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I like, why?  because they have Majolica Majorca half off deals like these!  This is actually my second purchase from Deal Dozen, the previous on is also a Majolica Majorca purchase, a half off deal for the lash expander.

waiting for these half off deals saves me two things, 1.) money, and 2.) having to go to that mall that cuts down pine trees because they need parking lot space up in Baguio.

and here we are, the alternative to mall shopping, group site shopping!  and they don’t necessarily accept credit cards, they also accept bank deposits! soon as i saw this in my email, i knew i had to get one. 


segue-way to… 

Now friends don’t get me wrong, specially to the ones who think that MM is pretty but too pricey, however…

it’s just marketing, it’s baby sister to Shiseido which THE high end brand between the two.  but just like Revlon in Manila, Majolica Majorca is marketed as this really pricey, pretty, high end brand, BUT, after overhead, importation dues, mall space rent, it’s a miracle how the importer makes money selling these things.  read the label, this is Y950, sold in manila in for PhP495.  so parang talo pa sila. as i type this Y1 is PhP0.55, so if it’s Y950 then it should be at least PhP522.09.  so ayan, i even got it at Php275 from deal dozen. so i got it for cheap, as in really cheap, i guess their really disposing their stock huh? 

side note:  i couldn’t maneuver through the site how to get it at PhP250 each of these blood on tints, something about referral which i didn’t have.

AND here we are, exactly 2days after my purchase on the deal dozen site, the charge hasn’t even shown up yet on my card, yet already it gets delivered to my shipping address. (minimum of 3 to get the free shipping).

hehehe made in Japan.

looks scary red huh?

swiped on unblended

after blending

on my lips

and on my cheeks

This is great for our shy filipina of all shades because it actually shows up on every type of skin shade but looks really natural.



  • very very natural looking
  • gel form, very easy to blend and doesn’t dry out too quickly on my skin for me to blend it out on my cheeks
  • gel form hehehe, so it didn’t dry out my lips!
  • universally flattering, meaning any skin tone/shade can wear this and look naturally flushed
  • didn’t break me out
  • lasted throughout the afternoon, i didn’t have to reapply
  • didn’t oxidize on my cheeks or lips
  • no weird scent or taste
  • didn’t transfer to my teeth or the under rim of my glasses
  • it’s pretty cheap considering other Japanese brands imported in Manila
  • the packaging, i dislike having to dip my finger in a tub and at the same time??? i’d dip another finger to apply on my lips?  c’mon let’s face it, that’s what the normal user would do.  not everyone is like a beauty blogger that carry around lip brushes
  • currently available only in one mall
  • i hear it’s a limited edition, which is sad, it’s a very good product apart from its packaging
Do I recommend: – yes definitely, at half or full price as sold in Manila
As I type this the Deal Dozen offer is ongoing and they have 28 left of stock, click here but the offer will in in 3 days depending on availability.
so hurry!


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