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89f88-p1030630-grandprize2of2MY HUMBLE MID YEAR GIVEAWAY – Open to Metro Manila Residents


Korean 101 was an event that was spread around facebook and i had wanted to join seeing as the venue is about 2 blocks from where i live.  the venue was at Beehive Events Place along Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village.

The speaker was Ms Cherish Maningat-Bae.  she took her post graduate studies in Theater Directing at the Korean National University of the Arts and is a musical actress and theater director based in Seoul, and is actually married to a Korean and lives in Korea.

I arrived and the class had already started.  and they were going through the Korean alphabet.

Throughout the lessons, a few new learnings stood out at least for me.  Please click on the pictures below to get a better view of the slides presented.

The cultural references were really eye opening.  Now don’t get me wrong regardless of country where a person is from, i never really hold ANYONE in too a high a regard, meaning wala akong sinasanto, put it in another way, i don’t think about anyone unless they really annoy me or really inspire me, nothing personal, i suppose i have no space or bandwidth for it.  sooooo i know koreans are mere mortals like you and me and that  they have their cultural idiosyncrasies and their version of right and wrong.

and oh the big bow.  i never really paid attention to this but it means a great deal to do this bow correctly.  not only will you be able to respect the koreans in the manner they prefer, it may also be possible that you gain their respect if you do this right and in the proper context.

part of the seminar was makeup application!

 it’s great that she has a warmer deeper complexion, this fact reaches the target audience more.

and there was a portion where we made food!

yeah ladies bring it on!

we made Korean rice balls.

hehehe the prettier the better!

and below: the motley crew that signed up for this unique seminar.

the spicy cucumber side dish 😉

hehehe adobong itlog ng pugo hahaha.

it was a wonderful team effort.  it made the food taste better, imho.

and a class picture!

me and Kring

me and the speaker, Ms Cherish


The Face Shop with its new endorsers Kim Hyun Joong and Park Min Young are releasing more and more new products in their line up.  One of which is another set of baked eye shadows this time in quads instead of dome trios. 

As I am partial to pinks, naturally it’s the salmony pinks that i gravitate to and eventually purchase, even with eye shadows.  It’s baked, di umano, daw, sabi nila, baked.  i did not make the effort to clean this pallet up.  i wanted you to see that when you dab your sponge tip applicator or brush that you can have this sort of a mess.

the colors are actually wonderful and glorious and yes and on the shimmery side.

true enough to the description on the box once it sticks to your skin, with or without a primer, it does stay. and look at those colors, vaaavooom! not cheapy cheapy at all just looking at that pigmentation and color pay off. so you can use this with or without a primer and get nearly the same results when not using an eye primer.

green day 😛

with a little liner on the water line.  ready for any fight LOL.

and for casual/office/college wearable smokey.  the golds with brown warmed up with the pinks.

clearly i will dent the hell out of the pinky salmon shade and hit pan before you can click your heels together and say ‘there’s no place like home!’

i like this pallet, and actually, after i’ve dented the hell out of my kate brown collection, i like shimmers they make hiding behind my glasses worth the fun of applying makeup on.  sa madali’t sabi, nakikita yung makeup na niapply ko even behind dark rimmed glasses (my makeup is visible even behind dark rimmed glasses).
with both looks, i apply the gold shade from the inner corner of my eye up to brow bone, then the pink on my lid to the crease, then either the dark green or the dark brown for my liner and crease/outer V(corner) shades.  



