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Some of you who liked my facebook page may have seen my HK travels album here and saw that HK is indeed a shopping city LOL.  the hubby and i were there for three days and half.  we did the nathan road shopping thing.

and naturally, since my current addiction is Laneige, i came home with a few goodies from that brand.  full sized items are cheaper in Manila.  but the sample sizes are found in HK and are for sale O_o.  the water sleeping pack was about 800+ on the street, i just didn’t get it since at the time i haven’t really tried it, and i already have several sample size of the water sleeping pack for me to try.  oh yeah, next to bonjour and the body shop, laneige stores were abound.

apart from sasa, that sold samples from guerlain to estee lauder to elizabeth arden, colour mix was a store i visited in two locations.  they carried lioele, skin79, the face shop and this taiwanese brand called shills.

i got these at sasa.  ah the famous dollywink.  kala ko naman kung ano, maganda pa packaging ng ever b at careline or halos pareho lang.

In Macau though, at the Venetian, i found this boutique, phew! one boutique to conquer all!  It’s a Korean cosmetics shop!  oo may Laneige din dyan, samwerz.  spotted, etude house and tony moly!

 and a section dedicated to that slave management label called sment, phfft.  yep, the sales girl said that they were commissioned by sment to sell their original and official SMEnt merch.  (sment is the label that manages super kpop groups like super junior, tvxq, shinee, and girls generation, not to mention kpop mainstay BoA). so here below are the uber expensive mugs, clear file folders, and other office supplies with our favorite kpop idols.

From that store i came away with my missha snail cream set and a holika holika tinted lip balm/gloss.  from that purchase they gave me their sweetmay makeup case and a face cream/essence in a sachet. 

so yeah, sa Macau yung may libre.  so it really is a Korean thing to give away freebies with purchase.  the Laneige store in Harbour city mall didn’t give didleee squat, hay, it was about 500 bucks cheaper at Laneige harbour city mall branch but well, from the point of view of a pinoy, pupunta  ka pa ng hk para makatipid ng 500, eh di well, sa shangri la na lang or trinoma (moa or robinson’s place) for your laneige fix may libre ka pang kung ano anong anik anik, sa hk wala!

back in Hong Kong.  theBenj found Sino center for me, this hole in the wall vira mall type of mall (circa 1980’s as in before the fire vira mall).  this is the place to buy kpop official and unofficial merch.  the big bang stuff is official while the leader stuff well, fanmade.  

From Page One i got a catalogue mag.  these asian magazines often include goodies with the mag.  the tweens often by the mag for the goodies.  this was the last copy of this Arashi mag.  and this mag made miss my sister in Asian-pop madness, Dek.  ayan nakunan ko na ng picture.  the bag stays but once i’ve taken photo’s of jun, i’ll ship the mag off to you na.  i used that bag at the office xmas party lmao!

Along Nathan road, there are side streets, one of them is Shun Yee street and on one corner there is camille road.  at that area i found this st francis/vira mall type of boutique (so no fitting allowed) where the prices of the clothes are half the price compared to most of the clothes i’ve seen so far through the many malls along nathan road.  the name of the store is in fashion.

for the office i got a few blouses.

a dress for date night ^_^

ahhh well y’all know i can’t keep away for the corally-peachy blouses.

and a pair of hose(s)

a nice blouse for the Christmas party.

which i wore at the Christmas party.

below is the black vest thing.

all the blouses didn’t go over 450 O_o where as compared to the malls, both in HK and in Manila, blouses of such designs would go for double those prices. hahaha i am proud to say, including the boots from naf naf, my entire outfit for the Christmas party was roughly about PhP1200 O_0 oo, HKD50 (around 300peTot) lang yung leggings with felt type of fabric the blouse was only HKD49 (around 280petoTs) so around PhP500 blouse and pants na.  then the naf naf boots were on half off sale last oct ba yun, so asa 700 or less. hahaha.  sorry peeps, i’d rather spend on skin care than on clothes.  though that may change as well. but i’m far from posting outfits of the day, but who knows, there’s a korean owned store in greenhills with roughly the same prices as this in fashion shop in HK 


except for the holiday edition lip duo and blush from laneige, the items above are Christmas + 8th year anniv gifts to me from the hubby.  so to the judgmental people out there, eh well, grind your teeth for all i care. 

