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 so it’s kinda a cosmetics shopping ban, LOL so it’s time to whip out the samples! 😛

so ever since this picture came out:

well, i wasn’t that interested, i found the picture of dara above too SHINee shimmery, i feel like handing her an oil blotting film.  OF COURSE NO PRODUCT should, could, and would make you look like that.  it’s all smoke and mirrors and photoshop!

but let’s sample this out, shall we?

last week i sorta reviewed the tony moly goddess aura beam here, so this week i’ll review the nymph aura.

 oooohhh already i like this product, it’s soooo not like the lip gloss the goddess aura beam is. this nymph aura is like a juiced up baviphat island girl bb primer fix (reviewed here).

i’m so loving the lilac-y/lavender iridescent sheen this nymph aura has

and again side by side with the lip gloss este the aura beam  on the right and the nymph aura on the left

blended out, they both give you a sheen but the nymph aura volumer gives you the iridescence.

photo below has the automatic settings on my cam

photo below has the shutter speed to 1s

a brightening iridescent sheen

the lip gloss

but you see the pink sparklies

and blended out, you get a nice sheen

but can be confused with the oilies on a hot humid day



Aspect Etude House Tony Moly
Texture cream to powder-like kinda like lip gloss
Sheen pearly purply iridescence  oily the pink sparlies disappears when blended
Finish a brightening glow a sheen when correctly and strategically applied
Lasting Power 2-3 hours 4-6 hours
Oil Control none none
Scent quite strong baby powder scent, can put off someone who dislikes strong scents milder flowery kind of scent
Coverage didn’t make my pores more visible  same it didn’t make my pores more visible
Break Out none none
Packaging has pump dispenser, and a smaller upside down tube but easy to control that upside down tube that’s kinda difficult to control

i wore the aura beam and blended out with the bb cream here below

and below i wore the nymph aura volumer on the right side of my face only on top of my bb cream of the week from skin79


I was told that the (EH) nymph aura volumer was sticky and well, not comfy to wear, i found that to be true of the (TM) goddess aura beam instead.  like i said, lip gloss on the top of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose and maybe on your cupid’s bow.

some of you will think that my vote will be for TM as it’s normally is, but today, it’s with EH, i didn’t experience the sticky, icky feeling some people may have experienced using the EH nymphy aura volumer.  i also preferred the iridescent pearly purply sheen it gives over the oily glow the goddess aura would tend to give if you don’t subdue it with powder.

Do i recommend?

i think either products are superfluous if you already have loads of foundations and bb creams that give that certain glow, ahem, photoready! foundations or bb creams that give you a pearly brightening effect, ahem snow crystal bb and foundation.  so if you already have foundations/bb creams and the mac mineralize skin finish, these products from eh and tm are no longer necessary.  however, if all you own are matte foundations and bb creams then maybe a small tube of either of these aura products can and will give you that seen from the moon at night sort of glow that’s super in nowadays!

of the two, regardless of skin shade you have, i would recommend the eh nymph aura volumer, just don’t wear it too much like the sandara picture above, that’s just not normal.  


so whatchatink? 



  1. Nice review and comparison. I actually use the EH Nymph Aura 2, which is what you have here. I received a few samples of this from one of my purchases before and felt that the full size for now anyway, is still too expensive for me. Here in the UK, I only get Korean products mostly through Ebay, and price is on the rise! Anyway, I love this volumer/enhancer, just gives you that dewy glow. I agree, it’s not sticky to wear nor uncomfortable. I love how it blends well in your skin and gives you radiance. Although, I only use this when I am not in my lazy mode or not rushing to take the baby out for a stroll! 🙂

    • hello there, indeed, this is a good alternative to the more expensive benefit high beam, I prefer the lilac sheen to this one as well vs the golden pink of the high beam. I’m sorry if these are getting more expensive as time goes on. I hear these products are really dirt cheap in Korea 😦

      • I hear the you have easy access there in Pinas when it comes to Korean cosmetics. Why on earth don’t we have the same here in the UK? I have no idea. I would love to go to Korea one day when my little one is older :-), just so I could buy all these lovely products, eat my favourite jjigae and explore the sites!

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