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Just a quick post.  aaaaand who couldn’t resist taking pitures! it’s such a lovely sunny day! and seeeee i live in a high rise condo! hehehe joke

I actually got this at half off at PhP350something at the Missha store at that pine tree cutting mall. I was looking for something not lemon-y.  something not too fruity, i kinda not remember why i didn’t get an apple scent.  before even smelling soon as i saw the word mango, i knew i wanted it.

weeee, Missha’s against animal testing.

 and the ingredients.

 and the atomizer.

at first i found the scent too sweet then it started to dissipate. and then it was just right.  

a few thoughts:


  • it’s not alcholy, like that tingy feeling that it’s kinda drying on the skin? it’s not that
  • scent doesn’t last too long, but it leaves behind something really mild and doesn’t smell like old tresor or anais anais (oh ha hindi na jovan or charlie :p)
  • the scent is not overbearing 
  • since i don’t go to the provinces, i don’t get to smell fruits for real, the supermarket is the closest thing hahaha i iz a looser?  so i got this, i’m glad i did.
  • oh the atomizer works just right, too.  doesn’t do the glob of spritz and it’s easy to control.  i can do just a small squirt to a full on spritz the type you walk into while it’s in the air LMAO 😛
I’m pretty pleased with this purchase.  and it’s different.  it’s not a lemony, not apple-y it’s something else.  though actually i’ve never really tried those red mangoes.  i just know the typical pinoy mango.
that’s it for now




as per Missha Phils this snail cream set with the sleeping mask is available at their Missha store for Php2500

As requested, here now is my review on the missha cell renew snail cream.  Below is my vlog.

here is the product description and in english.  yeah, i laugh at free gift.  gift nga eh, eh di free talaga (so why say it pa)

and what it looks like.  a glorious white sorta translucent cream.  very pleasant smelling.

so layered it looks white but a thin coat reveals that it’s quite translucent.

the gift that came along with the cream

a sampler size but in a tube

and it looks creamier but also applies clear

as a review, my blog post on the The Skin Shop’s Snail cream is posted here.

Aspect Missha The Skin Shop
Packaging tub no pump more hygienic and convenient with pump
Texture creamy only a little runny (slimy) a little more runny and slimy feel
Absorption Absorbed a tad slower than TSS’ Absorbed faster than Missha
Mucin Percentage 70% 90%
Pimple Control 3 stars out of 5 4 out of 5 stars in preventing breakouts
Skin Reactions no harsh skin reaction no harsh skin reaction
Local Availability none in Landmark Trinoma (possible availability at Missha SM Annex) haven’t seen TSS at Watson’s Mega yet
Price HKD525 (well it was the currency i carried that they accepted) haven’t checked the prices yet at SM MallsSKW35000 on the TSS website

Both brands i recommend depending on the brand that is more readily available to where you are.

However, If the TSS one is available in Manila then i would purchase that again.  I am though willing to try the snail cream mask of this missha brand.  i hear they aer glorious and pleasantly scented as the cream.

Some of you who liked my facebook page may have seen my HK travels album here and saw that HK is indeed a shopping city LOL.  the hubby and i were there for three days and half.  we did the nathan road shopping thing.

and naturally, since my current addiction is Laneige, i came home with a few goodies from that brand.  full sized items are cheaper in Manila.  but the sample sizes are found in HK and are for sale O_o.  the water sleeping pack was about 800+ on the street, i just didn’t get it since at the time i haven’t really tried it, and i already have several sample size of the water sleeping pack for me to try.  oh yeah, next to bonjour and the body shop, laneige stores were abound.

apart from sasa, that sold samples from guerlain to estee lauder to elizabeth arden, colour mix was a store i visited in two locations.  they carried lioele, skin79, the face shop and this taiwanese brand called shills.

i got these at sasa.  ah the famous dollywink.  kala ko naman kung ano, maganda pa packaging ng ever b at careline or halos pareho lang.