hahahaha may ganon? la lang each time i post a haul vid on my youtube channel, as in each time, i have a thumbs down. like i said grind your teeth hahaha


are we traveling again soon? maybe, i’m hoping to catch leader in Sg, or once big bang releases their new album in 2012, and when they tour, i’m hoping to catch them in BKK or Sg (historically, they have not visited HK, but who knows..)

i kinda liked the weather in HK it was winter but the temps were only around 16 degrees.  it was Macau that was bitingly cold at 11 degrees with WIND.  i loved the fact that my makeup didn’t melt of regardless of the long walks hahaha.  i hardly blotted the oils off my nose!

ahhhh til we meet again.  nga pala HINDI KO NAHANAP ANG REVLON LIP BUTTER anywhere.  and halos ka presyo lang ng pinas ang revlon photoready O_o at mas ok ang duty free ng changi airport compared sa hk hayz hehehe marami na daw ako nabili sabi ni Lord hahaha.

til next time folks 😉

back when i started my Korean addiction, Laneige had just arrived in the Philippines.  their flagship store is in Trinoma.  now they have three shops that i know of, Trinoma, the first one, SM Moa, and most recently, Edsa Shangrila Mall (Crossings)-kaching!  just walking distance from where the fx drops me off when i go to megamall, LMAO.

So how i do i get these samples? eeeeezeee, buy stuff from them.  laneige lippie post within the week, y’all.

I was quite hesitant to buy this bb cream as it didn’t really work out for my sister in law, so much so she gave it to the young lady that takes care of her kid, aka yaya/nanny.  

so fine, i gave it a go, it’s just a sample anyhow if it didn’t work out at least i didn’t invest in it.  the sa said they only give out the natural beige [2nd] shade.  so ok, just like other korean shop, their samples are of the ‘darker’ shade.  i use that loosely cuz look at this! 

it is with a heavy heart that i announce that my wonderful Laneige UV SPF40 PA++ reviewed here has been discontinued.  and well, why wouldn’t they now that they have a bb cream.

ingredient list:

on my face, ey, awesome coverage, i actually forgot to apply concealer under my eyes. not bad.  pic below taken without flash.

and below with flash.  not too reflective and the shade matches my skin, kinda.  the finish sorta matte.  it smells great, too.

but once upon a time, i got a sample of their snow crystal dual foundation spf 22 PA+ which i reviewed here.  

finally i get to use it, and it still works! this of course is the ‘darker’ shade.

hoWleefrak, i love the combination.  i forgot how i love love this foundation.  forgive me laneige for getting sidetracked. imma gonna buy you this december, i promise! i just don’t know what i’ll do with the concealer on top LOL, still!  pic below is taken without flash and the foundation is on top of the bb cream  

and below with flash.  the finish is luminous without being too bright and shimmery, really really natural looking brightening or luminous effect.  no sparkles.

my setting powder is the revlon colorstay mineral aqua (you guys know how i love that) and here’s what came out.  slightly ‘darker’ or natural looking than my usual.  do you see the slight difference of fairness from my face to my neck and chest? pic below is taken without flash.

below with flash.

and you betcha i’ll get the foundation either in HK or next pay day.  this foundation at the Changi Airport Duty free is SG$47.5 around PhP1700++ converted.  at Laneige Philippines, this is sold for PhP1650, then naturall i’d say it’s a done deal.  

but things are generally cheaper in HK compared to SG so i’ll see my luck there for the foundation.

the likes and dislikes below will be about the bb cream since i’ve already reviewed the foundation here, and guess what, i still feel the same way about it.


  • the scent, it’s so lady like, not baby powder scent for high school or elementary but very lady like yet not matronly
  • the coverage, medium to buildable full coverage!
  • spf 41 pa++ not the best but it’s way up there.
  • lasting power, lasted all day
  • didn’t cake up the foundation
  • didn’t break me out
  • didn’t oxidize thank gawd, (since i had the ‘darker’ one lol)
  • oil control, 3.5/5 [1-being the lowest 5-being the highest] i’d still have to blot the oils away at least once or 2x a day in an airconditioned office and i don’t move around a great deal.
  • moisturizing


  • whitening – i’d be afraid if i get any fairer LOL and by just using bb creams
  • anti-wrinkle – i’ve only used it for 5 days (my minimum for trying out the bb cream for something to give me a zit, which in this case didn’t)


