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wow pumpkin, pumpkin never smelled so good.
a really thick cream
once applied, a good moisturizer but sticky.
now the promise:  the skin food claims to feed our skin thus all the food names like peach sake, lettuce and cucumber foundation, coffee creamy sheer lipstick.  so what tiny pumpkin extracts there is in this eye cream, hopefully it would help my under eye area.
all i can say is it’s way better than my experience with the olay total effects eye transforming cream [click to read my epinions review on that product].  which is not saying much at all because i had a hard time with that olay eye cream.  but compared to the olay total eye transforming cream, this skin food potiron au lait eye cream DOES NOT affect my under eye concealer.  it does not give me crepe eye…meaning my under eye does not end up looking like crepe paper [you know wrinkly?] like the way the olay did.  which is about the only leg up the skin food product it has over the olay one.
i think this skin food potiron au lait eye cream is just way too think and therefore takes quite a bit of time for the skin under my eye to absorb it.  and it’s sticky creamy on my upper eye lid since i have hooded lids and therefore takes even longer for my upper eye lid skin to absorb.  ick.  so basically, it’s like a thick lotion on the skin around my eyes.

  • the scent, a usual for skin food products.  i don’t think there is a skin food product that i don’t like the scent of hahaha
  • very moisturizing
  • does not affect my makeup
  • creamy easy to spread does not ball up – yung nagiging tuyong parang gummy basta yung parang natuyong lotion [trans doesn’t ball up hehehe joke, i mean it the thing gets totally absorbed by my skin and you don’t see dried up ‘lotiony’ edges around my eyes that when you rub out it balls up in a gummy dried up cream]
  • the packaging the fact it’s in a glass tub thing, so if it falls on my bathroom tile, plaaaanngg basag [eng trans-crash broken glass] and the shape of it, it’ll be hard for me to scoop out the last bits of it fr the bottom.
  • takes a tad long for it to get completely absorbed around 10mins
  • the price – bought it from the skin food at the megamall branch maybe if i bought it from my suki it would be less expensive
  • IT ONLY DID ONE THING which is moisturize – it didn’t lighten my dark circles, it didn’t hide my fine lines the way the body shop’s woman eye cream did for me, it didn’t improve my lines either.
Will i repurchase/recommend: no way.  it’s a waste of time and money.  i’m sure there are other skin food products that will perform better than this one.


finally after almost using this up and after my skin has gone paler or fairer depending on your point of view, the number 1 shade finally looks just right on me.


i use this so much that i’ve rubbed off the gold embossed name on the plastic and just left the label beneath.


i super love the pump on this.  though the formula is watery the pump spout is big enough for thick formulas like say the revlon color stay or even thick bb creams like the missha perfect cover or the the face shop skin extra bb cream


this about just how much i apply on my whole face.  it is indeed watery but slick enough that it is very easy to spread either on a moisturized face or a primed one (i use the etude house Total Age Repair Wrinkle Reduce Royal BB Cream #2)


on my hand without a flash the shade matches me perfectly, but as we all know the shade of skin on your hands hardly if ever matches the skin on your face.  but i just noticed the pic, ok this thing has good pore coverage by itself.  but actually is only light to medium coverage for scars and redness on the face.


after application.  it just makes me look fresh and alive vs just woken up and zombified. and the shade matches the skin on my neck and chest, that’s rare even with my buff revlon colorstay


alas after a full day’s shift…


  • the packaging, the bottle is not glass
  • the pump, it works!!! and i love how i can press it half way to give half a pump of product that i might need if i need a little more on my face
  • the formula~the watery consistency yet it’s slick enough to spread out evenly with fingers or with a brush
  • the matte formula
  • good pore coverage
  • hardly needs setting
  • the shade, it matches my fair skin but doesn’t make me look pink
  • the light scent
  • the price tag in manila, this is way cheaper in korea
  • not a full coverage foundation at best medium
  • it doesn’t last all day at most 6 hours
  • can bring out your dry patches even after thorough moisturization
  • need to blot every 3 or 4 hours and touch up after about 4hours.
  • most likely will not last on a hot humid day considering i need to blot in about 3 hours in an air conditioned office
Will i repurchase:
i would if only i didn’t have a dozen other foundations, bb creams, bb balms waiting for me to try bwahahaha

I’ve been meaning to do another BB cream review especially since I’m on a Etude House, Tony Moly and soon The Face Shop addiction lately. and for brief back ground:

BB creams have exploded onto the Asian market so much so that even a western brand, Maybelline has finally made its own version of the sought after product, albeit currently only available in Asia.

a BB cream in its most basic form is at least a heavily tinted moisturizer and a blemish balm (so something that helps with zits or scars). Most have SPF with PA + for UV protection. while additional features include anti wrinkle ingredients. Some variants contain whitening or brightening ingredients. some are used as makeup base while some use just the bb cream as their foundation (like i do).

Today, this review will be on one of the Etude House’s top of the line bb creams. their Total Age Repair Wrinkle Reduce Royal BB Cream. As the name suggests, it boasts of anti aging ingredients with either wrinkle repairing or at the very least the prevention of wrinkles.

The Etude House Total Age Repair Wrinkle Reduce Royal BB cream boasts of an SPF 45 and a PA of +++ which is more than even the Missha perfect cover bb cream that only has an spf of 42. It has whitening properties as well.