In Macau though, at the Venetian, i found this boutique, phew! one boutique to conquer all!  It’s a Korean cosmetics shop!  oo may Laneige din dyan, samwerz.  spotted, etude house and tony moly!

 and a section dedicated to that slave management label called sment, phfft.  yep, the sales girl said that they were commissioned by sment to sell their original and official SMEnt merch.  (sment is the label that manages super kpop groups like super junior, tvxq, shinee, and girls generation, not to mention kpop mainstay BoA). so here below are the uber expensive mugs, clear file folders, and other office supplies with our favorite kpop idols.

From that store i came away with my missha snail cream set and a holika holika tinted lip balm/gloss.  from that purchase they gave me their sweetmay makeup case and a face cream/essence in a sachet. 

so yeah, sa Macau yung may libre.  so it really is a Korean thing to give away freebies with purchase.  the Laneige store in Harbour city mall didn’t give didleee squat, hay, it was about 500 bucks cheaper at Laneige harbour city mall branch but well, from the point of view of a pinoy, pupunta  ka pa ng hk para makatipid ng 500, eh di well, sa shangri la na lang or trinoma (moa or robinson’s place) for your laneige fix may libre ka pang kung ano anong anik anik, sa hk wala!

back in Hong Kong.  theBenj found Sino center for me, this hole in the wall vira mall type of mall (circa 1980’s as in before the fire vira mall).  this is the place to buy kpop official and unofficial merch.  the big bang stuff is official while the leader stuff well, fanmade.  

From Page One i got a catalogue mag.  these asian magazines often include goodies with the mag.  the tweens often by the mag for the goodies.  this was the last copy of this Arashi mag.  and this mag made miss my sister in Asian-pop madness, Dek.  ayan nakunan ko na ng picture.  the bag stays but once i’ve taken photo’s of jun, i’ll ship the mag off to you na.  i used that bag at the office xmas party lmao!

Along Nathan road, there are side streets, one of them is Shun Yee street and on one corner there is camille road.  at that area i found this st francis/vira mall type of boutique (so no fitting allowed) where the prices of the clothes are half the price compared to most of the clothes i’ve seen so far through the many malls along nathan road.  the name of the store is in fashion.

for the office i got a few blouses.

a dress for date night ^_^

ahhh well y’all know i can’t keep away for the corally-peachy blouses.

and a pair of hose(s)

a nice blouse for the Christmas party.

which i wore at the Christmas party.

below is the black vest thing.

all the blouses didn’t go over 450 O_o where as compared to the malls, both in HK and in Manila, blouses of such designs would go for double those prices. hahaha i am proud to say, including the boots from naf naf, my entire outfit for the Christmas party was roughly about PhP1200 O_0 oo, HKD50 (around 300peTot) lang yung leggings with felt type of fabric the blouse was only HKD49 (around 280petoTs) so around PhP500 blouse and pants na.  then the naf naf boots were on half off sale last oct ba yun, so asa 700 or less. hahaha.  sorry peeps, i’d rather spend on skin care than on clothes.  though that may change as well. but i’m far from posting outfits of the day, but who knows, there’s a korean owned store in greenhills with roughly the same prices as this in fashion shop in HK 


except for the holiday edition lip duo and blush from laneige, the items above are Christmas + 8th year anniv gifts to me from the hubby.  so to the judgmental people out there, eh well, grind your teeth for all i care. 

hahahaha may ganon? la lang each time i post a haul vid on my youtube channel, as in each time, i have a thumbs down. like i said grind your teeth hahaha


are we traveling again soon? maybe, i’m hoping to catch leader in Sg, or once big bang releases their new album in 2012, and when they tour, i’m hoping to catch them in BKK or Sg (historically, they have not visited HK, but who knows..)

i kinda liked the weather in HK it was winter but the temps were only around 16 degrees.  it was Macau that was bitingly cold at 11 degrees with WIND.  i loved the fact that my makeup didn’t melt of regardless of the long walks hahaha.  i hardly blotted the oils off my nose!