  • i guess the price? but then it’s high end, so i can’t dictate that, but it’s actually less expensive here in Manila than at the Changi Duty free so i guess it shouldn’t be so whiny.
    This Laneige bb is cheaper than my shu uemura which is 2k when i bought it, while the clinique bb cream reviewed here (though only around 1400+ at Changi airport) is 1,850 here Manila, so Laneige’s bb is a tad cheaper than Clinique’s at least here in Manila.
  • currently only 2 shades

Do i recommend this? – definitely, specially to those who like bb creams, like high end, and are interested in Korean cosmetics

Will I purchase? – you bet- i loved it so much, that i bought the full size and this time i bought the luminous shimmer one, so not the ‘darker’ one.

oh Laneige how could i have gotten side tracked? never again

imma to just stick to what i know and what got me going on this blogging thing which are: Korean or Asian cosmetics [yez, me wants to try kevin beauty maker, esprique/kose, fascio, hera, and the rest] kpop stuff, and of course, food blogging.

my next purchases would be their holiday stuff hahaha already in the shelves.

my next laneige post would be about their awesome lippies my gawd, super non-drying/chapping!

it’s interesting that the face shop philippines has finally stepped up their game by bringing in the bb creams the face shop Korea have had for a while now and have brought in the newer bb cream releases from the face shop. recently i purchased this, because i have oily combination skin.

click on the pic below of a bigger pic of the ingredient list.

i purchased the smaller of the two sizes because as you know i’ve got loads of these bb creams piling up.  it’s in an upside down tube.  a word to the wise, if you do not want to suspect your housemates of fooling with your stuff, check the items you purchase before you leave.  ALL BB CREAMS have that aluminum sticker thingies that cover the spout as proof of no prior use.  having said that, i didn’t on my bb cream and a month or two has passed when i finally tried this and saw it no longer has the protective seal.  so no, suggesting that it’s someone from the house, is insane.  so yeah, factory defect, that i can’t return.  

ah sea water, this is as close as i can get to the sea.  i’m not a beach person.  i’d rather travel for the scenery of a new city but hardly ever for beaches, unless it’s free.

what it looks like.  more like a foundation, a watery one. but once blended it has a powdery finish, a little like the maybelline bb cream.

here’s my mug before any cosmetic.  just the snail cream.
a shot of me with just the bb cream, need a little concealer under my eye circles? yeh just a little, it’s reflective, too!  for something just spf20 pa++, phfft.

and here’s the finished office/school look.  i just topped it off with the revlon colorstay mineral aqua FINISHING powder.  my mistaken order, but it’s working out well. review to follow.


  • very smooth and creamy to apply.
  • shade match
  • does not oxidize on me
  • is not cakey and does not cake up mid day when my oils come out
  • didn’t break me out (though i’ve received one feed back already that this broke her out)
  • coverage is medium to buildable
  • lasting.  but i’m oily in a bout 3 hours and i blot about 3times a day vs just two with my luminous from the skin shop or my expert triple from tony moly where i only need to blot once or at most twice in a shift.
  • pore coverage, makes my pore look smaller
  • i like the scent, baby powder like, very light
  • just spf20 pa++ for PhP400++ for a 20ml product well i guess that’s still better than Avon’s or Maybelline’s
  • as usual, the srp here in the Philippines for the face shop products.  but i got this because there was a promo involving Kim Hyun Joong so gora lang LOL
  • no security/protective seal on mine.  but that’ my bad, i didn’t check =( nope this wasn’t a tester, those have stickers that say testers and it was in a box pa.  so ghels, always check your items for any suspicious stuff, the way the body shop insists on opening your lip stick and checking if it’s cracked or melted.
  • only one shade
  • reflective
all for now folks!  how has your weekend been so far?

Disclaimer: this product was sent to me to try out.  i am not paid for this review. i was NOT hired to do this review either. this is my honest review of this product that i’ve tried daily for at least 5days.  I will have an over all review on the skin shop’s bb creams that were sent to me by the end of the month or at least by the first week of August posted on my youtube channel.
Product Description:

Functional cosmetics (whitening+wrinkle alleviation+ultraviolet rays blocking)
– Multi functional product that offers whitening, wrinkle alleviation ultraviolet rays blocking effects
– Protects the skin against hazardous external environment, and turns the skin into clear and bright 
skin with natural covering ability. 
– Rice bran, papaya extract etc., supplies nutrition to the skin, turning the skin bright.
– Size : 40g
– Skin type : for all skin types
– Method of use: Take small amount after applying basic make-up and spread on the face and neck.
the price after conversion from the forex calculator:
24,000 South-Korean Won = 970.685 Philippine Peso
similar to the MAGIC SCIENCE BB CREAM SPF25 PA++ this magic bright bb has similar packaging to skin79.  has a stopper at the spout of the pump.  LOL sorry got lazy to clean up mine but it does work to keep from accidental pumping and spurting out of the product [dang why does that sound nasty when said in one sentence???]

