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Here’s an update on my house of obagi blue peel experience.

I’m on day 4 after my Obagi Blue Peel.

A couple of bloggers have advised me that the peeling will start on day 3 or 4 so here i am on day 4.

 As you can see, my skin looks drier, with that sheen and actually looks a little more crepe-d than it had been, like ever.  

 there was some peeling around my mouth, too.


 and on my forehead, nearest my widow’s peak hairline is crepe-d up.

so i guess it has begun?  slowly but surely, which i guess is good? at least i’m not itching and burning and basically in pain, well YET?

my skin regimen is down to this

my favorite really really mild lush fresh farma soap

and when i do remember, i apply this super super gentle toner from Etude House, but since saturday i think i only used toner, twice! just to finish off my sample bottle.

then it’s these two:

I apply the HOO Skin Hydrating cream twice a day (morning and night) and the sun screen (spf50 pa+++) once in the morning before i leave for work and follow it up in the middle of the day with this:

I have a follow up appointment on saturday with Dr Pua.  so i’ll report the same thing to him then, that i didn’t start to peel until day 4.

so whatchatink?

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