ahhhh til we meet again.  nga pala HINDI KO NAHANAP ANG REVLON LIP BUTTER anywhere.  and halos ka presyo lang ng pinas ang revlon photoready O_o at mas ok ang duty free ng changi airport compared sa hk hayz hehehe marami na daw ako nabili sabi ni Lord hahaha.

til next time folks 😉

thank the gods of mount olympus i only have this as a sample.  i got this at the Missha store at SM North-Annex.
so since i don’t read, i didn’t read what this was actually for until after i tore it open.  it’s merely a primer to a bb cream, so to me it’s a primer to a primer LMAO.
after it’s blended on the back of my hand and on my face.
so yes, ladies, i popped my zits and black heads and i have OILY to combination skin thus my pores are well shall we say HUGE.  i don’t have the full size product, so i can’t say anything about its packaging.  i only used this twice, why? read on:

  • moisturizing
  • the scent – omg, i’m sorry to be an ageist [well actually i’m not sorry LOL long story especially in the last year] but this thing smells like my lola’s perfume, the type that hurts your nostril and sticks in there until way after 
  • no pearlescent effect 
  • with or withOUT it my bb creams last or not last on my face so no effect in short it didn’t work at least on my oily to combination skin.
Can’t say if it would’ve broken me out since i only used it twice.

Do i recommend this? – neither for dry skinned [whose makeup generally last longer since they don’t produce much oil to break down their make up] nor for oily skinned people like myself, no i do not recommend this.

One of the things i purchased the local Missha store at the SM North Edsa was this tea tree mask.  i bought 3  masks that day and got my fourth one for free.
they’re supposed to be chock-full of moisturizers and whatever the label says it contains.  the other night was tea tree.
OMG, the instructions are in ENGLISH!!  of course, i took it for granted that the directions would be in Hangul so i just did my normal obagi gel facial wash, pat my face down dry and put this on my face without the toner directions #1 stated i should do.
so i wait, and i was reading and delighted that the instructions and ingredients are in english.  wow 30 minutes on my face [grumble grumble]
it’s soaked sopping wet with the ingredients.
hay, i waited the full 30minutes instead of the minimum 20 as the back label suggested.  it kinda felt sticky and tingly on my face at the same time.  it was cooling and soothing on my face after a long day.  the mask is tad big on my face, but i suppose that’s so it would fit most faces.  the nose flap didn’t fit my entire nose 0_o and since it was soaking soppy wet i was kinda leaking which made me wrap my hair.  the smell was very faint.  it smelled like a mint leaf, kinda herbal-ly.

the effect.  nope no pic of me after, hehehe.  i was a shining shimmering splendor, hahaha must be all that glycerin and castor oil.  the tea tree in this is like the 12th ingredient on here.  usually the ingredients is listed from the ingredient with the most amount in the product down to the ingredient with the smallest amount.  so it’s a fair assumption for me to see that there is quite a small amount of tea tree on here.  the rest of the ingredients are the skin softeners, the alcohol etc.

my skin felt soft and supple the next day when i had to wash off what was left behind by the mask.  the supple feeling lasted well into the day.  i usually use tea tree for blemishes and the night i used this, i was hoping that the healing quality of what little tea tree there is in the mask would help me keep from getting a zit.  but about 36-48 hours later i got a little zit on the bridge of my nose.  must be all that glycerin, LMAO.

it’s a skin care routine that i maybe too lazy to do compared to applying a wash off mask or a sleeping pack.  so i’m kinda iffy on the whole facial mask routine.  but i did like the effect of the product the next day.  so i’ll prolly get to the next mask by next weekend.

DISCLAIMER:  i did read the part where it says it is adv to do the routine 2-3 times a week so i may have gotten better results if had tried this a few more times.