the product.  it’s like a thick foundation, on the watery side

but easy to spread, it has medium to build-able coverage, it covered my green vein like a luminous veil.

it’s scary white? but i didn’t put any on my neck, so i’m kinda pleased as punch that it matches the fair skin on my neck.

but it’s reflective, well sorta, i guess i can pull it off. LOL

topped off with my favorite revlon colorstay mineral aqua (i swear that thing has not escaped my bag since i got it except for when i reviewed/photographed it LMAO) and with no flash below.

and with flash.

the finish reminds me of my lioele silky highlighter bb touch.  this and the lioele silky highlighter bb touch i would say that are for evening wear.  this has more brightening than the ‘luminous’pure bb also from the skin shop.  i definitely prefer this magic bright, the luminous pure bb [and of course the lioele] than the face shop’s hydrosplash bb, that one was just plain white on my face and do not give me a healthy glow like this magic bright bb does.

  • the packaging and the pump stopper
  • the very very as uber mild scent of baby powder, once blended out the scent dissipates so anyone opposed to scented face products may still go for this
  • didn’t break me out, no new millia, no new white of black heads
  • true to the name, it is brightening
  • spf of 30 with pa of ++ which ok for night time and indoors 
  • this one imho, lasts the longest of the 4 that was sent to me
  • oil control is best with this of the 4 sent to me
  • did not oxidize on me
  • it actually photographs well, noh? but in real life it doesn’t look ‘natural’ since i look like i’m going out on a night on the town [all i need is a smoky eye makeup and i’d be set LMAO]
  • coverage is medium to buildable, good pore coverage
  • does not cake up through out the day
  • currently not locally available
  • currently 24,000 South-Korean Won = 970.685 Philippine Peso but the 30,000 is crossed out for consumers on their site so it may or may not go back up to that price so, this bb cream is quite expensive even at the ‘reduced’ price of SKW24,000 so imagine buying that fr online seller who would mostly mark up the price even just a little bit?
  • anti wrinkle – only used for 5 days and my under eye wrinkles are from laughing or smiling too hard LMAO 
  • nutritive value – i only used it for 5 days so i hardly noticed any difference, besides i’ve been using their snail cream. huwaow, now that i love.  review on that coming up this week.
Do I recommend: if you’re an nc20 or lower for mac liquid foundation shade [translation buff or lighter for revlon colorstay liquid foundation shade, shell for photoready, sand for bobbi brown] then you can pull off wearing this bb cream, if not, then their magic science bb cream with spf 25 pa ++ would suit anyone with possible nc25 for mac honey for revlon

Will I purchase: i may but i think i wanna try their sebum control, (not sent to me) it’s called iris color control & bb cream [please don’t ask me why it’s called iris, LMAO they just feel like it siguro]


i’m planting easter eggs in my blog posts which will be part of my contest giveaway.  para walang mahirapan, the easter eggs will be in the-skinshop series of reviews, and 10 most read reviews which can be found on the right hand side of my blog, my blogspot.  and it will actually be an image of an egg and right next to it a little fact about myself or my reviews that i will ask when i post the contest.  hahaha as if naman bonga mga prizes, but who knows you may just like it ☺♥  and they’re not korean cosmetics, so at least for non-k-cosmetics lovers out there, it would still be enticing for you.

As some of you may know theBenj and I went to Singapore last weekend because i had booked to see big bang and 2ne1 at the recent korean music wave.  Coincidentally, we caught the second to the last weekend of the great Singapore Sale. I was hoping to do the rounds for my Korean cosmetics that aren’t available in manila

Unfortunately, Nature Republic has closed shop in Sg and I couldn’t find Lioele’s kiosk as their FB page merely said their kiosk is at the ‘arcade’ ah well, it’s cheaper from anyway.

our hotel gives free rides to orchard road every morning so after breakfast we were on our way to orchard road.  

naturally, since the Bench ads, Philippine Volcanoes were such a hot issue in Manila, the moment i saw this picture and woah the size of it on the side of the mall’s wall, i just had to take a pic of it

and a pic of it with it, yes folks two pics of this one main one seen above and a side wing wall one without the abercrombie & fitch bwahahaha

as much as possible i wanted to accommodate the shopping wishes of theBenj so hardly would i drag him to clothes and shoe/bag places and only when we’d see sephora then i’d go in

so we had to pass by:

 but hehehe i was the one who ended up buying stuff, not much on offer in the store that’s part of the great SG sale here, =(

then we passed by 

not much going on here either, according to theBenj, Fullybooked in Mla is better than Borders, Sg.

