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I’m back to my bb cream review after about a couple week’s rest from applying any other cream on face apart from the house of obagi skin hydrating cream.

I got this free after purchasing other items from Tony Moly Philippines at one of the local malls in Metro Manila

this is the aura beam.  so hmmm it’s like a lip gloss


and here’s the bb cream.

i love the coverage of this thing! it covered the green vein.

and just like the back of my hand it evened out the my skin tone, and i hardly need under eye concealer with this on

and a pic of me with the flash on.  it’s not reflective and the shade it’s close to the shade of skin of my neck.

and my entire face with the bb cream and my blush of the week



  • great coverage
  • shade match almost as fair as the skin of my neck
  • i hardly need any concealer under my eyes
  • lasts all day
  • does not break me out
  • does not cake up
  • spf 37 pa ++ good enough if you’re staying inside the office anyway
  • doesn’t pool up on my pores (where you get puddles of foundation or bb cream on your visible pores LOL)
  • doesn’t make your facial hairs obvious
  • so the last two bullets, i’m pretty sure i’m not the only person who’s ever experienced seeing your facial hair with foundation around it, what my last two bullets mean is that this is one of those bb creams that’s really easy to blend out 😉
  • semi matte finish so at least it’s not flat
  • locally available where you can find a tony moly store/kiosk
  • only 700 for something that’s 45 g

  • the aura beam, seriously it’s like the wanna love lip gloss! so it feels like your spreading lip gloss on your face with some really fine glitter
  • oil control of the bb cream is so so, i still have to blot my oil from nose about twice a shift and to think i’m in an airconditioned office
  • the god awful packaging it’s just like:

which kinda means that the bb cream will ooze out of the tube since this is an upside down bottle, so you’ll always end up with wastage around the nozzle and in the cap.  but i guess it’s the not so great packaging that kept the price of this aura bb cream low
so whatchatink?

my video below, please view it for you to see clearly the consistency of the serum and to have a close up view of the bottle.  this video should advice you on my likes, and dislikes if any on this product. the video even has a blooper moment at the end LOL.  enjoy!


as explained further in m video, i’ve been using this for about 6 weeks or at least a month since i got it. it has a medicine dropper type of way of dispensing the product instead of a pump.  i guess that’s more hygienic than a tub.

and the snail cream that comes free with the serum/essence thing.  i apply this after i apply the serum/essence.

what the cream looks like.  it has the same scent as the serum.  very creamy to apply

and what the serum will look like on your skin. once you spread it out it dries clear.

ayan. matulog ka na Marge, dami pang eklavu, selca nang selca 😛 la lang.  i’m just trying to emphasize that after using the missha and with continued use of snail products i was able to recover with my breakout last January in about a a month to 6 weeks’ time. oh joy!

To wrap up what I said in the review and the little description of what I have here:

  • i can’t testify to its anti wrinkle properties, no wrinkles yet, except for those laugh/smile lines you see under my eyes, so no crows feet yet on the outer corners of my eyes.
  • i can’t testify to its whitening properties since if it did work, i can’t really say, since ayun maputi naman na ko talaga o.O
  • this is the one cycle that i didn’t have a pimple in my face in a very long time.  i did however have a pimple during my pms period but on my chest
  • did not break me out, hahaha obviously

Do i recommend – definitely

will i repurchase? – not in the near future trying out other snail creams.

has anyone else tried this?

i love these make up remover wipes. they just make things simple.  anyone who follows my facebook page know that for about a month i had no access to my usual favorite lip and eye makeup remover wipes from the competition for about a month.  so i gave in and finally bought something Floria (usually a whitening thing from Tony Moly)

I’m glad i did though.  I cleans very well and as seen below, it removes my very pigmented lipstick and foundation with bb cream.

after a few rubbings, it eventually removed the difficult to remove Lioele brush tip liquid liner.


  • it’s cheap! it’s PhP98 per 15 sheets compared to the competition (which is php175 per 15 sheets o.0)
  • this smells so good! very mild and delicate, the scent is (oh ha parang master yoda lang :P)
  • it does the job even difficult to remove makeup like the lioele brush tip pen liner as shown above.
  • for bb creams and not so long wearing foundations like the photoready and the kate/kanebo mineral foundation, these cleansing tissues remove it very well.
  • travel friendly
  • is not too drenched but is wet enough to provide a good rub down on my face
  • available at the time that i needed it!
none so far but i also have not tried it on something like the revlon colorstay foundation or the laneige snow cushion, now that thing is tough to remove!
Will I repurchase? – yes i have
Do i recommend – definitely!

