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FOTD: ETUDE HOUSE Secret Recipe with Baby Choux Base, All over Face Color and the Jelly Lipstick




what’s cute, smells great, and protects my hands from our really corrosive liquid hand soap at work, and oh, really handy in my purse? it’s these cutey little Korean hand creams that’s what!

but these from Etude House are specially cute.

and look the box is from recycled paper.

printed with soy ink

and it’s cruelty free

of course imma gonna get these! 

i get these for gifts, i get these for me!



  • part of the sales of this collection goes to United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
  • cruelty free
  • super cute!
  • handy
  • the content actually works as an effective hand cream
  • smells great
  • less than PhP300 (exact price is PhP278)
  • 3 other variants
  • after you’re done with these things you can keep your knick knacks in here or it can be a paper weight
  • only 30 ml hehehe
Do i recommend? – yes definitely! it’s affordable for our teens to give to each other for birthdays, back to school stuff, etc
Will I repurchase? – of course 😉


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First of all, I would like to give a shout out to Kring, who was so gracious and offered me an invite to this event.  But as it turns out my invite was stuck in cyberspace or in the proverbial ‘is in the mail’.  The marketing people of Etude House were kind enough to give me several invites that I was allowed to do a ticket giveaway for this event.

Below are my recipients, Emy and Kitsune!  thank you so much for your support and joining!

and here we are on day 1 the queue was long but it was all in good fun.

 and the program started.  we had several talks in day 1.  a basic skin care talk from Boram Kim, a fashion seminar from La Feriols and a couple of ladies from Meg magazine, kindly correct me if i’m wrong, had a a demo of applying makeup, the western way.  there was also a lovely performance by owl city, ooops i mean sunday dream.

 and day 2.  Boram Kim talked about acne and there he reiterated that so far there is NO DIRECT CORRELATION BETWEEN EATING DAIRY PRODUCTS IN PARTICULAR, CHEESES (AHEM PIZZA) AND MILK PRODUCTS SUCH AS CHOCOLATES AND ACNE!  so yeah, it’s still more about cleansing ones face, deep cleansing at least twice a twice a week i.e exfoliation, etc. 

 of course the appearance of the pink bug!  this is the first time i’ve seen this.  i was not able to attend the belle de jour event that Etude House was part of in Eastwood recently.  so here it is, so cute, down to the eye lash detail!

 and the people i met!  Kikaytalk’s Cat was there, and we won something from the raffle!  a SHINee Etude House diary!

 uys, look who it is! it’s our winner for the pink artiste Orange!  congrats love.  naturally i had to have my picture moments with the makeup artist from Korea, Boram Kim and the Etude House Philippines President Ms Andrea Amado!

Naturally, too, of course I had to take a chance for a pic with the ladies that always keep me in mind.  Thanks so much Rea for this invite, and woah, look who it is! it’s Carizza and Angel!

and the loot! from two days of playing the games winning the diary form the raffle and their press kit!  hurray! a lavender scented cologne.  that is soooo mine 😉 

this post will be updated with the performances of sunday dream once i’ve edited the raw vids.

did i have fun?! of course! did i miss hero T, of course!  it was great that sister in law was able to go with me on day 2.  at least she gets to see first hand what this viral buzz is all about.

and an update!

folks, Etude House Philippines, Rosa Fiore, is hard at work in bringing our lovely princess pink bedroom to more malls.  that includes more ayala malls that are actually in metro manila!  rob? well? jeez, have you seen gale? it’s ok.  and i have the east wood branch for my etude fix, and now metro east! where a certain Donna resides near at.

if you couldn’t go you missed:


  1. being with really nice girls, no judgements, just like a pajama party without the jammies LOL
  2. the hawt Boram Kim and his talks on skin
  3. the games, and yes, on the second day i got all three of the huge cotton buds in that bin! booyuh! but alas there was only one styro ball that stuck to the velcro thing
  4. the photobooth
  5. the fashion talks, yey new words peplums and anoraks LOL
  6. cotton candy, pink pop corn and those french macaroon thingies
  7. and the announcement of the pink artiste grand prize winner, Orange!
LIVE LONG AND PROSPER Etude House Philippines!