As most of you may know Orchard road is a long stretch of road that has mostly shops, it’s like ayala ave only filled with malls instead of offices.  so for mirienda and to rest our tired legs and feet we passed by:

hehehe don’t ask how much this was, thank the gods it was quite good LOL

he eventually did buy 1 casio g-shock and a few straps.  for that purchase, he did get a significant discount compared to buying the same item here weeeheee i got to wear it on the day we were to go home 😉

so while breezing through the malls i found this:


and the store itself! all the items are on 20% off as part of the Great Sg Sale!

my purchases didn’t go over Sg$50 after the discount my total purchase at this holika holika store was only 47.  i’m stupid, i shouldn’t’ve gotten at least that so i can get their membership card, specially when i was already just Sg$3 close to 50 anyway.  hay, i was trying to not spend it all in one store, labo.

so i got these:

and for my purchases they gave me 3 “clear” files, 2 feather pens, and 1 poster LMAO, i couldn’t to the amount worthy of getting a free umbrella :

and the flip side of the “clear” files: weee they too have that givenchy phenomeneyes mascara

i also found the brand endorsed by Jpop idol Arashi member, Matsumoto Jun, Fascio, photo taken at BGH mall if i’m not mistaken

so definitely, i got that mascara he’s holding!  well, i like Japanese products, if only they weren’t so pricey! this one was about Sg$19, not part of the Sg sale =(

i also found a l’egere stand/kiosk.  but their products weren’t on sale either but at least it’s there, and i don’t have to go all the way to Tw to get some l’egere products LOL. photo taken at BGH mall as well if i’m not mistaken.

i got some knick knacks, too at mini bits.  they had a store wide sale as part of the gss.

the key chain is for my mom while the star necklace, well kinda reminded me of the necklace given in the korean drama you’re beautiful:

i think i went to about 4 watson’s before finally giving up in looking for missha =( but while at different watson’s i was able to find the kate/kanebo bb cream and mineral foundation.  this brand is part of the GSS and the promo is to buy 3items, whatever of the 3 is cheapest you get that for free instead [so buy2 get 1] i saw Pam’s review of the bb cream so LOL i had to try it, too! LOL and this isn’t available in manila yet as far as i know.

 and i think it’s this one i did get for free.  LOL i love that it’s an all in one eye pallet [meaning it has eye brow powder, too]

i grabbed these, too when i saw them!  finally and hopefully, putting on false lashes will be a breeze **crosses fingers!**

and in another watson’s i found this.  i got a mark down on this, instead of paying Sg$23.50 i only paid Sg$20 something.  booh it has no spf nyahahaha well it would kinda negate the rest of the sunscreens, now wouldn’t it?

these were the stuff we got on ‘sale’ naaah it’s actually cheaper from kkochipida and our watson’s here.  i just got these since they aren’t available here, and kkochipida isn’t given the privilege of getting posters/”clear” files with her contact’s purchases in SK, well as far as i know, so don’t quote me on that.

I also got a few stuff from our duty free and the duty free at Changi.  I’ll post those in a different post.  This post is for the SG yearly ‘great’ sale.  

a few things to note while i was there:

  1. we walked up and down orchard road and the malls until we couldn’t walk but my face didn’t get dirty at all.  my makeup didn’t budge, and when i took it off at night, it was still just the make up on the cotton pad, therefore, the air is smog free there.  [no cars older than 5yrs as per their law except for some groovy old cabs from the 70’s]
  2. clothes are cheaper here in manila, specially at forever21
  3. no spitting, i super dig that!

next post would either be my experience at the Korean Music Wave or my Duty free small haul.  LOL depending on the arrival of my sd card LOL.  

was it worth the trip? definitely, i loved the shopping experience even though my purchases wasn’t as big as my haul back when i arrived from Bkk.  i loved how clean it was over there.  i got to spend the weekend with theBenj in a different country try out different food and i finally got to see 2ne1 and of course big bang!

How was your weekend?

