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89f88-p1030630-grandprize2of2MY HUMBLE MID YEAR GIVEAWAY – Open to Metro Manila Residents





Some of you may recall that I used this bb cream in my recent tutorial seen below.

that night was actually the first time i had tried out this special and limited edition bb cream.  and i’ve used it everyday since then.  

 the ingredient list is below and in english.

 it has a pump and a pump that works! 

 it is more like a foundation to me though, like a a sheer sorta luminous tinted moisturizer.

 i like the luminosity on this one.  it’s really quite subtle.

 a picture of me with just the bb cream and concealer under my eyes and pimple scars. hehehe sorry hagardo verzowsa.  this is my morning fez

 it’s a tad reflective.  i had bad lighting since it was raining so the room i was in was sorta dark.  this coupled by my flash not loving me this day i took the pic and the spf in the product made it reflective. but i suppose i can still pull it off since my face is only a little lighter on my face.  so ladies with warmer and deeper skin tones, please be aware of this fact before purchasing it.  please try the product first, go around the mall, take pictures of yourself, and see if you will still encounter this floating head phenomenon, if you can deal with it, then by all means, buy it.

but if you won’t take pictures of yourself with a flash, then it really really looks natural yet you look polished. this foundation (yes, foundation) provides a thin veil of light to medium coverage that can even out the skin on your face and it made me look i had blood running up to my head instead of my non-madeup face where in i look really ashen and pale.

topped with setting powder and the bb has set a bit.  even with flash it looks sorta normal already.


  • semi dewy – makes me look healthy! well without flash photography that is.  just the normal no flash, real life, i like the finish of this
  • consistency – it’s a cross between a foundation and your regular bb cream so it’s a tad watery so it’s great to blend but blends out sorta powdery 
  • not cakey
  • covers pores evenly
  • light to medium coverage, great for summer! you don’t end up looking too made up!
  • i don’t oil up right away.  no need to reapply, even after i walked under an umbrella in the rain so it was wet and humid all i had to do was blot away the oil and moisture and it looked like new on my face again
  • THE SCENT OMG I LOVE THE WAY THIS SMELLS!  it’s super duper faint but really lovely and soft and feminine.  it’s tough to describe but it’s kinda a cross between the johnson’s and johnson’s baby powder regular scent mixed in with a little lavender but very very faint.
  • the price check out their webstore here it’s less than 500 for 30grams of product! so college students can afford it!
  • takes a little product to cover my entire face
  • a pump that works!
  • limited edition.  so hmmmm why are the good stuff limited ed? LOL
  • very limited shades.  i think they only have shade two in the stores here in manila.
  • hmmm always out of stock? i had to get mine at the eastwood branch LOL
do i recommend? – definitely
will i repurchase? – i might!

 has anyone else tried this?

So yeah, bagayan ba daw yung tube with the lipstick? (matchy matchy lippy with the bb cream tube?) Lol.  and no i’m not gonna comment on the word bebelish.  i’m pretty sure many bloggers have made fun, scrutinized and just said huh? at that word

At sa wakas, finally, I get to try this bb cream, one of the most famous bb creams of all time.  The reason why I never got around to this bb cream is because it isn’t available locally, and by the time I had gotten addicted to bb creams, there were so many other bb creams in the market that are available in manila and a lot cheaper, too

The full size of this is a cannister like doohicky with a pump.  It has all the bells and whistles of a bb cream, the whitening, the anti aging, the spf, the moisturizing, the cure for cancer, the solution to metro manila’s traffic, and of course, world peace.

I’ve been using this bb cream this week and well no world peace, and it was extremely traffic the past few days because ‘they’ think painting the underpass at farmers in cubao is not putting a flower on top of shizz.  

I’m glad I only got a sample size of this bb. 

The coverage is so so – light to medium.  Not much in the pore coverage dept.

I’m not much into whitening so I don’t care about that.

At least it has spf 25 and pa ++ good enough for indoors.

Oil control- almost 0 I have to blot off the oils about every 2 hours

I also look too made up or at least I think my face looks too fair.  I had to apply my yellow like really yellow base foundation, my kanebo liquid mineral foundation to balance it out a bit.

So I’m not a fan of this bb cream, at least it hasn’t broken me out even through this hell week and my period, so in that regard, job well done to this bb cream.