  • the packaging, it’s simple and easy to tear off the top to get the product out
  • the instructions – the fact that they are in english
  • the fact that the mask is big that way, it makes room for a women of the non-petite type or MEN
  • the supple and soft feeling i immediately had after just one use of the product
  • the price, it’s something from the local Missha store i can afford hehehe
  • the fact that the tea tree ingredient is way down the list.
  • castor oil, may have given me my little zit
Would i recommend this:  sure if you have the time and have the time and don’t get fidgety while you wait for something to go through it’s time.
Would i buy this again: i hardly ever buy anything twice, except maybe my two blushes, the stila lip and cheek stain and the lioele blooming pop pinky tint and my peach sake stuff.
thanks to fuzkittie the youtube make up guru i was influenced to look for and purchase the most expensive bb cream among my collection. and i’m not sorry for buying this.
L’egere White Multi BB
White Multi Blemish Balm Cream
sun protect + make up base + skin cover + foundationS for 24 hours, skin white, transparent, Moisture, and elastic

that’s what’s written on the bottle. ano daw? [say what naooo?]
finally, i get to this bb cream. this seemingly magical product to see if the women on the internet are right about this product.
let’s break it down, shall we?

it’s an updside down squeeze tube. after all of the bb creams i’ve tried, i think, for now, i prefer this type of squirt tube. somehow i have better control squeezing out the right amount of product that i need to spread over my entire face or specific areas.

The BB cream itself:
it’s a not too thick a cream. i can only describe the consistency as something between a hair conditioner and philadelphia cream cheese spread. it’s very easy to spread and blend over my moisturized oily to combination skin.
This smells really nice. a very faint baby powder scent, LOL, sadly, at least i think so, sadly, the scent dissipates right away.

The Shade:
it initially starts out a tad dark on my skin but then blends right in to what my skin shade really is.
it matches my skin. but, since the skin on my face IS slightly darker than the skin on my neck and chest, then it will still not match the skin on my neck even if i apply the bb cream on my neck. the solution a setting powder whose shade matches the skin on my neck.

Oil Control:
though it doesn’t really say that this formula is for oily to combination skin, it does slightly better in controlling my oily t-zone compared to my Etude House total age repair wrinkle repair royal bb cream or even compared to my missha perfect cover bb cream. the oil control of this L’egere Multi white BB cream is sorta like the face shop’s skin extra bb cream, at least on my face.

Lasting power:
it says 24 hours! Maybelline 24 hour and revlon colorstay this thing is sooo NOT. never the less it lasts a full day’s shift give or take a couples of hours. so about 8 to 10 hours with at least one blotting of some shine from my nose and surrounding area and one retouch with whatever compact i have in my purse.

Skincare/Blemish Balm:
it has not compounded the 2 zits i had while using this. in fact, i leaning towards the belief that it helped dried up the 2 huge a$$ zits i had during my monthly womanly thing, which is around the time i have those anyway.
Whitening effect. that’s kinda hard to gauge, considering i’ve only been using this a week. the only time i will admit that i’ve gone fairer is when the skin on my face finally matches my neck and chest.

dude, unless the bottle / label shows me a number and at least one + sign, then i will consider thing to only the bare minimum of SPF and no PA protection, which is about SPF6 similar to what the revlon colorstay for oily to combination skin has.

Coverage: ‘transparent’ nga daw eh LMAO [it did say transparent on the bottle doesn’t it?.  doesn’t cover up my pores too well but hides the redness around my nose.
Makeup Base:  i’ve only tried this as a makeup base under my the face shop phytogenic powder foundation [meaning not with any other kind of foundation yet] and so far it made the foundation last and i only touch up once and only blot the oil once or twice throughout the entire time i have the makeup on (usually about 8-10hurs)

i had used the l’egere multi white bb cream for the first time when i took this pic.  so with the right shade of setting powder this not only lasts it will match the skin on my neck and chest.Will I purchase this again?: at US$29.99 at [or a price starting at US$23 onwards] wow that’s a tough question. but then i have a lot of bb creams to go thru before i can justify another bb cream purchase. but I DO HIGHLY RECOMMEND this bb cream as a fantabulous makeup base or light coverage foundation for occassions you just super as in just can’t get out of the house without something on your face. 

