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My last in my series of reports on my experience after my blue peel, a chemical peel from the house of obagi that i shared on this post.

This is as much peeling i got after the famous blue peel.  

has got to be one of the gentlest peels on the planet.

quite contrary to the experiences of all the other bloggers that were invited by the House of Obagi to try their peels. 

In conclusion:

  • it wasn’t painful
  • i had some peeling, i suppose i had peeling on the areas that were about to peel anyway and the the chemical they used (the 15% solution) helped my skin along to push out the layer that needed sloughing off
  • skin slightly improved, i hardly require a primer or makeup base for a week now while i’m using mineral makeup and the powder of the mineral makeup doesn’t seem to settle in my pores
  • i guess i was expecting to have the same experience as the rest of the bloggers did, which was major peeling like they have the zombie virus
  • expectation is the mother of all …
Will i go through it again? 
  • prolly when i have more lines on my face like wrinkles 
Do i recommend:
  • i recommend this to women who have not so deep wrinkles on their faces, the reduction of superficial skin gives the impression of shallower wrinkles
  • i recommend this to women who love the sun and who damage their skin like there’s no tomorrow, regular peeling like say once a quarter or even twice a year (no, not every 6 weeks like their press release or marketing say) just so you can help yourselves heal your skin by helping it along in sloughing off the most keratinous layer of skin from your body (face).
  • this will in turn render your skin care regimen more penetrating to your skin and ideally make your skin care more effective rather than your expensive moisturizer just sit on top of your skin and can’t get in because your skin is too ‘horny’ like you know scaly? 
  • i am glad i experienced this at least once in my life
  • and once again it is reiterated that i am an odd ball 😛
  • i’m glad i can wear makeup again, i don’t look like i stayed up all night blogging bwahahaha

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