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Category Archives: nars orgasm dupe

I’d like to thank my office mate Ria for allowing me to photograph and swatch her new blush that she purchased from Digital Traincase’s physical store located at the Eton Cyberpod in Ortigas.  this is it folks, sleek’s answer to orgasm but a tad warmer and golden.

i love the ‘sleek’ packaging.  it’s tiny and handy but has 8g of product and a mirror, to boot!

side by side comparison with my own hot mama and my own orgasm, hehehe dugyutin na but that’s cuz i use them a lot LOL

and side by side swatches, seriously, it’s hard to tell them apart, but hot mama is closer to sleek’s rose gold.

and in a different light.  they all have wonderful non-overwhelming glitters that just give you a good sheen.  but orgasm is the pinkest of the lot.



  • packaging it’s small and handy with a mirror yet contains 8GRAMS of blush! it’s not flimsy and it closes shut once clicked
  • pigmentation, it’s pigmented but won’t make you end up looking like a clown
  • didn’t give that part of my forearm (that part where you test for allergies) give me any itch sting or pain
  • looks good on any skin tone from mine to very warm or golden skin tones because of the gold flex
  • very little oxidation from what i noticed on my office mate’s cheeks
  • lasts on her all day
  • the price. for all the above pros it’s only PhP450 even from Digital Traincase
  • digital traincase has physical stores, the one in eton cyberpod and in rockwell, making it convenient for people who has yet to find out about online shopping, gcash/smart money/paypal
  • currently not available in the Philippines, can only be purchased through online stores such as  Digital Traincase
Do i recommend: i certainly do, specially if you’re looking for an inexpensive alternate to orgasm

ang aking makasaysayang feektyur.  sayang wala kaming feektyur ni bodygWard. and yes, this is clickable to reveal the awesomeness of his chest, i mean the awesomeness of my glowing cheeks.   this is the pic that made me an absolute fan and has made therefore stop looking for dupes and this will be my 2nd and last comparative review against the Nars Orgasm.
unfortunately, even if i was made in Baguio, i was not born with naturally glowing and rosy cheeks, and on this fateful day i was wearing most of my top 10 este 13 most favorite products.  my number 2 of which is my nars orgasm blush.  so nope, it wasn’t just kim hyun joong that gave me that perfect salmon-peachy pink glow, it was my supportive hubby and hyun joong’s drop dead gorgeous body guard LOL (la lang di kasi retokado ang fez yet still handsome, not cute, but handsome, like the prodigal son of John Barrowman or something) and the Nars Orgasm blush 😉
but there are brands out there that try and are good dupes such as theBalm’s Hot Mama, and there are brands out there that do try hard to dupe such as Lumiere’s Ditto O even the name ditto (same here) then O, O what? oklahoma? osaka? but here it is.

my comparative swatches

i got this sample baggie awhile back from a multiply seller when i was still all so gahgah over mineral makeup, specially cuz they don’t expire (except for the mineral veil)

and under different lighting, sorta.

on my right cheek is the Nars Orgasm

on the left cheek is Lumiere’s Ditto O

seriously, they’re almost eggzaklee the same.  here i am again having two different blushes on each cheek on my face.

almost the same

Aspect Nars’ Orgasm Lumiere’s Ditto O
Shade Match n/a almost exactly the same peachy pink quality both in pictures and in real life
Coverage more pigmented a little goes a long way a little less pigmented, takes 2-3 more swipes to get the glow

Finish satin finish pearl-esque less satin-y

Lasting Power lasts all day and does not oxidize on me needs a least a retouch after 4-5hours due to slight fading
Break Out none ^_^ none so far
Price PhP1350 locally available at Rustans 4gram jar is US$7.2 (wow hindi na masama – not bad) but currently still not locally available though their site itself ships internationally (no need to find a reseller)

so whatchatink? tipid mode (recession-frugal time but gotta have that O) or the real deal since it’s hassle to go online have your cc/paypal ready WAIT at least 2 wks for your package only to be hassled by customs/phil post if you order a lot? hahaha bitter?
a little disclaimer: as you know i blog about less expensive makeup brands, the underdog like say stila and less noticed ones like theBalm.  but mostly i blog about Korean cosmetics because not only are they less expensive than your average makeup brand and even less expensive than your imported ‘drugstore brand’. however there are times when… tadaaaah i pass by the counters of the higher end stuff and that day, it was Nars.  on my cheeks, in the pic below, at the Rustan’s Makati Nars branch, is the legendary Orgasm.
but LO!  i already haz something like that?  presenting theBalm’s Hot Mama.
a gift from my hubby last Valentine’s Day.  hehehe we both liked it for the packaging.
notice the pinky coralley sheen?
and recently i finally saved up to be able to purchase and pay for the ever popular Nars Orgasm, yes friends, ako na ang di maka get over sa….hahaha you decide.



depending on the light, they are almost, but not quite the same.
yep, one day, like a crazy person i had one kinda blush on cheek and another on the other cheek.
can you tell which side is which?
on the pic above, my right cheek, that’s theBalm’s Hot Mama
on the pic above, on my left cheek is Nars’ Orgasm.  the pics below will now show you my office mates with skin shades warmer and deeper than my own.
on the pic above, Farah’s left cheek has theBalm’s Hot Mama while on the pic below she’s wearing, on her right cheek, is Nars’ Orgasm.
on the left is Ria and on the right is Farah.  Ria is wearing the orgasm on both cheeks.
this sucker’s high end, for half the content it has over theBalm’s shadow blush BUT twice the price of theBalm’s Hot Mama.  i’m not sorry i purchased the nars orgasm.  i like discovering for myself how wonderful orgasm really is and why it’s so celebrated.  it truly is pretty on both me and my girls here.  it’s very subtle and has just add a little more you get more of the sheen, the fine golden glimmer it has depending on how the light hits it.  the shade stays the same on all three of use throughout the day.
as you know i’m always for the underdog.  ergo my love for tony moly and hehehe ss501.  i’ve always been for the alternate or the dupe.  and in this brand, theBalm, i’ve found another underdog.  i love their baby kabuki brush and their single shadows.  they have such quality that it rivals even the quality of stila.  so when i purchased Hot Mama, it almost hasn’t left my kit, hahaha that’s why the frame surrounding the pan looks that way.  i’ve been using it since Feb, but it’s so pigmented that i’ve hardly made a dent!  it takes just a little to apply across my cheeks and in some instances my eyes.  yep i use it for eye shadow.  depending on the humidity it can oxidize on me  and change the shade on my cheeks a darker bronze shade.  the shimmer can expose my obvious pores a great deal more but that only happens on occasion when it gets really humid.
in my eye, it’s a preeeetteee good dupe.  theBalm’s mama is more on the warm coral side.  it is a tad more shimmery.  it’s also way more opaque than nar’s orgasm.  but then it is a shadow-blush.   i even used it as a shadow on my pics above 😉 and it shows up very well on me.
my verdict, the winner:  
for the price at PhP750 at the beauty bar, the pigmentation, the dual purpose, and the knock out packaging of the 40’s-50’s pin up model?  you got it folks, it’s theBalm’s hot mama for me. LMAO.  yep in spite of the few negative points i pointed out.

hmmmm what you think?