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Category Archives: Lumiere Ditto “O” Blush

ang aking makasaysayang feektyur.  sayang wala kaming feektyur ni bodygWard. and yes, this is clickable to reveal the awesomeness of his chest, i mean the awesomeness of my glowing cheeks.   this is the pic that made me an absolute fan and has made therefore stop looking for dupes and this will be my 2nd and last comparative review against the Nars Orgasm.
unfortunately, even if i was made in Baguio, i was not born with naturally glowing and rosy cheeks, and on this fateful day i was wearing most of my top 10 este 13 most favorite products.  my number 2 of which is my nars orgasm blush.  so nope, it wasn’t just kim hyun joong that gave me that perfect salmon-peachy pink glow, it was my supportive hubby and hyun joong’s drop dead gorgeous body guard LOL (la lang di kasi retokado ang fez yet still handsome, not cute, but handsome, like the prodigal son of John Barrowman or something) and the Nars Orgasm blush 😉
but there are brands out there that try and are good dupes such as theBalm’s Hot Mama, and there are brands out there that do try hard to dupe such as Lumiere’s Ditto O even the name ditto (same here) then O, O what? oklahoma? osaka? but here it is.

my comparative swatches

i got this sample baggie awhile back from a multiply seller when i was still all so gahgah over mineral makeup, specially cuz they don’t expire (except for the mineral veil)

and under different lighting, sorta.

on my right cheek is the Nars Orgasm

on the left cheek is Lumiere’s Ditto O

seriously, they’re almost eggzaklee the same.  here i am again having two different blushes on each cheek on my face.

almost the same

Aspect Nars’ Orgasm Lumiere’s Ditto O
Shade Match n/a almost exactly the same peachy pink quality both in pictures and in real life
Coverage more pigmented a little goes a long way a little less pigmented, takes 2-3 more swipes to get the glow

Finish satin finish pearl-esque less satin-y

Lasting Power lasts all day and does not oxidize on me needs a least a retouch after 4-5hours due to slight fading
Break Out none ^_^ none so far
Price PhP1350 locally available at Rustans 4gram jar is US$7.2 (wow hindi na masama – not bad) but currently still not locally available though their site itself ships internationally (no need to find a reseller)

so whatchatink? tipid mode (recession-frugal time but gotta have that O) or the real deal since it’s hassle to go online have your cc/paypal ready WAIT at least 2 wks for your package only to be hassled by customs/phil post if you order a lot? hahaha bitter?

woot, according to contest rules, i can enter twice, once on fuz’ channel
then a second time on her cohost and very good friend, mel’s channel.

finally, i got this video recording and editing to how long i want my vids to be. and i’ve found out how to make my windows movie maker to behave the way it should. there’s now less stress in editing and uploading vids from now on.

today for my timeless beauty, i decided to be inspired by the 60’s eyeliner but modified and wearable and yes, trek inspired. products i used today are 0906 entry i forgot to include this Photobucket in the pic, from everyday minerals, hehehe, not used to using more than two eye shadows. i used only 3 brushes on my face, my elf ( studio eyeshadow, c brush, i think it’s just perfect! my coastal scents bent liner brush, that i love for lining my eyes. and my lumiere stippling brush Photobucket

  • Products used:
  • Face:
  • Laneige Foundation Base in Natural
  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation with softplex and SPF 6 for oily combination in Buff
  • Setting Finishing Powder: Ellana Minerals – Espresso Con Panna
  • Blush: Lumiere Ditto “O” Blush
  • Eyes:
  • Concealer: Ellana Minerals in Revive
  • Shadows:
  • Everyday Minerals Bundled Up
  • Ellana Minerals in Delicate
  • Bare Escentuals eye shadow in Pebble
  • The Body Shop Roseflower Eyes in Sunshine Gold
  • The Face Shop Color Nuance BR801
  • Maybelline waterproof Gel liner
  • Model Co. Lash wand
  • False Eyelashes from Japan
  • Geo Lenses: Angel Brown
  • Lips: Makeup Forever Liquid Lip color in #14
  • Music: Full Metal Panic
  • Last Picture by: DensModesto (you’ll see this on my vid)

am actually pretty pleased, for once, on how my face turned out today. so far of the face primers that have super wowed me has been my current fave laneige foundation base and doctor jart’s silver label bb cream. they make my revlon color stay stay on my face even longer, and keeps my face matte longer, too.

and here’s the finished look: Photobucket front side