Will I buy the full size? Nope, I have other and bb creams that are far better than this.

Do I recommend- nope specially for women with oily combination skin.  this is probably better for ladies with drier skin.

This made me miss last week’s bb cream from nature republic, lol


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Finally, i get to post this.  I got this about last week, when it exploded on facebook.  so here it is.  i, took pictures of every page, but i’ll just post the ones that actually relevant to me.

this statement actually surprised me, he’s 25-26 now, so he may mean here below, that after he’s served the military and the time he has now til then, that he’d focus more on improving his skills before he makes any attempt in being in a band.  take note, band.  this guy does play the guitar and lead guitar at that.  it just so happens his face overtook his guitar skills when he applied for a job when he first started out in the business.

more of a mature, better-fed jihoo.

i’m glad that i bought this mag.  very few mags are in english enough to make fangirling over guys like this meaningful to someone like myself who grew up on the muppets and sesame street.

August 2011: when he visited the Philippines as part of his whirlwind tour for his breakdown album and the face shop.  I actually met the ladies of Sparkling Magazine at the Moa event, but they weren’t allowed to take pictures officially so, like regular fangirls they had to raise their dslr’s and point and shoot and hope for the best.

tony moly and etude house, friendly on the budget with packaging for tweens and mid 20’s ladies.

except for the violet bottled bb cream and the compact, i’ve tried all of the products below, and the only one i would NOT recommend is the body shop one with the shiso 😦 super expensive for such a tiny amount for a so so bb cream.

yey, a Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines.  It’s not just about kpop, it’s an entire history of a people.  at least they opened this 20th branch here in the Philippines, for those interested in more than pop culture.

ah the kdramas.  i’ve seen scandal and i super LOVED IT, thanks to that show i’m now a big fan of Tony Moly’s endorser, Song Joong Ki and The Face Shop female endorser, Park Min Young. i’ve seen he’s beautiful so i always have room for FTI and CNBlue. i have secret garden at home now.  and notably, hanakimi.  a japanese drama, a very good one according to my jpop addicted friend.  at least, Sparkling mentioned Jpop at all.  it is after all, the original in Asian Pop.  it just so happens that Kpop is pushing its way to be the top.

and of course, what’s an issue without the mention of rain and big bang? answer:  an incomplete magazine, that’s what.  though i’ll leaf through it again and see if there was a mention of lee min ho.  but usually the mere sight of his nose makes my eyes go like this O_O and right away i know it’s Lee Min Ho.

Kim Hyun Joong has a new album out, Lucky guy, but honestly, after that ‘climax’ i had with the pic taking with Hyun Joong and Rain’s rest, as of yesterday from Kpop, as he entered the military, that honeymoon phase i have(had) with Kpop is over.
Where my addictions will take me, i’ve yet to know, all i know is if there’s anything i won’t buy it’s mac both the cosmetic and the computer, nyahahaha.  

Your input is welcome ♥☺

DISCLAIMER: i purchased this product with my own money at the duty free of Changi International Airport.  I am not being paid by Clinique to review their product.  I’m just addicted to bb creams, clearly! 
This post will be updated with a video review for those who’d rather hear the review in the background while browsing another site instead of read LMAO, cuz i obviously do that!  but here’s my report in written format.and here it is:

