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 DISCLAIMER: I bought this during Tony Moly Philippine’s valentine’s 40% discount sale.  so i got it at a significant discount and purchased it (like a lot of my stash) with my own money.

The description below:

so apart from containing my beloved snail mucin it also has some phyto callus something to help repair chaffed skin.

 the ingredients below:

i do not know what part of the ingredients is the snail mucin or the phyto callus something.  what this post will be how i use it, how effective it is in cleaning and how my skin feels after i’ve used it.

 sealed for protection.  no pump! so i have to unscrew the cap, hold this upside down and dispense an appropriate amount on my fingers.

 some REALLY waterproof stuff

 let’s try it out!

 the dollywink is tear proof and sebum proof but not tony moly foam cleanser-proof, the face shop make me star waterproof ‘gel’ liner took a bit more rubbing

 before i eventually got to remove it.

first impressions:

  • this thing smells great!  a little like the snail bb cream and the snail serum
  • it’s really really creamy on the verge of slimy
  • really soft to lather on my face
  • really really consistency
  • the scent
  • this thing is huge for php508 (the discounted amount i paid for during their sale)
  • a little goes a long way
  • lathers up really good
  • cleans all sort of gunk off my face as you can see from the pictures of the waterproof stuff
  • leaves my skin velvety soft yet really really clean
  • didn’t give me any rash or didn’t break me out
  • didnt really sting my eyes
  • no pump!
  • it has yet to make me believe it has snail mucin in it
  • the price, 800++ for a facial wash? and it doesn’t even tell me how much percentage of snail mucin it has 0.O

the full price of this is posted here on their site

Do i recommend: yes, as you saw it really takes off waterproof stuff, then again, so does an oil based makeup remover

Will I repurchase?- i highly doubt it, but i’m glad i caught this one while it was on sale.  so maybe, if it does go on sale again, i’ll get one again.

I would like to thank Tina my office mate for the use of her tony moly prestige primer and i would like to thank FANGIRL ASIA for providing this item from Baviphat for this review.

so let’s get to it, shall we? phhhhfft no ingredient list

sealed, and it’s an upside down tube for controlled and hygienic dispensation of the product

it’s a tad watery, but has this kind of purply iridescent glow once blended

i’m sorry the picture doesn’t show the iridescent glow, hopefully, the picture below at least show a satin sheen 😉

and below the tony moly prestige moisture primer.  look it has gold flecks!

and it has a pump

a fine pump

this is what comes out, a dimethiconey substance with gold flecks

and when blended out, the gold flecks is somewhere in there.

yesterday, i used this foundation.  it’s not a colorstay so it not as long lasting as a colorstay hehehe

my face below with the baviphat face primer on the right side of my face and the tony moly prestige primer on the left side.


ok, why the hell is this pic here?

1.) can we just celebrate how both of these primers covered my pores, specially on my

2.) but it also kinda means it made my foundation look not too 2nd skin like =( meaning i looked i was really made up instead of kinda natural looking

about 12 hours later, look mah, that photoready is still there, didn’t budge on either side

today it was laneige snow dual crystal foundation

 ok let me just say, i get it now.  i get it, super get it! laneige snow crystal dual foundation is just way better than the photoready, omg!  i know y’all can’t tell the diff with me in the rose colored shirt and me below in the blue shirt, a full day after shot, but i can.  the snow crystal foundation truly is like 2nd skin, only better.

but back to the primers.

they certainly improved the oil control of the photoready a great deal, but only did so for the laneige by just a smidge.

Packaging upside down tube – hygienic  has a pump – hygienic
Coverage superior pore coverage! ditto
Finish satin lavender iridescence so it’s brightening  has gold flecks that blends out and sorta luminous finish
Lasting Power worked better for Laneige so it’s still foundation dependent same same =(
Oil Control better 4/5 (1-poor oil control 5-top notch!) not so great 2/5 at best but hey is a moisturizing primer so it says on the bottle 😉
Scent nope it doesn’t smell like old lady ajumma matrona perfume like that other review said, it’s actually mild and baby powdery none
Break Out didn’t break me out, no milla, no new black heads didn’t break me out, no milla, no new black heads



didn’t cake up my foundation didn’t cake up my foundation
Price  PhP760 available at FANGIRL ASIA  i’ll need to get back to you on this as to how much this is here, but online it’s around US$28 😉

over all, for something that has moisture written on the bottle, the tony moly didn’t really oil me out considering i have oily to combo skin and it’s been crazy humid and rainy the last couple of days!