  • pigmentation, the swatches on my arm is like 1 and half swipe only, that’s with primer underneath.  for the same color pay off to come out, you’ll need about a couple of swipes but that’s all, pwamis.
  • does not fade, it does, but very minimally, oxidize, just a tad, so that bright salmony pink goes into a slightly darker pink which i like anyway.
  • the shimmers are manageable, they are not like big chunks of glitter that can go in my eye and a few minutes later i have eye booger, nope, once i have it on, on top of a primer, it stays on.
  • very minimal fall out, only upon application is there fall out, so no fall out throughout the day, but then that could be because i have a great eye primer.
  • no weird scents or smell
  • neat compact packaging with mirror
  • color combination with the ivy-dark olive green and the really dark brown that on a different lighting can go burgandy and the gold with the salmony pink, you can go from day to night and have varied combinations with just one pallet like this.
  • the really flimsy spongetip applicator, i swear, in that regard, tfs reminds me of western brands with the awful spongetip applicators, c’mon tfs, get with the program, etude, laneige, kate, majolica majorca and lunasol have awesome spongetip applicators.
  • the price for 3.5g even for 4 colors, at 800 plus it’s still kinda pricey
  • messy as you can see from the pics of the product
do i recommend:  yes, specifically this 02 khaki orange pallet just so you can do more looks
will i repurchase: i’ll check to see the other pallets from this line, but unless there’s a kim hyun joong promo it’s quite unlikely i will repurchase…as i want another lunasol fall 2011 pallet! hahahah



This an account and farewell to August.  As some you who follow my blog, i’ve been wary about the month of August even in the midst of enjoying myself back in July. 


the reason is below.  it seems fair, doesn’t it?  and really as a marketing stand point, the mechanics is truly quite fair, from a marketing point of view.  and it’s left to lady luck to choose you.



for example.  this ticket below.  this is the last ticket i bought, on the last day of the promo, the 17th.  the computer cash register at the robinson’s galeria hung and had to be re-boot(ed), i used my card to accumulate miles, so they had to swipe that, dial the credit card number get the approval while waiting for the cash register to load up and accept the sale while i filled out my name, in short form, Marge aaaand i had 7mins left in break.  off i went, with this crumpled ticket, i ran the distance from the face shop store to our building, a good half a block, fr the elevator to my desk, in 4mins.  that my friends, is a feat for me, since i don’t walk much and i certainly don’t run.  for all my jeet kune do in my younger days, that stamina is now gone.



so when my friends started to notify me via facebook and even my friend Elisa called me, i couldn’t believe it specially because of the winning ticket.  to me it seemed like a joke, reading the name, i knew it was the last ticket i filled out, since i always fill out anything with my real name, Margareth. 



I was present for his high five event the previous day.  in all out support for his solo album being promoted here. so i am one of the few who was able to touch his hand and tell him thank you to his face.



I would like to add, in the many hundreds of people that he greets, he takes time to look at you, directly in the eyes and respond to you.  no matter how quickly that moment is, he still tries to grab the chance to look at you.  i was in the fourth row and queued up since 6.30am at trinoma so i was able to queue for a seat as well near the front so i was fortunate enough to be part of the  front rows allowed to come up on stage and be able to do the high five event.  some people were even there at around 330am!  nope, i personally didn’t have an A-card, my sister in law does.  and i didn’t know that expired ones even from another user could be used so i could skip the long wait/queue.  i also felt i had to be there in the trenches with the rest of the fans to somehow feel the fangirl experience.  and in all fairness, i actually gained at least 3more friends, 2 from the company i work for, as a matter of fact! thanks Paz and Grace for saving my spot while i got a new dress!



but my own event was for the next day.  i will happily recall the random girls that were congratulating me.  i still couldn’t believe it, until i actually was at SM Moa that morning that i was gonna see these two again.



this time, the visit at the SM Moa is part of The Face Shop Asia Tour



where you have the endorser, currently, Kim Hyun Joong tour different Asian countries and promote the brand and its latest products.



he greeted us, and well in that shirt, i was mesmerized. i felt like a teen ager.  between Hyun Joong his angelic face his body and his body guard, it was all i could do to keep from fainting!  on a personal note, i was also suffering a female pain that, well as luck would have it, had to arrive this very day.



and the body guard: the one that never smiles but has captured the hearts of many fans.



as much as i love the rugged look on the kim hyun joong, he sure does look good in slacks an in this linen shirt, which well, fits his form really, really as in really well.