I was advised last May at the Clinique Event I went to that Clinique has come out with their own bb creams and that it will arrive and launched in Manila this August, (if not already, since it is after all August, eww).  naturally, i couldn’t wait and took advantage of the duty free and bought this baby.  as with all clinique products it’s allergy tested, no fragrance and dermatologist tested.  and all clinique products regardless if it’s makeup
have skin caring ingredients.  and this bb cream is part of their age defense line so it’s for anti aging as well (which a great deal of bb cream boast of anyway).  
it’s just that since it’s clinique, you have a well known western brand that actually have yeeeeears upon yeaaars of testimonials from our tita’s and moms.  but even youngins like Elle and her sister from allthatglitters21 and even our very own Aubrey of fafinettex3 use Clinique so our younger 20 somethings are Clinique users so hopefully Clinique will no longer be looked at as a brand for our tita’s and moms.
Look achie! it’s in English LMAO.
and unlike a great deal of bb creams, this shows you its shelf life and woah it’s 2years upon first opening.  so dearies, get your magic marker and label your stuff the date you opened your makeup or skin care.  imma gonna have to remember i got this in july during my still can’t get over it trip to Sg LMAO.
it’s a tad thick but watery, but when blended out it covers fine lines well and pores but my green vein can still be seen. i get an even light to medium coverage with this.  i like as in super like the veil, matte to satin finish, unlike my shu that has matte finish.
still need under eye concealer to hide how much i stayed up the previous night watching criminal minds or the boys over flowers rerun on kbs LMAO.  photo below was taken withOUT the flash turned on.
photo below has the flash turned on.  slightly reflective, but not too much.  it evened out my skin fr chest to neck to face 😉
and of course topped with my ever ever as in most favorite-i even got two back ups of- the revlon colorstay mineral aqua.  DISCLAIMER: i don’t buff in completely the mineral aqua foundation as you would mineral foundation, i use my mineral aqua to set.  i prefer the oil absorption qualities of this mineral foundation and the slight additional coverage is a good boost.
Photo below is a pic taken without flash.
photo below taken with flash.  still slightly reflective but manageable.
combination of the mineral aqua, revlon age defying concealer, and the clinique bb, hides my under eye circles without caking up, and fill in my fine lines without looking like i put on a ton of product.
what a feat lol, another high end product review LMAO, thank the godSS it turned out ok on me.  it’s way up there now with my tony moly expert triple and l’egere white multi AND HAS dethroned my skin food peach sake bb cream! well in fairness to the shu uemura under base bb, that, too, is an awesome bb underbase that gives a flawless finish it’s just that i can’t use it too often or daily or i’d develop black heads.  
  • 2year shelf life with indicator
  • spf 30 pa +++ great for indoorsy types like me who’s stuck in the office
  • creamy to apply
  • good pore and fine lines coverage
  • light to medium to slightly buildable coverage, the spider veins on my cheek are covered well enough
  • does not cake up throughout the day
  • oil control is ok, i only have to blot once or twice MAX throughout the day
  • doesn’t feel heavy on my skin
  • does not oxidize on me
  • did not break me out (used this and still using this for 5 days now) no new black heads, milla, white heads
  • no scent
  • midway between matte to satin finish, so it isn’t completely flat, very minimal dew LOL but there still is
  • without duties (as in taxes) and on gss (great singapore sale) this still costs about PhP1500 it was Sg$40.5 at the duty free Changi International Airport, but, who knows it may just be 2k at rustan’s just like the shu, hahaha just daw, pweh
  • anti aging part, been only using it for 5 days and it’s really hard for me to notice the difference if any of the anti aging stuff has worked on my fine lines.
Do i recommend?  sure specially to those who can’t see themselves going inside a road side [their version of drugstore brand] korean cosmetic store, which matter fact-ly, i just do not know why.  etude house, tony moly and the face shop have bb creams that are just par with this one.  and matter of fact-ly the makeup found in EH, TM, TFS are just the same as revlon, cover girl, maybelline or even better.
Will I repurchase: probably not.  as you know i hardly repurchase anything, it has to be super outstanding for me to get a back up of anything.

What’s your take on these western brands, a Lauder one at that, riding the bb cream bandwagon? i wonder what else they’ll take on?  the snail cream? LMAO

it’s interesting that the face shop philippines has finally stepped up their game by bringing in the bb creams the face shop Korea have had for a while now and have brought in the newer bb cream releases from the face shop. recently i purchased this, because i have oily combination skin.

click on the pic below of a bigger pic of the ingredient list.

i purchased the smaller of the two sizes because as you know i’ve got loads of these bb creams piling up.  it’s in an upside down tube.  a word to the wise, if you do not want to suspect your housemates of fooling with your stuff, check the items you purchase before you leave.  ALL BB CREAMS have that aluminum sticker thingies that cover the spout as proof of no prior use.  having said that, i didn’t on my bb cream and a month or two has passed when i finally tried this and saw it no longer has the protective seal.  so no, suggesting that it’s someone from the house, is insane.  so yeah, factory defect, that i can’t return.  

ah sea water, this is as close as i can get to the sea.  i’m not a beach person.  i’d rather travel for the scenery of a new city but hardly ever for beaches, unless it’s free.

what it looks like.  more like a foundation, a watery one. but once blended it has a powdery finish, a little like the maybelline bb cream.

here’s my mug before any cosmetic.  just the snail cream.
a shot of me with just the bb cream, need a little concealer under my eye circles? yeh just a little, it’s reflective, too!  for something just spf20 pa++, phfft.

and here’s the finished office/school look.  i just topped it off with the revlon colorstay mineral aqua FINISHING powder.  my mistaken order, but it’s working out well. review to follow.


