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89f88-p1030630-grandprize2of2MY HUMBLE MID YEAR GIVEAWAY – Open to Metro Manila Residents


FOTD: ETUDE HOUSE Secret Recipe with Baby Choux Base, All over Face Color and the Jelly Lipstick




Kikaytrekkie Holiday Giveaway prizes set 2

Kikaytrekkie Holiday Giveaway prizes set 2

Kikaytrekkies Holiday Giveaway.


 This has got to be one of the more pleasant smelling facial washes i’ve tried.  it smells like baby powder with a hint of a floral scent.  it’s so mild and lovely that i just had to write about that first!

 hurray for see through containers.  i can tell when i’m about to run out and i don’t have to look like a not so special person shining a light behind a bottle or container trying to see if i have enough product left for some more use before i buy a replacement LOL

and a huge spout! but it isn’t messy

 ingredients, ingredients

 so from top to bottom, i have written in EH, Etude House’s Proof 10 Auto pencil black, my bobbi brown gel liner, my tony moly gel liner, at the bottom is my the face shop make me star water proof gel liner a couple of really hard to remove lip products Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick and the really difficult to remove from the lips, the cover girl lip perfection in fairy tale

 the product dispenses as a foam already, thus the really big spout.

 so the Etude House’s Proof 10 Auto pencil black, my bobbi brown gel liner and the cover girl lip perfection in fairy tale are quickly erased

 and it takes a few more rubbing/scrubbing to remove the tony moly gel liner and the face shop make me star water proof gel liner, but the Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick remained, and even as i type i still have a red glob on the back of my left hand.


  • in my humble opinion, the scent of this product is really quite lovely
  • removes most ‘waterproof’ and difficult to remove makeup
  • does not dry out my skin or give a stretchy ‘dried out’ feeling on my skin after
  • does not sting my skin
  • no harsh skin reaction
  • takes a little product to clean off that much gunk
  • the PhP398 price tag for 200ml becomes worth considering how little you need to clean off your entire face
  • has a pump, so it’s hygienic
  • not much
Do i recommend: yes, definitely, specially to our students who have to take the public transpo, this is mild enough to remove the pollution from the street and their sebum and the baby powder they keep putting on their faces because it’s been the practice forever.
Will I repurchase: it’s in the realm of possibility 😉 

what’s cute, smells great, and protects my hands from our really corrosive liquid hand soap at work, and oh, really handy in my purse? it’s these cutey little Korean hand creams that’s what!

but these from Etude House are specially cute.

and look the box is from recycled paper.

printed with soy ink

and it’s cruelty free

of course imma gonna get these! 

i get these for gifts, i get these for me!



  • part of the sales of this collection goes to United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
  • cruelty free
  • super cute!
  • handy
  • the content actually works as an effective hand cream
  • smells great
  • less than PhP300 (exact price is PhP278)
  • 3 other variants
  • after you’re done with these things you can keep your knick knacks in here or it can be a paper weight
  • only 30 ml hehehe
Do i recommend? – yes definitely! it’s affordable for our teens to give to each other for birthdays, back to school stuff, etc
Will I repurchase? – of course 😉


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Truth be told, this is my first Etude House Mascara, i was always told that Etude House mascaras rock the socks out of people’s feet.  so at their discount sale (by the way if stocks are holding up, it’s still on going til the 12th of June, last i heard) i finally dove in and purchased me this one, in henna black.

the ingredient list below.

instructions, errrr in Hangul 😛

the wand

it’s a twisty brush type.

my lashes before, soooo they’re super thin and grow straight stick down.

one coat

two coats =(

so there’s thickening, there’s some kinda of lengthening, and a great deal of clumping 😛

a few quick questions to the people who’ve already used this?


  1. is this supposed to be a thick formula? mine’s kinda dry, sorta
  2. am i only supposed to apply just one coat? cuz it was kinda ok with just one, albeit lacking
  3. am i supposed to twist while i wiggle the wand from the root to the tips of my lashes?


  • it was on discount when i bought it, so it was less than 500 as opposed to more than 600 normal price
  • no weird smell
  • didn’t flake
  • easy to remove
  • didn’t smudge
  • didn’t melt or tear off or ooze down black tears (don’t ask 😛 this is a fun blog, no drama hahaha)
  • didn’t feel heavy on my lashes
  • kept the curl
  • my lash line didn’t get itchy and my eyes didn’t go stingy or watery throughout the day



  • the formula is a bit dry (or did i get old stock?)
  • well POIDH, there you go, i got clumped


I’d like to get the answers to the questions i posted above, but for now, i’m not loving this mascara, it clumped my lashes, it’s too dry.


what say you?




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TM Latte Art Cappuccino Shu Uemura skin purifier
EH Mini Size U Set Kate Lip Gloss
Missha Super Aqua Toner EDM Eye Shadows (2)
TM Vita Emulsion Kanebo Freshel Whitening Set
EH AC Clinic Set EH Precious Minerals BB Sample
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EH Precious Minerals BB sample
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EH Pearl Extract Mask
SF Gold Kiwi Gift Set

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My apologies for the short notice and in country only give away, it is rather small.  but i do hope some of you will like the prizes and join.

My facebook page turns one year old today, May 8.

Thank you so much for all of your support! I never could’ve imagined i’d reach 1k likes! but now i’m almost at 1600!

Thank you all for your support, your comments, and continued viewing.  kahit ano pang ipost ko some of you still comment!  i really really appreciate it!

Good luck!


  • Heno de Pravia powder
  • Carmex strawberry flavored chap stick with spf15
  • Laneige – bb cream, water water sleeping pack, multi cleanser  samples
  • Tony Moly – essence mask, sample lotion and toner
  • Blusche – mineral eye shadow in teal
  • Everyday Minerals – blush – once & again
  • Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation sample in sand
  • VMV Hypoallergenics Spring Cleaning cleanser sample
  • Lioele Lotion sample
  • Benefit High Beam sample size
  • The Face Shop Bright Capsule Body was sample