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DISCLAIMER: MY BLOG IS A BLOG ABOUT ASIAN COSMETICS, KPOP, AND OCCASIONALLY, FOOD.  having said that, actresses/models from manila are quite unknown to me, as in  i didn’t even know ryan eigenmann or however you spell that that german sounding name is an actor model, he just looks like a de mesa to me. my office mates can attest to this.  so i just know that this young lady Georgina is a model actress.  and therefore am not a fan, Song Hye Go, 2ne1 fan nga ako eh, ok?
Some of you may have read that I went to the Garnier Event at far away Robinson’s Place Manila and braved the storm last week.  my fucking birthday weekend because i stupidly rsvd to this event.

 on the day of the event i get this text.  i should’ve known then, tsk tsk tsk
AND ANOTHER THING, i’m not a fan of steven jobs, he’s not a saint, he’s just a big a thief as bill gates, so puhleezz i don’t get why people deify him.  i like apple products, i just don’t like the stupid price and how people just lust over a product when they are much cheaper alternates.
so ok, back to the idiotic text, i should’ve foreseen that just like galeria, the free wifi robinson’s provides does not pierce through the department store.  one can give them the benefit of the doubt that these user people is assuming you’d use your the unli plan because nga you have an iphone from globe or smart.  call me poor, but i buy all my phones from the brand dealers/stores directly because i dislike the 2year contracts our telcos tie its subscribers down with.
so even through a storm, even if it was my stooooopid birthday weekend i went out last saturday. so at the event at robinson’s place manila i was greeted, and i used gladlycast an sms service that i text this certain number so it will post on my plurk and twitter, alangan naman bibili pa ko ng smart sim para maka tweet, ano, bale? 
i had no name badge kahit nag register pa ko, and ultimately NO loot bag.  i just told the Anna person, that i work right above their L’oreal office and can pick it up by the next working day.
I texted that Anna person by tuesday, di sumagot, i texted again the next day, sumagot na, magfa follow up daw.  
6 days after the event, Friday na, i replied to the original person who invited me.
to which she replied:
takes them an entire work week to organize 6 products that they sell at less than 100 pesos during L’oreal head office sales?
photo below is from blogger Axl Guinto there’s his watermark below.  and there’s a portfolio, THAT’S what i wanted since i do not know crap about garnier since yun nga hindi sya korean.  axl got this on the day of the event mismo.  no waiting period, no texting required.
7th day, and it’s been a week since the event still no press kit.
baka isipin nila hot na hot ako sa items nila, please lang, eh may may bi-annual sales nga ang l’oreal sa baba, i get that for dirt cheap.  
so lesson learned
  • pag may bagyo, sa bahay ka na lang regardless if you made a commitment to attend something
  • pag birthday weekend mo and if the NKOTBSB are in town, mag fan girl na lang at tumambay sa edsa shang at moa to see the back street boys and new kids on the block to have you’re own pic with the guys.
yes, i gave them 5 working days, yes, i work right above their office, what’s to stop me from confronting their french boss who i keep encountering at the elevators and telling him how his garnier people treated me? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

i won’t make habol na, had this been like Asian brands, i woudn’t even need to make habol, rosa fiore, the face shop, and kanebo people know what the hell they are doing and treat me well.

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