and my prize.



close kami?  he actually leaned me forward, idk, to be not too tall for the camera men?



it actually surprised me that he put his arm around my shoulder.  though my friend Karren already warned me about it, and i had the presence of mind to switch to secret’s platinum protection.  i knew i’d be desperate pain and may sweat.  seeeeee there, i couldn’t even go closer, i was afraid to taint him or something.



doesn’t his smile look so relaxed and genuine? that’s one of the comments given by my new FB friend, Babes, that he seemed relaxed.  all i could say was kamsahamnida their thank you in polite form then bowed my head, yet he still got to look at me directly and tell me you’re welcome, and in english. LOL



there were 7 pix posted the face shop philippines, wall. 


I skipped going to his other events.  soon as he left my physical pain came back and i received not so great news.  i found out that someone whom i thought was a good acquaintance was verbal in her disbelief that my ticket was picked out of the the face shop DTI registered raffle.  all i can say is, though i am a beauty blogger and though i frequent the face shop regardless of promos, i, like the rest of the fans bought at least 500 worth of the face shop products to qualify to buy the korean version album with 2posters and the raffle ticket.  i would like to add if ever i dismissed this person, if ever i was harsh to you in anyway that i apologize.  you should know i tried to help you one time to get sponsorship for the event that you needed funding.  if ever you bought ten times more than i did, i am sorry if your ticket didn’t pop up.  i am glad to hear that you were at the face shop party and i hope now that you are with new friends you are happy.


now that i have these pix and have run their 15mins of fame on the interwebs, i can let go.  thank you kim hyun joong, thank you the face shop for this successful international event.  i am very happy to have been part of it, and have somehow contributed to it.


apart from the Shen’s Clinique event and the last weekend of August, not much has happened, except the weird stuff i just now chuck off to Aughost.  I learned a lot from the people around me this month. learning something is always good.  


Farewell, August.


Hello September.



How was your August?

it’s only August 1 and already i miss July. for months starting may i waited for july super excited to see

some of you who breeze through my blog may notice that i have some big bang, 2ne1, and ss501 (specially kim hyun joong) and rain related purchase.  they’re the people i follow in the kpop industry,  there was a big opportunity for me to catch a double whammy.  to watch performances from both 2ne1 and big bang so i took it. thanks to hero Tania for the invite.  so finally, i had a reason to go to Singapore and it was a wonderful cherry on top that my man loves to travel that naturally, he’d go with me, like he did last year for bangkok (that time for ss501’s last concert).  ayan tuloy, we’re both really infatuated with Singapore and thinking of…eh alam nyo na yun.

Sandara truly is very pretty in real life.  awww she’s so slender!  while the other 3 where shall we say on the plump side? LOL may baby fat pa, ang cute!

sure Dara didn’t sing in or out like she did in araneta, but that’s alright, i got to see their sunbae’s big bang and then some!
more of 2ne1

This kid below is SeungRi, he hosted a family outing episode and at the time, the guest was kim hyun joong.  the kid below is the boy responsible why i liked big bang to begin with.  and i’m glad i like them.  they have a wonderful mix of rnb and slight hip hop.  they way these koreans have melded American pop culture into their own is just simply amazing and at such at a very accelerated rate!  EEMEA, Canada, and South america and of course even perez hilton loves big bang!

there was a familiar group there, too.  i’ve seen UKISS, 4 times already including last july’s show LOL.  i’m sorry, let me just say it right now, the two new guys that replaced xander and kibum can’t sing well live.  

this new song by ukiss i really really like, and to be honest, that night was the first time i heard it.  but truth be told, the song and the melody just made me miss xander and kibum more.  and yes, that’s me yelling, wow dongho, what the hell is that!

but it was awesome seeing:


regardless what moe twister says about this group, they still bring fond memories (to which i will concentrate on) from last 2010.
LOL like this guy here, i, too, went to their showcase last year at the picc!  that’s FT Island leader, who’s now so buff!