 Some of you may have read one of my recent posts on how i had to battle it out with breakouts that’s been coming back and forth since i used close up’s fire freeze which i again suffered during my basic makeup training using shu uemura products. i posted my routine on how i’ve been so far successfully been clearing up my zits, here.  part of the routine was using snail products.  snail mask sheets, snail cream before bed time and before i leave the house for work in the morning.  added to that, i had to wear my first ever snail bb (reviewed here)  the entire time my skin was sensitive.  

so when this gift set from etude house came on to my radar, i first had to well, save up so i can afford it and pay all the expenses that come with living, finally, i got to afford it, thank you sick leave conversion!  and here we are.  i’ve been using the sample size bb cream that comes with the gift set (it has two 8g tubes of snail bb) since i got it and here is my report.

i think it’s standard for Korean companies to give the second to the lightest (the darker shade) so this is shade #2 

 so it’s a tad dark, just a tad, but remember, this is supposed to be a bb cream, so it should adapt to my skin shade, in no time.

 and actually, it does!  in about 5-10mins, it eventually adapts to my cooler and paler skin shade but has a veil of coverage.

 here’s my mug in the morning with the bb cream on, no foundation yet, no setting powder yet.  just the bb cream and a little concealer on my gray spots (zit scars).

 and with flash! O.O it is reflective.  just a little more reflective than the etude house precious minerals bb cream that i reviewed here

 and at the end of the day, with just the bb cream, concealer, and topped with my wannabe shine finish pact & highlighter duo #1 that i reviewed here .  as you can see, with the setting powder, it doesn’t matter that the bb cream is shade #2.  the skin on my face is still was kinda even with the skin on my neck and chest.



  • spf40 pa+++
  • claims to have snail mucin (this is my period week! i don’t have a zit YET) thanks to this? maybe(?)
  • semi matte finish.  i’m no longer a fan of a matte finish on the face, it’s just flat and boring LOL
  • no scent
  • a tad watery so
  • it’s easy to blend out
  • clearly, it lasted me an entire shift (but i work in a place with decent airconditioning, and i haven’t tried this on a hot humid day walking around)
  • i only had to blot my oils out from my forehead and nose. so
  • this saves me blotting film and touch ups with powder
  • adapted to my skin shade
  • no breakouts, violent skin reactions, no new zit, no forming zit, millia, or discoloration caused by this product
  • light to medium coverage great for this season.
  • a slight gray caste while adapting to my skin.  so for about 10mins i look like i have chin chun su on so even on my fair skin, that is kinda not nice
  • mild plasticy/rubbery scent
  • dries at tad too quickly for my taste so i have to work fast blending it out.
  • no sticker protective seal at the tip of the tube (hahaha dedmakels ginamit ko parin baka nakalusot lang sa factory na walang protective seal)
  • coverage is light so unless you have clear skin this might not be for you
  • not yet available in full size in manila
Now that my skin is almost back to the way it was before the close up fire freeze and shu uemura break out incidents, i can wear these light to medium coverage bb creams again.  that means, it’s great for spring and summer where being too made up is not recommended and not pretty.  i’ve only been using it for a week, so unlike the snail bb here that i’ve been using for months i can’t safely really say, yet, that this snail bb from etude house has contributed a great deal in healing or helping me avoid new zits.  BUT IT AT LEAST DIDN’T CAUSE ANY NEW ONES even during this week when i’m prone to hormonal break outs.
Do I recommend – i would recommend this to ladies with fair skin, the ones that can pull off this shade.  
I DO NOT recommend this bb cream for taking pictures like ahem prom or graduation ahem.  unless you want a floating head on your profile pic on facebook showing what you looked like at your grad party.  yung limited ed na shinee bb, yun keri pa yun.  review on that by next week siguro.
will i purchase the full size? – depends on the price once it does get here! 😉
well, whatchatink?  has anyone else tried this?
i’ll post a youtube review on this by this weekend.

I just wanna put it out there that the pink one on the left in the picture above was a gift from Etude House last Christmas.  i super fell in love with it that i bought another one in another shade and scent.

This is one of those things that might have come up in the board room in thinking up of ideas how to package stuff.  hmmmm i want to bring along something to touch up my lips but hmmmm i also wanna bring something to freshen up the way i smell coming from a really smokey club…and tadaaah this is what the people behind the business comes up with.  a two in one.  on one end your perfume and on the other your gloss.

 the box is something of a collectible item as well as the artist is Annika Wester.  I think, Amore Pacific is hiring different western artists for their different brands.