  • very smooth and creamy to apply.
  • shade match
  • does not oxidize on me
  • is not cakey and does not cake up mid day when my oils come out
  • didn’t break me out (though i’ve received one feed back already that this broke her out)
  • coverage is medium to buildable
  • lasting.  but i’m oily in a bout 3 hours and i blot about 3times a day vs just two with my luminous from the skin shop or my expert triple from tony moly where i only need to blot once or at most twice in a shift.
  • pore coverage, makes my pore look smaller
  • i like the scent, baby powder like, very light
  • just spf20 pa++ for PhP400++ for a 20ml product well i guess that’s still better than Avon’s or Maybelline’s
  • as usual, the srp here in the Philippines for the face shop products.  but i got this because there was a promo involving Kim Hyun Joong so gora lang LOL
  • no security/protective seal on mine.  but that’ my bad, i didn’t check =( nope this wasn’t a tester, those have stickers that say testers and it was in a box pa.  so ghels, always check your items for any suspicious stuff, the way the body shop insists on opening your lip stick and checking if it’s cracked or melted.
  • only one shade
  • reflective
all for now folks!  how has your weekend been so far?

Warning: pls forgive my fragments, run on sentences, homonym misspellings, mood changes, and an over-all possibly yawn moment(s) on this article, this is quite possibly one of the longest article i’ve ever written.
Disclaimer: this product was sent to me to try out.  i am not paid for this review. i was NOT hired to do this review either. this is my honest review of this product that i’ve tried daily for at least 5days, 3weeks going on 4wks, in fact.  
I will have an over all review on the skin shop’s bb creams that were sent to me by the end of the month or at least by the first week of August posted on my youtube channel, hopefully, by this Sunday.
Product Description:
Skin regeneration effect + minimize skin irritation + skin trouble care
  • Maximize the effect of skin regeneration by using 90% of superior filtered snail mucus
  • Minimize skin irritation by using vegetable emulsifier derived from Olive.
  • Exclusion of GMO ingredients which disturb ecosytems
  • Using preesia extract and eight oriental herb medicine extracts which have superioreffect in anti-inflammation and sedation. (O_O sedation)
  • Size : 50g
  • Skintype : All skin types
How to use: Pour a generous amount of cream into your palm. Apply adequate amount of cream all over the face.
Price on their website: – SKW35000 = PhP1,403.12
First of all let me tell you now that i’m not at all squeamish when it comes to blood, guts, pus, and what comes out with either the number 1 and 2, yep even before medschool, i’ve never really been squeamish about much.  
SECOND OF ALL, as with any mass produced product in a factory, skin care, or anything sold for mass consumption is PROCESSED. it went through a long system of tubes and tubs of heating, with added, synthesizers, shelf life prolonging ingredients, binding agents, and ingredients to make application on the skin easier.  SO PLS, THIS ISN’T LIKE A crushed snail inside and you smear it on your fez.  still that’s what legend(s) say old-man-Hippocrates did to some guy with a leg wound – crushed a few snails and smeared it on the open wound.  
– been around FOREVER like since Hippocrates’ time
– has been selling like hot cakes in Chile for about a decade+ or so now
– going rate is indeed roughly converted PhP1500 ++ and yes ++
– from CNNGo written by Jean Oh as recently as July of 2011 like last month: article is here <–clickable link
– an article from way back when (2009) – click here
   which says: ‘Chemically speaking, snail slime is a complex mixture of proteoglycans, glycosaminoglycans, glycoprotein enzymes, hyaluronic acid, copper peptides, antimicrobial peptides and trace elements including copper, zinc, and iron.’ by Left Brain
– can be used on rosacea 
– and a western brand sell their version on line
– generally it’s that glistening slime ‘laway’ snails tail/leave behind when they move around
so in a farm and controlled environment, ideally, the slime produced by our super slugs are boosted with ginseng, mixed in with vitamins, minerals, and ♫a partridge in a pear tree♪. 
as usual Korean cosmetics companies hire the top kpop idols to endorse their products.
cuz yeah a guy like NichKhun would go out with you when you start using this cream. (but in fairness, kkochipida gave me a sample sachet fr it’s skin, which i brought to SG, i used that and i didn’t look like a tired fangirl the next day on orchard road and even the day after at the Changi airport!)
but for an almost new company like the-skinshop, they have an almost new all girl group, JQT.
moving forward:
other brands that sell snail creams have their creams in a regular glass tub but the one sent to me has a pump.  so it’s uber convenient to use and hygienic.