Bom! i naooo haz bangz like you!

and here we are full of buzz after seeing 4 of the 5 big bang members!

farewell july, farewell Singapore, thank you, i miss you so much

hope to see you again, and soon.
can you just imagine? how much i work to be able to see these pretties in real life.  but you know? thanks to kpop? i have amazing new friends from triple s philippines and other fandoms like big bang, i got to pick up again and continue a wonderful friendship with Tania and Dek, and thanks to kpop i’m still into makeup that led me to meet wonderful ladies online.  
i got to see live

this is the original awesome vid

hay kakamiss

awww so cute! as you can see below
in real life it’s actually more pink than it is peachy 😉
swatched and blended on the back of my hand. and yep, just this morning i used it with that stippling brush fr lumiere minerals.
la lang i just wanted to show i have the shade 01 LMAO
depending on how much i put on and on the light it can be a light pink
or a slight peach
and the face of the week
over all for a cream or gel blush i find this to be very handy, pigmented, lasting, and sweet smelling.  if you put enough there’s some sheen but quite subtle.  what i do for some sheen is top it off with a little nars orgasm and it’s set the whole day, no transfers, no sliding off.
  • the shade, it’s just the right pink, not too shocking but not too blue in tint that it looks too dolly-face at least on me.
  • cream/gel consistency that’s very easy to apply than the cheek stains that dry too quickly which makes tints difficult to blend
  • the way the packaging looks like.  it’s unique and cute
  • the scent.  it’s a little like strawberry with a hint of vanila.  yummm 😉 ♥
  • lasting even on an oily to combination skin type like mine
  • has not given me new black or white heads or millia 😉
  • the packaging, over all – in a tub like that where your first instinct is to dip your finger in it to get to the blush
  • oxidizes a little bit so depending on your color preference or principle i put this under a dislike.  the bright pink like the elf’s pink lemonade all over cover stick kind of pink turns more peachy after a few hours.
  • not available locally but can be ordered thru my trusted multiply seller Charmaine – of Kkochipida on multiply
Do I recommend? sure, specially if you’re a fan of CNBlue and a fan of cream blushes
Will I repurchase? I’m thinking about the other shades.

This is part of the minisize u pore set.  soon as i saw the blurry part down below i said uhoh there is powder in this.  much like the competition’s pore minimizing line.
i love love love the soothing smell of this minisize u pore toner but, currently, this is my toner.  it’s actually my second bottle of this quick and clean sebum control toner from the face shop.
my most favorite of all though is the tony moly pore clear toner which is part of my tony moly pore clear set
of all three, it’s the tony moly toner that seemed to have the least alcohol while the etude house and the face shop feel just about the same.  though the first [meaning the face shop’s] listed ingredient is alcohol LOLs.
Toner Name Cleansing Scent Sebum Control Pore Minimizing
Etude House Pore U 3/5 4/5 4/5 4/5
The Face Shop 4/5 4/5 4/5 3/5
Tony Moly Pore Clear 4/5 5/5 3/5 3/5
oist, ako na nagaral ng table sa html bwahahaha. la lang.  hope it helps.  over all i’d still go back to the tony moly toner simply because it’s the gentlest of the three.  followed by the etude house pore u and lastly by the face shops’s quick and clean.  hehehe naturally, i bought it because of their promo for kim hyun joong LOL.  i think they changed the name and packaging of the pore clear skin toner of tony moly so i’ll check that out at the tony moly mega mall branch. 
What toner are you using today?