Disclaimer: this product was sent to me to try out.  i am not paid for this review.  this is my honest review of this product that i’ve tried daily for at least 5days.  I will have an over all review on the skin shop’s bb creams that were sent to me by the end of the month or at least by the first week of August posted on my youtube channel.

Product Description:

Functional cosmetics (Whitening + Wrinkle improvement + UV protection)-As triple functions BB cream, it makes dull skin into gleaming skin and elasticity and protect skinfrom external harmful UV rays

Portulacae herba and wheat extracts give skin purification effect and present vivid and livelylooking skin

Honey extract gives high nutrition and helps keep vital skin

Size : 40g-Skintype : all skin types

How to use: After using the basic skin care products, pour a generous amount of BB cream intoyour palm. Apply small amount of BB cream all over the face. Particularly, cheeks, nose, forehead and chin to maximize the balance and gorgeous look of skin.Apply thin layer of BB cream under eyes, nose, T-zone areas and any area that needs coverage for perfect looking skin.
My thoughts on this bb cream:

I love the pump spout on this, the spring inside is so easy to control and you can have a big or small squirt

it’s the usual creamy consistency that comes out a tad dark

but once blended, it will appear like a soft veil on your skin.  this one is only slightly darker on my skin but not as dark as the Magic Science BB Cream  but it’s also not as fair as the PREMIUM SECRET BB CREAM SPF37 PA+++ either.  the luminosity you see below can be reduced depending on the

 as below, that you can hardly see any luminosity or glow 😉

a mugshot of me without flash below with just the bb cream and a little concealer under my eyes.

and a shot of me with the flash turned on.  awww i like this pic of me and it’s very rare that i like a pic of myself or as they say selca [for self-cam LOL]

and without flash with a more finished face.  it’s able to match the shade of skin on my face to my neck and chest

and with flash:

i like how evened out i ended up using this bb cream.  though the luminosity is hardly there.  the l’egere white multi bb has more glow and so does the lioele silky highlighter touch bb.  but somehow, looking at my own pics, i like the effect.  it’s matte but not really, it’s sorta some kind of satin finish, which for someone who has oily combination skin but would like a dewy finish, this ‘luminous’ bb cream did the trick, imho LOL.


  • the pump! it’s so easy to control
  • the scent it’s back to the herbally-citrusy scent like the premium one
  • didn’t cause any break outs on me
  • photographs well, imho
  • medium to buildable coverage, pores were less visible as well
  • is not cakey
  • shade match is very good, imho
  • lasted all day
  • oil control is so so, my nose got oily but my forehead and chin remained dewy looking
  • did not oxidize 
  • has spf of  45! and a pa of +++ just like my tony moly expert triple 😉
  • packaging – it isn’t your average plastic squeeze tube, there’s hard plastic surrounding it, this thing won’t get crushed in my bag.
  • can’t say about the nutritive value since i only used it for 5days and i’m using their snail cream so if my skin has been behaving lately i would attribute it to their wonderful snail cream


  • currently not locally available, but dear friends, my suki – is looking into it for us 😉 wish her luck!
  • it’s SKW29000  [29,000 South-Korean Won = 1,178.41 Philippine Peso] so by the time it arrives in Manila expect the price to go higher

Do I recommend: indeed, i can’t stress enough how i like the not so matte but not completely dewy either finish, so for people like me who has oily combination skin but still want that glow, this bb cream may be able to do that for you.

Will I repurchase:  LOL i’m confused now, i liked the PREMIUM SECRET BB CREAM SPF37 PA+++ a great deal and now i’m using the MAGIC BRIGHT BB CREAM SPF30 PA++ and i’m really liking that, too.  not too dewy more on glowy.  LOL review coming on that by next Monday or Tues.

I think i’ve covered most of the aspects concerning  facial products of a foundation, sunscreen, and balming or healing aspects of a bb cream but should you have any further questions kindly leave them below ♥


I received an invitation from Tony Moly Philippines to attend their press launch held yesterday at SM Mega Mall so off I went 😀

The office i work at is only moments away and i arrived just a little after they had started.

and now i can take pictures of the interior of the one time branch of yet another Korean cosmetics company [who has since moved to the other SM mega bldg].

