Blaine 😛 
i got a text from Etude House that at least one of the items i had reserved had already arrived so off i went, luckily enough it was a pay day, so i got a few extra stuff.  i wanna try out their lip liner and for php98 bucks and it’s refillable, haler, huwai nat 😉  and a curious new item. a mascara remover with lash growing ingredients.  so i was curious, hopefully it isn’t a dud.  though i do here good reviews of their other lash grower, hehehe i should try that one of these days.  also got a brow razor and what i originally went there for, the lip concealer.  next!

i actually got the stuff from the face shop the day Pedring or tropical storm Nesat was here.  some of you may have read that the hubby and i stayed at the holiday inn last week so i had to buy cleaning stuff for my face.  so i took the chance and grabbed the last lip and eye makeup remover [HURRAY FOR CORRECT LABELING] for sensitive skin.  since i was near the 1k, i got another of the herb day lip and eye makeup remover, so i got the pic frame again and the free vita c mask sheet.  i’m all about skin peeling at home now so i wanted to try this smart peeling from the face shop.

naturally, i stopped by tony moly, at least they still had stock of their new lippies cough<ahem>etude out of stock</ahem>cough.  this is new lippie is new and has spf13.  the rest of the shades sorta wash me out and reds are in right now so i got the reddest shade they had LOL.  aaaand since i’m into experimenting with new lippies, i thought it best that i get a lip scrub and woah the packaging LOL.

there was a megabrands bazaar that went on at the mega trade hall at sm mega mall last weekend OF COURSE I HAD TO PASS BY, to see a glimpse of Colette ^_^  this yorkie-poodle, truly truly cutie and i dare say Mayor Digital Traincase’s mascot for their stall, LMAO.  since i am ingitera, i got me perfect red and another soft matte lip cream, in antwerp [which in my opinion is a mix between milan and san paolo, which i’m now preferring].

i was thinking of getting a couple of pairs of charles & kieth to take advantage of their last few weeks of sale at their rob gale outlet store. but alas, the designs or sizes were already dwindling in number and availability that i’d get better bang for my buck at Nafnaf’s shoe sale 😛

how was everyone’s weekend?