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FOTD: ETUDE HOUSE Secret Recipe with Baby Choux Base, All over Face Color and the Jelly Lipstick



 The VIP Girl Darling Lips in OR206, for the life of me i do not know why it’s not listed on the etude house website but the two other shades are the 205 and 207 LOL.  i’ve had this for a while, it’s a nice warm bright pink.  and you guessed it when i saw it again while cleaning and organizing my stuff, it sorta reminded me of antwerp.

 once again on the lips, the etude house seem more ‘3d’ merely because it has an almost glossy finish while the nyx is matte, so medyo on the right (my right) is the nyx soft matte lip cream in antwerp while on the left (my left) is the etude house vip girl darling lips in or206

 from afar with natural sunlight, and lots of it…

 and below also with natural sunlight but obscured by bldgs.

Aspect Etude House Nyx
Shade Match a very close match to Antwerp the only difference on the lips is the matte effect
Coverage full coverage/pigmentation with 1-1/2 swipes need to run the doe foot at least twice on the lips for full coverage
Application creamy smooth but the product rolls onto itself parang nyx like the ultimate liquid lipstick fr revlon it applies like a tint then the pigment rolls onto itself
Finish glossy matte
Lasting Power lasts even after eating transfers to cups, the bread of my sandwich, and the (face) cheeks of the friends i kiss
Harsh Effect on Lips None drying without a good lip balm
Price PhP398 PhP300 more or less the going rate among sellers in mla

Depending on your brand loyalty and effect you’d like on your lips, it is up to you which of these lippies you’d apply on your lips.

there are many many sellers online for Nyx now but i get my stuff from Digital Traincase as her store is very convenient for me to get to.

Naturally, if you ask me, i would prefer the etude house one simply because it doesn’t dry me out.  it doesn’t look flat on my lips and and it’s in stick form.  i actually see how much product i have left.  while the packaging of the nyx doesn’t allow for me to find out if i still have any product left in the tube =(

i really really like the antwerp shade though, of the ones i have, it’s istanbul and antwerp i really like.  with san paolo a far far third.  milan is just way too cool on my lips for me to like on me, maybe if i tanned my skin, milan would look good on me?  but that will never happen.

will i repurchase? i might purchase the 205 when oranges come back in season LOL

do i recommend? i still recommend the wannabe color my lips line from etude house, a little more expensive but creamier on the lips than the vip girl darling lips hahaha

Before I finish this up, LOL, i’ve been using this daily since i got it, i may as well review this before i forget LOL.

No sharpening required, just twist the mid section for the ‘lead’ to come out. the shade i got is 01, the lightest of the 5. available in Manila are just 5 shades and it’s usually out of stock.

i love how it’s almost eGGzaklee the same shade of my lips had i enough Hb in my RBC’s LMAO.

sorry if my lips gross you out, hehehe i love nyx, i wish the feeling was mutual hahaha so my lips are dry and cracked.  but as you can see below, the shade is a good match for my lips.  and it will blend well as it has with all my lipsticks and creams, even nyx’s milan 😉

pic below is me wearing Milan and the etude house lip liner is underneath


  • no sharpening 
  • the product doesn’t suddenly fall out of the tube
  • shade match
  • blendability, it’s not as soft and creamy as a lipstick but it isn’t crayola stiff either
  • bec of the previous bullet your lip cream or lipstick doesn’t feather out of your lip line
  • no weird taste
  • no weird scent
  • the price,  PhP98, oh ha may sukli ka pa
  • REFILLABLE, huwow, and the…
  • refill costs taaadaaah PhP48 oh ha may sukli ka pa, chos! 😛


  • freakin thing is always out of stock, anuber, i’d have to find a decongested SM, hiyaaah ok, sige na nga.

Shall I repurchase? most definitely

Do i recommend? hell yeah!

TGIF folks! happy long weekend to those have that ‘luxury’