LOL the real Joong Ki is way taller hehehe.  Tony Moly Philippine officials claim that they are putting it in the works to bring him here.

and, they too, are into the escargot skin care as Thor would lovingly put it.  I must say, i haven’t much wrinkles to erase but the snail slime based cream i was sent is indeed working out pretty well on my face to prevent the ripening or burgeoning pimples.  i also have tiny wounds from where i dig out black heads, i would feel a slight tinge upon application of said snail slime based product on the wound and almost the next day, said wound has dried! based on tip-of-the-iceberg-research on snail slime for topical medicine, it was said that Hippocrates crushed a few snails and applied the entire slug on on someone’s open would.  so there, who would question the guy they named our oath after? and going back on topic, i am glad that snail ‘escargot’ skin care is in the Philippines that way i don’t have to preorder and wait too long.

and their higher end products

their current in-store promo, a free cherry cheek stain for every 1k worth of purchases ♥ currently citrus rcbc card holders are not entitled yet to a 5% discount or so they said yesterday, but i distinctly recall someone saying ‘pwede na’, oh well i guess they are already working on it.

yippeee nail polish! so far, their snake or cracked finish polish the black one is out of stock, so for that i wait LOL. 

the tools! the cost of the items here are considerably less than this other store leader is now endorsing. but some items are more expensive than the other store, the one sandara is endorsing.

the array of skin care ranging from acne sensitive to age repair

they also have a line for men

 different skin care.  i love the simple sleek packaging!

an extensive collection of serums for different age and skin types and budgets!

oooo me wants to try the floria i should’ve asked if it’s any good for oily combination skin LOL

nice gold packaging for their pressed powder foundation! on the right hand side is what replaced my pore clear skin care.

the different bb creams, makeup bases, correctors, and sun screens ♥

the different affordable makeup, well, less expensive than revlon or max factor for par quality ♥ i’m currently loving their triple baked dome eye shadows and their gel/cream liner!

one of their latest skin care tech the tomatox. ah combination of antioxidants with a ‘botox effect’

which is already available in stores there’s also an eye cream for this line also available in stores now.

and Clarinda-tama ba, Ma’am? the manager and me

the event was catered by Dulcinea, the churos and chocolate, came a little later.  the chicken lollipop is nice and crunchy ♥

guess who i caught before i left!

it’s Shen! one of the top beauty bloggers in the country.  hello there, nice to see you again.

Some Tony Moly plans in the works:

1.) Posters of Song Joong ki once they become available

2.) At least 10 shops in the metro

3.) by next month or sooner, a Tony Moly kiosk in the SM Makati Dept store. ERRATUM: KIOSK IS ALREADY IN PLACE ♥

I’m sorry i forgot to ask about this!

if a membership card is already in the works! aigoo, blogger fail. LOL, would be nice to have a membership card with Song Joong Ki’s face on it ♥

praning to get back to work kasi and not go over my lunch period LOL. i guess we can always ask their facebook page, because yeah! they already have 5000++ fans! way to go tony moly, your time [at least in the Philippines] has finally come!  Thank you, Miss Foz for the invite more reviews to come specially on the stuff you gave out in your loot bag yesterday! Thanks!

hmmm so the tony moly jingle is on the disk right? LOL

of course i’d get some stuff, i need makeup remover wipes for my trip LOL and i wanted a revlon fire dupe so i hope that uber cute lippie would do it 😉 isn’t the lip gloss packaging [the one with the tomato head] just LOVE ang cute!

dadaan pa ba ko ng tony moly sg? LOL only if their on a super sale LMAO


hay nahuli pa ko ni mister at the event, sumusubo ng pagkain, hahaha hulikaw! 😛 jowk!

Product Description:

Minisize U is an aesthetic pore care line formulated with fermented rice wine sediment to nourish and tighten pores.Minisize U Massage Peeling Pack is a pore cleansing facial scrub pack that gently exfoliates to remove dull cells with gentle massage and moisturizing facial pack

Active Ingredients: Fermented Rice Wine Lees and Glycolic Acid

it’s a kinda rubbery creamy consistency

then it would feel powdery

and the aftermath LOL the crud from the back of my hand hahaha


Initially I thought that this a product you apply on your face then wait for it to dry then you carefully peel off your skin.  then i read further it says massage peel…so google google.  and then I learned that the product balls up under your fingers in between the skin of your fingers and the skin of your face.  the product is very gentle and soft on the skin, and it’s like rubbing super soft dough on your face.  it has a light citrusy scent which i like.  it’s the same scent on the toner, serum and emulsion.  after you’re pretty sure you’ve massaged the crud out of your facial skin, what is left behind is a very light oily residue on your face.  you can wash it off with a gentle facial foam or wipe it off with the toner.  it leaves a very soothing and smooth after effect.