 Wanna Love was the gift sent to me by EH while Wanna Touch is what I bought.

 Kindly click on the picture below and i hope i do these wonderful glosses justice and hopefully my cam picked up the really really fine glitter in these glosses

 hehehe i prefer the gift given to me by EH, the pinky, wanna love.  the glitter is much finer and there is some shade and on the warm pink side at that.  

 the wanna touch is a glitter gloss.  though the glitter is very very fine and not the type that feels sharp on the lips.

and the roller perfume.  the screw lids could be better and more secure, but ultimately it works and my kit doesn’t smell of leaking perfume.

of the scents i prefer the wanna love, the one with the pink gloss.  EH said that it’s their floral musk (parang paradox noh? floral musk?)  but i really like it.  it’s really really lady like, nope not at all like what lola wears, and it’s not like revlon’s charlie or avon’s sweet honesty hahaha shemay, ang tanda ko na hahahah bastus 😛

the wanna love, the one with the glitter gloss is ok, so so.  it smells like an upgrade to johnson’s baby cologne, yung blue, which i like din naman.

there is a third variant of this collection.

i recommend this to any etude house fan and lover.  this is a collectible.  and it’s also something nice to use ^_^

by the way it’s PhP698 each and they are limited.

Posting from my phone.  I may never get out of bed, if it weren’t for hunger hahaha O.o

This is one of the Christmas gifts given to me by Etude House last Christmas.  This is part of the Wannabe collection that they say is limited edition. woah, this is PhP898

There are instructions in the back.

what the product looks like.  it smells soooo good, too!  it sorta smells like the roller perfume they gave me.

the lid separating the powder product from the puff

and what it looks like on my skin.  the shade match is really good and the ‘shine’ is very very minimal if any.

the pink highlighter is what it is, a little powdery and not too finely milled but does the purpose, but at least it doesn’t make me look oily in the middle of the day.

product description and shade.

ingredients and instructions.

and this number 1 shade looks really natural on me and doesn’t look like i have a mask on.  and it mattifies the uber luminous laneige snow bb soothing cushion.


  • shade match, it looks dark in the pan but suits my nc15-20 skin
  • has spf 25 pa ++
  • doesn’t break me out
  • has a very slight scent but i really really love the scent
  • mattifies my luminous face products
  • very pretty packaging
  • has a separator lid to keep the sponge puff separate from the powder
  • has some coverage
  • doesn’t cake up my cream or liquid products on my face
  • doesn’t cake up in the middle of the day
  • the highlighter doesn’t accent my pores
  • doesn’t feel heavy on my skin
  • lasts 36mos upon first opening


  • doesn’t last long on my face, i get oily within about a couple of hours
  • the price, for once for any etude house review from me, i will put the price of this item under my dislike.  i feel, that apart from its wonderful scent, it’s a run of the mill setting/pressed powder pact.  so i guess people who buy this will be buying it because it’s a limited ed and for its packaging.

Do i recommend?

yes i do, ultimately this is a collectible item.

So some of you who follow my facebook page here and is a subscriber of my youtube channel here would know that i’ve been sent wonderful Christmas presents. THEN THEY TOLD ME THAT THOSE ARE LIMITED EDITION. so naturally, i had to get the other items from the limited edition hahaha, or hoard. LOL.  below is what i bought on Dec. 28, the other day.  so i got another of those dual ended gloss and perfume, in wanna touch.  a lipstick in chic beige and a couple of look at my eyes eye shadows.

this is the chocolate brown i used in my upcoming natural look tutorial.  i like this chocolate brown.  it really reminds me of the brown in my lunasol pallet and it’s nearly as creamy to apply, too! i’ll do a comparative review once i get the pink one of this. 

 it looks gray in the picture but it’s actually a taupe

for my purchases above the EH branch in Mega B gave me a couple of these:

and below is the ginormous loot bag sent to me by etude house as a Christmas gift.