This weekend i had a very very very long saturday, that i nearly slept through the whole sunday, yesterday.  Last saturday started out normal, i went to class, but then i received a call requesting i go down to paranaque after class.  i wanted to go there with my husband so i waited in makati and walked around.


my normal stops at malls are the record bars and the makeup stores.  how glad i was to see that the astro at sm makati had almost all the albums of my one of my two most favorite korean male groups, SS501. the only thing missing since they started to bring these albums here is ST 01, their very first album.  so as of yet, ss501’s latest and last album (for now), Destination, is still not distributed in Manila.

Though i have both normal and special edition versions of Destination, i make it a point to purchase the TW version either from odyssey, astro or fully booked to drive home the point that the demand for kpop is here and is likely to stay for a long time.  yeah, i mean you, warner phils.


And while walking around the SM’s dept store, i saw a little kiosk for Doctor Jart, LOL, i keep meaning to do a review on the silver label bb cream i have since i really like that.


the sales lady was hesitant to let me take a pic of her little kiosk at san ka pa baliktad ang letter T. LOL, i said ok na yan, there are people like me that know the brand anyway, and there are people like me that know about bb creams already.  there are at least 3 variants of the doctor jart bb cream out now.  the rest of their stuff is still being passed thru our BFAD.  the SA said that their bb cream for men is already on the way and being passed thru BFAD already along with their other cosmetics.

I must warn though, that the 50ml bb cream is tagged at PhP1900++ while the 30ml is about PhP800++ so er, ang mahal compared to buying the stuff from your suki multiply seller.  but like i keep saying, if you’re not willing to wait for a pre-order, and if you’re willing to fork out that much for something worth between US$17 to US$25 (around PhP750-1000) then pay the extra for the cost of tax and shipping of buying this at the mall.

All the same, i’m pretty pleased that this brand made its way to manila.  now that we have the face shop, laneige, skin food, missha, etude house, vov, and now doctor jart.  let’s keep the competition coming.


and finally, what’s a trip to the mall without checking out the face shop.  i had seen one of my facebook friends have their photo taken at this very branch at the glorieta (next to mcdonald’s ground floor) and said to myself, woah, this pic is different from all the other branches.


i got to speak to the store manager of the glorieta branch and she said that they’re expecting items to come in from Korea.  items like calendars, posters, and tumblers with the picture of kim hyun joong like these:


she mentioned tumblers and possibly calendars and most of all paper bags with leader’s face on them.  so very similar to what tony moly had done while leader was with tony moly. and yes, for now, the price range of worth items purchased from the face shop is around PhP800 to get a poster or some item.  for now don’t quote me on this.  this can still change.


some of the items that i mention while leader was with tony moly are shown here on my vid:



i spoke to one of the head admins of TSPH, the fan club of kim hyun joong’s male singing group, ss501.  i met up with the senior members of tsph as one of my last stops last saturday.  (so yeah from UPDiliman to Paranaque, to megamall, back to QC musta naman samin ng mister ko) LOL.  i’m afraid that the posters and other items from the face shop with leader’s face on it will not make it in time for this year’s KPOP convention at the picc.

so it is likely that the items mentioned will be ready by the turn of the year.  unfortunately, as well, the possibility of kim hyun joong coming back to the philippines before the year ends has become less and less.  the signing events will be at Singapore and to two other countries before the year ends. but the Philippines is not one of them.


I’ve been meaning to do another BB cream review especially since I’m on a Etude House, Tony Moly and soon The Face Shop addiction lately. and for brief back ground:

BB creams have exploded onto the Asian market so much so that even a western brand, Maybelline has finally made its own version of the sought after product, albeit currently only available in Asia.

a BB cream in its most basic form is at least a heavily tinted moisturizer and a blemish balm (so something that helps with zits or scars). Most have SPF with PA + for UV protection. while additional features include anti wrinkle ingredients. Some variants contain whitening or brightening ingredients. some are used as makeup base while some use just the bb cream as their foundation (like i do).