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My facebook page turns one year old today, May 8.

Thank you so much for all of your support! I never could’ve imagined i’d reach 1k likes! but now i’m almost at 1600!

Thank you all for your support, your comments, and continued viewing.  kahit ano pang ipost ko some of you still comment!  i really really appreciate it!

Good luck!


  • Heno de Pravia powder
  • Carmex strawberry flavored chap stick with spf15
  • Laneige – bb cream, water water sleeping pack, multi cleanser  samples
  • Tony Moly – essence mask, sample lotion and toner
  • Blusche – mineral eye shadow in teal
  • Everyday Minerals – blush – once & again
  • Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation sample in sand
  • VMV Hypoallergenics Spring Cleaning cleanser sample
  • Lioele Lotion sample
  • Benefit High Beam sample size
  • The Face Shop Bright Capsule Body was sample

my video below, please view it for you to see clearly the consistency of the serum and to have a close up view of the bottle.  this video should advice you on my likes, and dislikes if any on this product. the video even has a blooper moment at the end LOL.  enjoy!


as explained further in m video, i’ve been using this for about 6 weeks or at least a month since i got it. it has a medicine dropper type of way of dispensing the product instead of a pump.  i guess that’s more hygienic than a tub.

and the snail cream that comes free with the serum/essence thing.  i apply this after i apply the serum/essence.

what the cream looks like.  it has the same scent as the serum.  very creamy to apply

and what the serum will look like on your skin. once you spread it out it dries clear.

ayan. matulog ka na Marge, dami pang eklavu, selca nang selca 😛 la lang.  i’m just trying to emphasize that after using the missha and with continued use of snail products i was able to recover with my breakout last January in about a a month to 6 weeks’ time. oh joy!

To wrap up what I said in the review and the little description of what I have here:

  • i can’t testify to its anti wrinkle properties, no wrinkles yet, except for those laugh/smile lines you see under my eyes, so no crows feet yet on the outer corners of my eyes.
  • i can’t testify to its whitening properties since if it did work, i can’t really say, since ayun maputi naman na ko talaga o.O
  • this is the one cycle that i didn’t have a pimple in my face in a very long time.  i did however have a pimple during my pms period but on my chest
  • did not break me out, hahaha obviously

Do i recommend – definitely

will i repurchase? – not in the near future trying out other snail creams.

has anyone else tried this?

i love these make up remover wipes. they just make things simple.  anyone who follows my facebook page know that for about a month i had no access to my usual favorite lip and eye makeup remover wipes from the competition for about a month.  so i gave in and finally bought something Floria (usually a whitening thing from Tony Moly)

I’m glad i did though.  I cleans very well and as seen below, it removes my very pigmented lipstick and foundation with bb cream.

after a few rubbings, it eventually removed the difficult to remove Lioele brush tip liquid liner.


  • it’s cheap! it’s PhP98 per 15 sheets compared to the competition (which is php175 per 15 sheets o.0)
  • this smells so good! very mild and delicate, the scent is (oh ha parang master yoda lang :P)
  • it does the job even difficult to remove makeup like the lioele brush tip pen liner as shown above.
  • for bb creams and not so long wearing foundations like the photoready and the kate/kanebo mineral foundation, these cleansing tissues remove it very well.
  • travel friendly
  • is not too drenched but is wet enough to provide a good rub down on my face
  • available at the time that i needed it!
none so far but i also have not tried it on something like the revlon colorstay foundation or the laneige snow cushion, now that thing is tough to remove!
Will I repurchase? – yes i have
Do i recommend – definitely!