A closer look.  i got 5 nail laquers, the party queen set.  it’s for gradation nail art.  and the wannabe color my nails, complete with nail art stickers.  

i just can’t super can’t tell you how much i love the scent on that dual ended thing.  a lip gloss on one end a roller perfume on the other.  they say the scent is floral musk.  floral musk, sounds like an oxymoron don’t you think?  but that’s what they said it is.  now if you intend to buy this, just look for the peachy pink shade of lip gloss and you’ll get the same one sent to me, the wanna love.  and of course the wonderful so hot pink #1 from the wannabe color my lips line.  and the wannabe  shine finish pact and highlighter

and here’s what the pact looks like.  this smells really faint but really nice and ladylike.

and oh they sent me this.  a body and hair perfume! naloka naman ako pwede sa hair.  well, all perfume is ok for the hair every once in a while.  just not too often because it is after all alcohol.  but the box says this world traveler minime, etude house’s version of the harajuku.

and hmmm i like the fact that it says it will last 36 mos upon opening LOL.  it smells like lemmon, and a little of dayap and a little of dalanghita/dalandan? hahaha i’m so bad at describing scents.  

below is my video demo using and showing you what was sent to me.  at least you can see in videos what you’ve seen above in pictures.

This has been such a wonderful season for Christmas gifts.  i can only hope i do Etude House justice in my description of their items i falling in love with everyday.  i so loved their wannabe color my lips that i bought chic beige! i love the creamy texture and how pigmented they really are. AND THEY DON’T DRY MY LIPS OUT.  

My friend Isra, always reminded me that expectation is the mother of all frustations.  so i am always delighted when i get an email from different companies inquiring for my preferred branch of their store.  This year, Tony Moly has kept me on their mailing list, with the opening of the mega mall branch, their snake venom product launch, and this holiday season, their marketing department was very thoughtful to send out a goodie bag to their loyal bloggers, and published writers.

behold, the appletox, one of their new lippies and their floria.  there is also a cream eye shadow stick. with this loot bag, they also sent me what looks to me like an 8×12 mirror with a back stand and faux leather frame.  i was given this same mirror in this last event and i am grateful for another.

but it’s this that caught my eye.  the makeup case.  i love these things.  and this thing is about 3-4inches deep and i love the pocket with a cover, too!

in the same week etude house also sent me an email inquiring where i prefer their Christmas gifts be sent as well.

and here’s the entire loot.  i will post a separate blog post including a video on how i showed my viewers what the items look like up close and how i used the powder pact and lippie, and of course a demo on how i use their baby doll puff.

Another super unexpected gift.  My office mate Donna, gave me this.  it’s a warm old rose champagne pink e/s from Revlon.  my favorite western brand.  and true enough the fact that i didn’t expect anything from Donna and more so i didn’t expect a makeup gift from her, made the lovely shadow all the more special.  as Isra always says, expectation is the mother of all frustration, i keep saying that don’t i?  in short baliktarin nyo, yung di ko expect yun pa talaga ang nagbigay.  the thoughtfulness my office mate put into this gift warms my heart.  i realize i must be a difficult person to find a gift for considering people around me probably think i have every makeup possible.  uuuhhh nope.  Thank you, Donna.

WAAAAHOOOO! tools!  this awesome set is from my sister in law.  is she unconsciously saying to switch vocations (hahaha tae, vocation talaga) i mean professions? hahaha kembot pa ko dito sa kinaroroonan ko, patigasan ng fez, baby! muhahaha

ang dondadonda! aaaaaannnnd just look at those handles, i love that they’re short, perfect for travel, yet long enough that i won’t have to rest my fingers on a client, if i choose, that’s IF, i choose to use these on a client.

AND THIS HOMAYGHAD THIS of course, i’d show this last.  it’s from the hubby!  mmmaaaaaaiiii preciouSS (channeling Golum!)

one pallet to rule all!  it has your blush, a cream base, a glittery shadow for highlight and a shade for depth.

ah gifts.  what can i say?  that ads that say free gift is grammatically incorrect hahaha gift nga eh, so syempre free, demmit.

expect something and you will get nothing. don’t expect and surprises will come. 

Special Thanks to 

Tony Moly – more power to you in 2012

Etude House – likewise, more power to you in 2012
Donna – prajek na kita pramis!

Farah – tinipid tipid namin yung dark kisses hahaha theBenj and i love those! thank you ♥

and DEE – the folder stand is some thing i can actually use on my vanity! i♥it ^_^

Cyn – it’s an awesome set, thanks so much!

theBenj – you are my star as usual ☺♥