Finally I get to this product.  Though I know I’m going to get a few more of these babies, here are my initial thoughts.
i got this at Watson’s about a week ago, and there’s the price, it’s PhP298 per sachet of one use mask.

Upon opening the packet I was expecting the usual folded up really thick tissue drenched in goo. i get a clear thick plastic holds the fold of the mask in place. The mask was sandwiched between plastic, paper, and ANOTHER PAPER.  soooo it’s slimy, and I got the thing, both parts on my face.

my before pic after i had applied toner.

the during, see the nose flap? The nose flap was irritating.  oh yeah i fell asleep with this on.  it was that cooling, relaxing, minus the part where i can’t breath properly LOL.  so i guess i wore this for about an hour? I had the sniffles this weekend and having a slime drenched flap cover your nostrils made my breathing even more troublesome, and yes it flapped while I breathed.

Every time I have these things on I end up scaring the cats like hannibal.  But ovey, I needed the moisture.

and no, there isn’t an extra lamp lit for this face to have gotten this bright. it kinda did work.


  • At least 70% snail slime
  • Gel type consistency of the drench so I wasn’t dripping
  • Cooling effect
  • My skin absorbed it like nobody’s business
  • I didn’t need to wipe any product off after I removed it.
  • No harsh skin reaction
  • Quite brightening on my skin, if I do say so myself
  • Scent is ok


  • I don’t get the triple layer of paper, the plastic, then paper.
  • The price-but then all snail products are pricey.

Will I repurchase, yep, specially on sickly, breakouts, tension-filled days like these.

That’s all for now folks!


There is only one other cleansing oil that i’ve used since i’ve started this journey with cosmetics and that’s the Tony Moly Berry Berry Cleansing oil that i reviewed here.  i bought that at around PhP800 in Bkk, a 200ml bottle.  but with no pump dispenser.

Aspect Shu Uemura Tony Moly 
Cleansing Power similar to Tony Moly similar to Shu Uemura
Consistency this clear yellow & the one in the violet bottle=very heavy feel very light on the skin
After feel i feel i need to rinse or use a toner because of the heavy greasy feel can skip toner!
Skin reaction i’m not sure, i’m fairly sure that i broke out on the shu foundation no harsh reaction i use it to this day
Packaging same clear thick plastic bottle used so i can see the content clear plastic no pump
Price 15.2 fl oz bottle generally retails for US$105 on amazon wait for it… a whopping US$16!




i am not hating on Shu because i broke out, i super wanted that mousse foundation since you know it’s kewl with the mousse and all, and it’s cool on the skin because of chemistry and physics when dispensing a pressured liquid/gas colloid such as the mousse (hahahaha sorry nose bleed).  this shu cleansing oil was initially developed for movie and possibly stage makeup.  so the really really thick kind of makeup that ideally wont melt under bright lights.  bearing that in mind, i don’t need to wonder why the shu cleansing oil is very thick.


but as soon as i saw Tao’s skin care 2011 review, and how she mentioned that she preferred the mac cleansing oil (not because she’s a mac girl) but because of how heavy it feels, i then wanted to share my own experience now that i’ve actually used the celebrated shu cleansing oil.


the choice is entirely up to the consumer.  if you live in a cold temperate country and your skin is dry, i think your skin will be better served by using the shu cleansing oil.  but if you live in a tropical humid country like i do, and your skin is oily or oily combination then you’d want your skin care products to be as light yet as effective as they can be.


comparing the two cleansing oils, the light and the heavy, they clean long wearing makeup similarly, some foundation is left on the skin requiring me a to do a second round of massaging of the oil on my skin til i can no longer see any foundation on the tissue when i wipe my face.


it will also come down to your brand preference and budget.  clearly the other one is less expensive while the other is high end is quite pricey for a cleansing oil with lots of competition.  


well, that’s my two cents worth.
over all, even with the break out and distance, the commute, i am very glad i got to experience shu uemura products.  and glad to do have done so by paying for it rather than having the experience via a marketing event thru bloggers. that way no one can judge me with the reviews i’ve been writing on shu.  i am merely sharing what i experienced.


do i recommend shu uemura products? why not? they have fantastic eye shadows, their foundation, at least the finish is awesome and woah their makeup tools! almost divine!