  • the scent
  • the smooth feeling it gives after i treat myself to this
  • the obligatory massage you need to do to use this product properly this is always good to stimulate circulation in the skin on your face
  • no violent reaction from my skin
  • the packaging in this mini size
  • so so cleanser i prefer the peel off masks


  • the packaging for the full size comes in a tub, so you need a spatula or have to scoop out the product with your bare fingers or use surgical gloves O_O

Do i recommend? only if you’re into these kinds of routines.  i’m kinda too lazy for this.

Will I purchase the full size: No

What masks are you using these days?

Disclaimer: this product was sent to me to try out.  i am not paid for this review.  this is my honest review of this product that i’ve tried daily for 5days.  I will have an over all review on the skin shop’s bb creams that were sent to me by the end of the month or at least by the first week of August posted on my youtube channel.  They also sent me literature on the products, claiming that their products are made of all natural ingredients with pictures of plants. ^_^
Product Description:

Functional cosmetics (whitening+wrinkle alleviation+ultraviolet rays blocking)
– (Three types) functional product that whitens and alleviates wrinkles in addition to blocking  
ultraviolet rays, and it maintains the skin, tired and roughened by hazardous external environment,  
– Liver spots, freckles and others are covered naturally, and cactus, gallnut, rosemary extract
moisturize the skin.
– Size : 40g
– Skin type : for all skin types
– Method of use: Take small amount after applying basic make-up and spread on the face and neck.

As they were packaged together, this review will contain the review for both items.

i love this cap, it keeps the product in just in case the plunger gets pushed downwards, so it keeps the product in. it’s a block and a stopper.

the product on the back of my hand looks like a thick foundation

and slightly blended on the back of my hand

and thoroughly blended

just the bb cream on my face with concealer under my eyes and blemishes/scars, photo below taken without flash.

photo below taken with flash, yikes LOLon the reflective side

a complete face using the setting powder that came with the box photo below taken without flash

and with flash below:

and in brighter daylight

this bb cream is the second of the bb creams from the-skin shop that i was sent for review.
some thoughts on the bb cream:
the packaging is very handy and for me, better than the fatter skin79, but the pump is the same as the skin79 one.  the bb cream itself very easy to apply, blends quite easily and smells wonderful.  it smells  a little like baby powder, quite girly.  the coverage is light to medium coverage and slightly build-able.  the shade is slightly darker than my skin, but just slightly.  it sets quite fast and feels smooth.
and now for the setting powder that comes with the bb cream:

it’s a loose powder so there are holes at the top

i only exposed 2 holes to keep from the thing exploding in my bag.
and the powder blended on the back of my hand on top of the bb cream

some thoughts on the the loose powder that came with it:
the packaging could be deeper so that the powder doesn’t explode upwards every time you move it or even tap it.  it’s messy but it’s the nature of loose powders, that’s why they have containers that are big tubs so you have space to shake the powder around and still contain it.  this powder is better applied with a powder brush instead of the puff that came with it.  but the powder puff that did come with it is super soft and i love it and i’d use that on a pressed face powder.
As this post is getting longer than my usual posts, i’ll make it short but to the point with yet another table.  yes, friends, once again, i visit my one time hobby and job description when i used to be a netsol agent.  seriously, i feel like i knew so much more 10 years ago than i do now!? hahaha the only thing in addition to what i’ve learned in the last 3years is how to pivot, vlookup and make a macro LMAO, phhhft. (oh well not withstanding all i’ve learned from youtube and beauty bloggers, of course and a little hangugo) 😀

Aspect Magic Science BB Setting Powder
Shade Match a little dark on me, but i can pull it off even darker on me.  i cant pull it off
Coverage light to medium light
Finish midway matte-satin matte
Sun Protection SPF25 PA ++ enough for indoors  n/a
Lasting Power 4-6 hours use this to touch up
Oil Control moderate light to moderate
Oxydation slight-even while using a diff setting powder my face got darker n/a
Break Out none none
Reflective w/ flash photography yes but manageable n/a
Scent light baby powder old rubber foam!
Packaging like skin79, but thinner, awesome!  needs to be deeper
Price SKW24,000 n/a
Recommend-ability Definitely for girls with NC25 or higher, I recommend this for girls NC30 or higher
Will I purchase? for now i prefer the previous, Premium Secret BB from them, so no  no, too dark on me

What bb cream have you been using?