so it looks like a regular skin cream, on the slimy side, LMAO.  well it does proclaim to have 90% mucin filtrate.
some of you may remember this pic.  me with not one, not two, but three zitSS!  so they’re sore, red, slightly swollen, encapsulated (meaning you actually feel a ball of something in your flesh when you press down)
and a few days later upon continued usage (meaning twice a day [morning and at bed time]) roughly 3-4days.  the zit on my temple and above my brow have dried up significantly and the one under my eye is no longer encapsulated, no longer red, and has shrunk.
going on 4weeks using this product but using the usual cleansing (weekly facial scrub) method, i’ve noticed shallower pores on my cheeks.  O_O yeah but it’s possible the dimethicones used in this to make it easy to apply camouflage my pores, i’ll use this further and get back to you on the pores thing.
burgeoning pimples shy away from growing into a full pimple since i’ve been using this.  so in so far as skin repair, i’m inclined to believe the adverts on that issue.
  • pump
  • very faint scent, kinda floral and citrus at the same time
  • very easy to apply not too thick not too slick
  • dries and absorbed quickly
  • didn’t break me out, no new millia, no black heads, white heads, and no pimples from using this product IN FACT
  • i now have fewer black heads, no white heads, no millia, AND it dries up my pimples very quickly [when i have a zit, it usually takes me 2wks for me to heal thy self] the reason why i grew zits is because i’m quite sensitive to sunscreens so the three days i used the sunscreen from the face shop gave me zits.
    so definitely this isn’t the product that caused my zits, the time line was too obvious that it was the face shop’s sunscreen that caused my zits.
  • does not affect my makeup like make it cakey throughout the day or make my foundation slip off.
  • i’ve noticed i’m less oily since i started using this product.
  • for 50g? SKW35000 is actually not that bad
  • not locally available
  • slight tingling sensation around the sensitive areas on both corners of my eyes, but that goes away pretty quickly
  • had it been locally available, i’m pretty sure something that’s 50g with a pump would go for something like PhP2k or more
  • since i don’t have much wrinkles, i can’t testify to the effectiveness of this product on wrinkles 
Do I recommend:  most definitely!  anyone who can afford this and is prone to pimples and black heads should give this a try, if you can get samples first, i wish you the best. 

Will i repurchase: definitely!

what it looks like full size

once applied.  the content actually looks like a bb cream and it’s lightly scented on the berry side

but the next Monday after our wonderful weekend getaway. =(

i brought 3 of these sachets because i thought, purrrrfect for my trip, it’s such a space saver to just have sample sachets, better for airport security not to check if your liquids is over 100ml, better for storage, after you use it you’ll just throw it in the bin, less stuff for airport security to check upon your trip back and more space for you to buy new stuff.

eeep, i forgot i’m sensitive to too much sunscreen. i apply this after washing, toning, and applying snail cream from it’s skin (also in a sample sachet) i’d apply this sun screen then bb cream with spf, too.  i really love the slight berry scent and the creamy texture similar to that of a bb cream. and i really wanted it to work out so badly because i stayed matte all freakin day [but then i was in SG, it’s clean over there]! i can’t say the same for my neutrogena.

but at least i only have this in sample sachets.  i may have to skip in buying the full size one and go back to my tried and tested neutrogena ultra sheer

do i recommend this? definitely, if you’re not sensitive to high spf formulations then go, you may love the acai berry scent and other antioxidants infused in this sunscreen

will i reuse [i mean use the sachets i have left]- actually yes, lmao, if it’s just one day instead of daily then i figure it won’t break me out.