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I got this blush last December in HK, where there was a Laneige store in almost every corner of Nathan road hehehe not as much as sasa but almost as much as tbs or colour mixx hahaha.  i have the first shade, the pink one, too.  but i knew i had to have this nice orangey shade, what caught my attention is the fact that the shades are not in thin strips like the bobbi brown shimmer bricks and its many imitations.  i think it makes sense to have the deeper color not to huge and the highlighters in different varying sizes.

i love the design of the pallet. and of the packaging as well!

and below the blush is a compartment for the brush 😉

 it’s animal haired brush, and like most animal haired brushes it smells like an ass, you know like a donkey or something or other hehehe but it’s really soft and picks up the powder just right.

swatches of the blush.  there is no fear of looking like a clown with this blush!

when i saw the dark peach color, i knew i had to put it side by side with my nars orgasm hehehe

 so ladies which of the swatches below is the orgasm and which is the Laneige?

 on my left cheek i applied …. while on my right is….

awwww, dala nang pilipina 😛

warm tones, i’m really liking it, can you tell with my blouse hehehe

by the way, the laneige is more pigmented and applies more even and is not rough at all to apply compared to the Nars.

Aspect Laneige  Nars
Shade Match applies a little more solidly/opaque than Nars’ applies more translucently than the Laneige
Coverage more pigmented takes a few more strokes for the shade to comeout
Finish satin with platinum looking highlights satin with gold flecks 
Lasting Power same as the Nars no oxidation same as the Laneige no oxidation
Universality since it’s almost the same as the orgasm even warm deeper skin toned ladies can wear this women of warmer deeper skin tones do well with the gold flecks 
Break Out none none


Truth be told, i love them both, Nars is less bulky to bring around but hey, actually, the laneige is more portable since it has its own nifty compartment for its own brush.  I’m leaning towards the Laneige even though they look exactly the same on me.  just because of it has its own brush and highlighter AND it’s way creamier to apply than Nars.

Of course, i’m quite predictable in my choice, this i know, but let it be known that i did think about this long and hard, well, all i can say is the fact that the Laneige blush is creamier/softer to apply than the nars makes me like it more. 😉


  1. Oh I love the colors! Shame, Laneige is quite expensive on Ebay. The peach color looks good on you!

    • hello there! thank you for the compliment. thank you for following this blog and for the comments. as early as now, I would like to apologize for my lapses in grammar, missing words/thoughts and lack of good use of punctuation 🙂
      Laneige is expensive anywhere 😦 but still not as expensive as bobbi brown or clinique at least as sold here in manila

      • You’re more than welcome. And don’t worry, I know it’s kinda early over there in the Philippines and thanks for replying back despite the circumstances. 🙂 I used to live in Pinas too 🙂
        I do want to try Laneige at some point though, right now, budget is tight. hehe

    • thanks 🙂 I’m used to these hours, no worries. true had I the money i’d go to korea to buy even more of these! LMAO 😛

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