This much about one pump is more than enough for my whole face and blended a little below my jaw line and chin.


It has a thick consistency upon first application and it’s sticky to blend out, which for me is quite useful if i’ll use this bb cream as a makeup base (meaning i can put either mineral foundation or liquid foundation on top without fear that the foundation will fade quickly throughout the day).
after a little more blending it no longer seems obvious at least on the back of my hand even with flash.


  • sticky consistency but a tad watery compared to the missha perfect cover bb cream and the face shop the skin extra bb cream so i can use it as a makeup base but not too sticky that it would make it hard for me to blend
  • SPF 45 PA+++, i don’t have to apply my neutrogena sunblock under my make up, less application and less steps
  • has not broken me out since i started using this (almost 2wks now), no millia, no black or white heads
  • very good pore coverage and it covers my broken capillaries and redness around my nose pretty well

  • photographs pretty ok even with flash, but i have to put on the etude house precious mineral bb compact in #2 DISLIKES:
  • omg, this thing smells like rubber medicine. FORTUNATELY, the ‘scent’ disappears after about 30s to 1min.
  • too much dew~yeah i mean it has a dewy finish (yung parang bagong hilamos na fresh looking) ~ my issue, i have oily skin, and too much dew will make me look oily. so i have to blot even after only a couple of hours upon wearing this. Disclaimer: in fairness, the thing is for normal to dry skin since its target market is for the starting to age skin types. so what i do is just blot and dab finishing powder to matte out my face.
  • lasting power: it only lasts about 4-6hours at most on my face. retouching with their precious mineral bb compact makes my face last longer.
  • gray cast -most bb creams have a gray cast upon initial application which for most disappear after about 10mins. this one takes longer than that. and as shown in my vid i still have a gray cast compared to my already really fair neck (pix shown on the last part of my vid)
  • the price, well in fairness i can’t complain much considering it’s one of their top of the line and it has such a high spf/pa. so it’s about US$20 Neutral:
  • anti wrinkle – can’t say much since i’ve only been using it for 2wks and i’ve not much wrinkles yet
  • whitening – haven’t noticed if my skin became whiter, medyo mahirap na yun in my case.
    how i use this bb or any other bb for that matter:


    Will I repurchase:
    No. too much dew even for our drier months now. even when used in aircondition-ed rooms. have no fear there is an Etude House bb cream for me that’s suited for normal to oily combination skin…review on that soon ♥

  • Hello peeps:

    I just wanted to make this video about the freebies that at least two Korean cosmetics companies do both here and abroad.


    it’s also a kind of wish, hint, and request for other Korean cosmetics stores that has a hallyu or korean wave or kpop artist as their endorser to request their head office in Korea to be allowed to do the same here in Manila.

    Feel free to comment on the video, here, or message me, so that they will see that there is a market for fan girls and that the competition is already doing this.

    Photo Promotion for the face shop, korea

    my seon-saeng-nim at work (and team mate) just got back from her recent trip to korea.


    as most of you may know i am rough around the edges at work, school, anywhere, so i was actually surprised that she brought home something for me and i found it really meaningful and i am very grateful for this gesture.

    a recent catalogue~brochure for The Face Shop in Korea and on the front cover is the new face of The Face Shop, Kim Hyun Joong.
    the brochure shows off their new endorser and new lines of skin care and make up.
    Photobucketand woah finally(?) a face shop bb cream for men.



    some other items that i don’t usually see or look for at our face shop stores here in manila.

    their fall/autumn~winter looks



    even a how to page:


    the smoky look inspires me LOL.

    this brochure, my good readers, is what’s available for free in korea. but i understand that the Philippine TFS can only import the most sell-able lines and what they think will sell here. but now that the etude house is here and going strong (and they haven’t been here even a full year) then some of what the etude house’s marketing strategies should be competed with, e.g. the free folders or what tony moly did with the free posters. and oh, bb cream naman for men please.

    but just like what my friend said, she won’t buy from the face shop philippines unless there are free posters, calendars or even picture cards of the kid, then like her, my last purchase from the face shop would have to be what i purchased recently.

    Recently, i’ve been getting questions on where i buy my korean cosmetics and skin care, especially the brands that are not available in the west and more to the point, the Philippines.i’ve edited and re-uploaded one of my recent videos to contain only stuff i’ve gotten from my suki kkchopida~Charmaineone of my trusted and reliable sellers from you know, nothing in this world perfect, that includes even my friendliest suki, Charmaine.  but guess what, she makes up for it and she takes care of her long time buyers.i’d would just like to add that she didn’t ask me to make this entry, she didn’t ask me to endorse or advertise her site.  this is simply my way of saying thank you and for making me feel special.  that’s how Charmaine takes care of her customers, just check out her feedback page and you’ll see.

    My make up and skin care collection for the past few months, since last april of this year.



    Skin care and cosmetics haul from:

    The Etude house
    items purchased at SM Mega Mall Bldg A
    Tony Moly
    purchased thru seller:
    Holika Holika
    purchased thru seller:
    Skin Food
    items purchased at SM Mega Mall bridge area
    items purchased at SM North 2nd Floor

    Music from Playfull Kiss:
    Kiss Me by G.NA
    One More Time by Kim Hyun Joong

    Products mentioned were puchased with my own money. I am not paid to use or review this(these) product(s) in my video.

    This is available at watson’s and different department stores in manila.