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I’m back to my bb cream review after about a couple week’s rest from applying any other cream on face apart from the house of obagi skin hydrating cream.

I got this free after purchasing other items from Tony Moly Philippines at one of the local malls in Metro Manila

this is the aura beam.  so hmmm it’s like a lip gloss


and here’s the bb cream.

i love the coverage of this thing! it covered the green vein.

and just like the back of my hand it evened out the my skin tone, and i hardly need under eye concealer with this on

and a pic of me with the flash on.  it’s not reflective and the shade it’s close to the shade of skin of my neck.

and my entire face with the bb cream and my blush of the week



  • great coverage
  • shade match almost as fair as the skin of my neck
  • i hardly need any concealer under my eyes
  • lasts all day
  • does not break me out
  • does not cake up
  • spf 37 pa ++ good enough if you’re staying inside the office anyway
  • doesn’t pool up on my pores (where you get puddles of foundation or bb cream on your visible pores LOL)
  • doesn’t make your facial hairs obvious
  • so the last two bullets, i’m pretty sure i’m not the only person who’s ever experienced seeing your facial hair with foundation around it, what my last two bullets mean is that this is one of those bb creams that’s really easy to blend out 😉
  • semi matte finish so at least it’s not flat
  • locally available where you can find a tony moly store/kiosk
  • only 700 for something that’s 45 g

  • the aura beam, seriously it’s like the wanna love lip gloss! so it feels like your spreading lip gloss on your face with some really fine glitter
  • oil control of the bb cream is so so, i still have to blot my oil from nose about twice a shift and to think i’m in an airconditioned office
  • the god awful packaging it’s just like:

which kinda means that the bb cream will ooze out of the tube since this is an upside down bottle, so you’ll always end up with wastage around the nozzle and in the cap.  but i guess it’s the not so great packaging that kept the price of this aura bb cream low
so whatchatink?

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