Happy weekend folks!  another Lucid darling fantastic nails feature. i just love love, as in love the formula of these.  it’s just a no brainer.  i’m quite the impatient girl, and applying nail color is not my forte and the petite darling and some of the face shop faceIt formula was difficult for me to apply.  but this lucid darling fantastic nails is super simple.  really opaque and even bubbles aren’t obvious.  
plus the nail color shades available are really, hmmm, not so much unique? but more on the sparkle. it’s what makes it unique in my eye.  the shimmer i mean shWimmer [i swear it’s how i was taught to read that Hangul character hehehe] is so tiny so when the light hits it it can make all the difference in the shade.  it can make the shade darker or lighter than what it really is.
I’m super stoked.  both the face shop and etude house has come out with dupes for the OPI DS lines.  so naturally, now that i’m getting addicted to coloring my nails imma gonna get those!  they’re pricier than the usual 95 to 98 or even 128 pesos, but they [both etude’s and tfs] are still cheaper than sally hansen’s nail polishes, much less the opi ones LOL.
it’s what’s on my list tomorrow soon as the mall opens hahaha or soon as i balance my sheet, which ever comes first! [anyone who follows my twitter knows i was complaining about how unbalanced my excel sheets were last friday]
what’s on your nails today?
This is Etude House’s line for covering or improving how pores look like on your face.  i got these as a loot.
they are samples and are not for sale.
i’ve begun using these since i’ve used up my tony moly pore clear set.  so i thought of giving this a go as i’m still on a shopping sorta diet.
the emulsion is in the middle of being runny to having a light lotion type of consistency.  and gets absorbed quite quickly.  
on top of the emulsion, i apply the serum. since this set didn’t come with any instructions, i apply these like i applied my skin food peach sake skin care set  but usually they say that the serum is applied first then the emulsion.  which i’m a little iffy on since the emulsion is runny, i want that to get absorbed and dry off from my face first before i apply something thicker like a serum.  that way i don’t ball up any product on my face. 😉
this, too, get absorbed pretty quickly but it gives my face quite a silky finish.  it’s feels very dimethicone-y.
and here’s my face after all that (in the morning) before i apply makeup.  it’s kinda bright where i took this pic, but my dark circles are usually deeper and more violet and i’m nursing a few scars from when i dug out big black heads last week.

  • so far has not given me any break outs nor have i developed ginormous black heads ahem shu bb cream
  • very smooth and creamy to apply
  • both are absorbed quickly which helps my morning routine 
  • helps in smoothing out my face the way a primer does.  like i mentioned it’s quite dimethicone-y in feeling.
  • the scent very light citrusy kind of scent
  • 15ml for samples?  that aren’t sachets? hehehe this set is lasting me more than a week, and i apply these twice a day, so morning and at night.
  • from these two above, none that i can think of
Will I purchase the actual size:  i’m seriously thinking about it.
Do i recommend:  as i’ve said before about pores.  they are like scars, the only way to make them look shallow is by peeling either the abrasive way like diamond peels or the chemical way.  don’t buy in to the promise of these pore care lines that eventually your pores will go away.  pores are worse than scars, some scars actually fade, while pores they even get bigger.
What skin care are you on?

welcome to subspace, the coffee house, that is!
i’m so stoked!  my friends will be opening their coffee shop in a few but theBenj and i are one of the lucky few to get to see the shop before its debut.
Thor and Wil have been to South Korea several times and wanted a Seoul feel to their decor, thus the chairs, the walls, and their lighting.
the have an empty wall for projecting the latest, music bank, mnet, ingki performances for their flavors of the month, este i meant current faves.  the other night was B2EST

their cooler already have scrumptious cup cakes.  try the vanilla one, it has butter caramel icing i’d be willing to walk for in THE RAIN and some of you may already know i hate walking! LOL.  the icing on the vanilla cupcake i’m harping for reminds me of the brown derby i recently had at miss poly’s so to give you an idea 😉
see? ang cute ng lights!  
and one of the proprietors/owners, Thor!
and theBenj, woefully worrying what floods we would have to wade through that night. [luckily, there was more than one way to get home that night and we got in without wading thru any flood]

there are two entrances, one is the main, which faces emerald, the other is an inner entrance for tenants of the building etc.
there’s wifi, coffee [that can be made decaf if you prefer], good company, wifi and kpop!
hope you can drop by here, soon!