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Yesterday, The Face Shop launched their summer makeup look and their VIP Club 20 card.  Bloggers were on hand at this event and we got introduced to their new campaign for summer.

The event was held at their branch at Trinoma.

Behold, The face shop marks down their prices on 109 products!

catering was provided by TGI Fridays, and we got to take home that tall, tumbler thing.

lookieee what we have here, a new nail kit.  this just in about a week ago!

and their orange line 😉

i’m not sure what these are, i’ll get back to you 😉

summer lip gloss!

hmmmm waterproof gel liner!  i’ll try this out next week!

hey an oldie but goodie, but now it’s a square compact and they have matte shades for their orange eye shadow from the lovely me:ex line.

our latest the face shop campaign, a world wide club.  the mission is to make cosmetics more affordable to our younger ladies.

below are sleeping packs! new as in one week old only 😉

hero Tania joined me at the event.

I got my hair done 😉

and ooooh an amy winehouse do!

or top girl winner graces us with her presence.  after meeting her, i get it, she truly does deserve to be our top girl representative.  hopefully, she’s a fan of our great leader, kim hyun joong that way she feels the full benefit of this Korean craze.

on the right is brand manager Candy 😉 

our nail art blogger was on hand to do a demo 😉

wait, bb cream! a honey bb!  yes, i will eventually get to this.  it’s in a glass bottle? no pump either, hehehe a foundation hiding behind the bb craze/name.

more new items that just arrived last week!

baby lotion, awwww!

photo-op with our winner 😉

hero T has a makeover done.  which i liked when she was all dolled up and finished 😉

here we are, thank you, Ms Marge for the invite! more power to the face shop!

my loot bag.

and here we are, my very own club20 vip card, this is PhP150.  you get these items below that, according to the packaging can last you 5days, so perfect for travel!  the vip card entitles you for exclusive invites for events like these launches, nail art and makeover events held by the face shop.

the products below iis part of their orange is the new retro campaign.

the new lip glosses and a lip plumper 😉

this has been around a while but i think these items are part of the 109 items that they are marking down the prices on.

the lip and cheek stain 😉 on 100 pesos mark down!

the powder pact, ladies, pls quit applying baby powder to your faces and try these compacts from now on!

i’m eggzited! i wanna try the waterproof gel liner in pen form!

ah this skin care line, my skin is oily to combo type so this may not work for me?

but a foaming facial wash is always good

and the moisturizer.

check out the items that are on mark down! i hear they will even increase the number of items that will be marked down!

the vip club20 card is only available in 3 branches, the trinoma, the megamall, and the sm moa branches.

grab one now!



  1. Reblogged this on My little bubble world. and commented:
    The latest Face Shop campaign, a world wide club with their VIP Club20 card, with their mission to make cosmetics affordable. The card is only available at 3 branches (Trinoma, Megamall, and SM MOA TFS branches). Grab one now at only 150php with a freebie kit. Thanks Marge for this info.

  2. I wanna attend a blogger event too! ;)) I’m a newbie though. 😦

    • it took me about 2 years before i finally got invited to events. i suggest you join contests for events, and continue to blog, the more hits you get the more noticed your site will be.

      good luck! 🙂

      • Yes. I know. *sigh* But anyway, thank you for your advice! 😉 btw, your blog’s so great! 😉

    • thanks, and you’re welcome 😀

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