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Streaming Should've Treated You Better By U-Beat

U-Beat, the sub-unit of U-Kiss has released their first single, Should’ve Done Better or Should’ve Treated you better.
Should’ve treated you better has a fun beat with a twist of rnb melody and of course, rap, but don’t let that fool you. The song recalls how a love is lost and how regret leaves his heart in pain and longing for a lover’s return. The regret leaves the heart hurt and wishing how he treated lady-love better while he had the chance. The song ends with the lover asking for his girl back and not wanting to let go.
Once again, the lyricists and composers for u-kiss, this time, for u-beat, serenade us with a sweet melody backed by a catchy beat and rhythm. I fell in love with this song the moment I heard it. Reading the lyrics in English made me love it more.
This is the kind of music I would play while driving. it’s smooth rhythm yet catchy and makes you want to tap your foot to the beat will keep me awake and alert while on the road and keep me upbeat and lifts my spirit even while the day wears on.
Listen to U-Beat’s song on and fall in love with me to Should’ve Done Better


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