Today, this review will be on one of the Etude House’s top of the line bb creams. their Total Age Repair Wrinkle Reduce Royal BB Cream. As the name suggests, it boasts of anti aging ingredients with either wrinkle repairing or at the very least the prevention of wrinkles.

The Etude House Total Age Repair Wrinkle Reduce Royal BB cream boasts of an SPF 45 and a PA of +++ which is more than even the Missha perfect cover bb cream that only has an spf of 42. It has whitening properties as well.


This much about one pump is more than enough for my whole face and blended a little below my jaw line and chin.


It has a thick consistency upon first application and it’s sticky to blend out, which for me is quite useful if i’ll use this bb cream as a makeup base (meaning i can put either mineral foundation or liquid foundation on top without fear that the foundation will fade quickly throughout the day).
after a little more blending it no longer seems obvious at least on the back of my hand even with flash.


  • sticky consistency but a tad watery compared to the missha perfect cover bb cream and the face shop the skin extra bb cream so i can use it as a makeup base but not too sticky that it would make it hard for me to blend
  • SPF 45 PA+++, i don’t have to apply my neutrogena sunblock under my make up, less application and less steps
  • has not broken me out since i started using this (almost 2wks now), no millia, no black or white heads
  • very good pore coverage and it covers my broken capillaries and redness around my nose pretty well

  • photographs pretty ok even with flash, but i have to put on the etude house precious mineral bb compact in #2 DISLIKES:
  • omg, this thing smells like rubber medicine. FORTUNATELY, the ‘scent’ disappears after about 30s to 1min.
  • too much dew~yeah i mean it has a dewy finish (yung parang bagong hilamos na fresh looking) ~ my issue, i have oily skin, and too much dew will make me look oily. so i have to blot even after only a couple of hours upon wearing this. Disclaimer: in fairness, the thing is for normal to dry skin since its target market is for the starting to age skin types. so what i do is just blot and dab finishing powder to matte out my face.
  • lasting power: it only lasts about 4-6hours at most on my face. retouching with their precious mineral bb compact makes my face last longer.
  • gray cast -most bb creams have a gray cast upon initial application which for most disappear after about 10mins. this one takes longer than that. and as shown in my vid i still have a gray cast compared to my already really fair neck (pix shown on the last part of my vid)
  • the price, well in fairness i can’t complain much considering it’s one of their top of the line and it has such a high spf/pa. so it’s about US$20 Neutral:
  • anti wrinkle – can’t say much since i’ve only been using it for 2wks and i’ve not much wrinkles yet
  • whitening – haven’t noticed if my skin became whiter, medyo mahirap na yun in my case.
    how i use this bb or any other bb for that matter:


    Will I repurchase:
    No. too much dew even for our drier months now. even when used in aircondition-ed rooms. have no fear there is an Etude House bb cream for me that’s suited for normal to oily combination skin…review on that soon ♥

  • Hello peeps:

    I just wanted to make this video about the freebies that at least two Korean cosmetics companies do both here and abroad.


    it’s also a kind of wish, hint, and request for other Korean cosmetics stores that has a hallyu or korean wave or kpop artist as their endorser to request their head office in Korea to be allowed to do the same here in Manila.

    Feel free to comment on the video, here, or message me, so that they will see that there is a market for fan girls and that the competition is already doing this.

    Recently, i’ve been getting questions on where i buy my korean cosmetics and skin care, especially the brands that are not available in the west and more to the point, the Philippines.i’ve edited and re-uploaded one of my recent videos to contain only stuff i’ve gotten from my suki kkchopida~Charmaineone of my trusted and reliable sellers from you know, nothing in this world perfect, that includes even my friendliest suki, Charmaine.  but guess what, she makes up for it and she takes care of her long time buyers.i’d would just like to add that she didn’t ask me to make this entry, she didn’t ask me to endorse or advertise her site.  this is simply my way of saying thank you and for making me feel special.  that’s how Charmaine takes care of her customers, just check out her feedback page and you’ll see.