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So here we are, two weeks after the Garnier Girl, pretty Georgina Wilson at lovely Robinson’s Place Manila event and several days after my hazzards of event blogging post (how i felt used by Garnier) one of the brand managers of Garnier Philippines, a couple of people that handle the pr and digital for Garnier Philippines asked me out to lunch today to have a face to face.  The PR and digital ladies have been trying to hook up with me since Monday and today we had our chance for a sit down.
There were a few things that were clarified:
  • that there was there was a miscommunication as to what my duties were that day with Georgina
  • that PR and digital representatives for big brands like these do have internet to provide their bloggers for live tweets and posts
  • and indeed both the blogger and the endorser do have their ‘scripts’ or at least an outline of what each have to do and since my handler was late it snowballed to me not being informed of the necessities of the event to the point of me not getting my press kit.
  • that from now on any communication regarding bloggers vis a vis events for Garnier will be handled someone at least familiar to me or have had more experience in dealing with bloggers thanks to her background with a smaller smaller company.
  • that they will be contacting the people who have posted comments on my
    hazzards of event blogging post that have grievances with either Garnier or the PR people that they encountered
  • and that the young lady that was my muse for a lot of annoyed tweets, statuses will be dealt with accordingly
  • and I received my press kit with 9 products and 2cds and no college looking hand out.
What I received these in my goodie bag.
is this thing the miracle worker a lot of bloggers claim this is?

 another roll on

 a whitening agent

a heating mask, i do recall giving these out a couple of giveaways ago, so how was it ladies?

 this is something new to me

 and this, i will try this, i think? it has a salicyclic acid ‘derivative’ hehehe so no something close salicylic acid.

 and this, my office mate says she loves this.

our lunch was at the new Seoul Garden branch at Robinson’s Galeria.  I really liked this place!  and it’s quite authentic.  i think our waiter is Korean, too.  his name was George though lmao!  but see, if there are Koreans in a restaurant then it gives you an idea that the place is pretty much a Korean place.

I do not know if i will get anymore invites from the PR people of Garnier, and I will think long and hard before accepting any more invites from them unless it specifically comes from someone in particular who has been the best go between in this entire exchange of emails and text messages.

Once again, let me just say that I blog about KPOP and Asian cosmetics.  I just do not know diddly squat about local celebrities and they hold no interest for me.  Hopefully, the two young ladies that initially reached out to me learned a valuable lessons from this experience.  

Never be late.

Never take your patrons for granted.

Be mindful of your business communication skills

If you’re being paid to represent a company in a very public event and digitally, be mindful of your duties, there is no such thing as over preparing.  

Hopefully, they make good in contacting and making it up to the people who have aired their grievances on my hazzards of event blogging post.  If anything, I hope I helped the voiceless or those who gave up because their messages were falling on deaf ears.

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