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I’ve had this perfume stick for a while.  i first saw the concept of perfume sticks from yet another L that I buy over and over, Lush.  

But i wanted to try out our more readily available Etude House PerfumeD stick.  

 i’ve had this for a while, and i’ve kept the box, it’s really cute!

 i do not know where step 1 and 2 are LOL

 the top of the box.

 it has a protective cap

 that doesn’t slip off and clasps into place,

 see that ridge? near the top of the rim?

As you can see, this actually has the consistency of a stick deodorant, and not the powdery kind either like from secret 😦

it’s been really really muggy for several days now and this will end up feeling oily at the back of your neck and kinda sticky on your jugular area (the part of your neck that forms a v around your adam’s apple/voice box)


  • really cute packaging! ikr!
  • i just gotta say this, that protective lid? the plastic one? it’s really in there once you snap it in place, it’s not gonna budge, so your deo este perfumeD stick is less likely to dry out sooner than later meaning it’s gonna take a while to dry this baby out
  • the head part doesn’t doesn’t come off easily either
  • it’s travel friendly due to its compact size 
  • it’s travel friendly because it’s not a liquid so no worries in bringing it on your carry on on an airplane.
  • twisty body to push up the stick like your normal deodorant
  • four scents available
  • i’m not a fan of this particular scent, it’s a tad strong, i guess it’s not for me i prefer scents on a more vanilla type of smells (like my american cream)
  • i’m not a fan of the price either PhP548 but it’s cheaper than Lush’s for the amount you get
Do I recommend: yes? great for travel and there are four other variants in case this.
Will I repurchase: maybe i’ll try another scent.

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