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First of all, I would like to give a shout out to Kring, who was so gracious and offered me an invite to this event.  But as it turns out my invite was stuck in cyberspace or in the proverbial ‘is in the mail’.  The marketing people of Etude House were kind enough to give me several invites that I was allowed to do a ticket giveaway for this event.

Below are my recipients, Emy and Kitsune!  thank you so much for your support and joining!

and here we are on day 1 the queue was long but it was all in good fun.

 and the program started.  we had several talks in day 1.  a basic skin care talk from Boram Kim, a fashion seminar from La Feriols and a couple of ladies from Meg magazine, kindly correct me if i’m wrong, had a a demo of applying makeup, the western way.  there was also a lovely performance by owl city, ooops i mean sunday dream.

 and day 2.  Boram Kim talked about acne and there he reiterated that so far there is NO DIRECT CORRELATION BETWEEN EATING DAIRY PRODUCTS IN PARTICULAR, CHEESES (AHEM PIZZA) AND MILK PRODUCTS SUCH AS CHOCOLATES AND ACNE!  so yeah, it’s still more about cleansing ones face, deep cleansing at least twice a twice a week i.e exfoliation, etc. 

 of course the appearance of the pink bug!  this is the first time i’ve seen this.  i was not able to attend the belle de jour event that Etude House was part of in Eastwood recently.  so here it is, so cute, down to the eye lash detail!

 and the people i met!  Kikaytalk’s Cat was there, and we won something from the raffle!  a SHINee Etude House diary!

 uys, look who it is! it’s our winner for the pink artiste Orange!  congrats love.  naturally i had to have my picture moments with the makeup artist from Korea, Boram Kim and the Etude House Philippines President Ms Andrea Amado!

Naturally, too, of course I had to take a chance for a pic with the ladies that always keep me in mind.  Thanks so much Rea for this invite, and woah, look who it is! it’s Carizza and Angel!

and the loot! from two days of playing the games winning the diary form the raffle and their press kit!  hurray! a lavender scented cologne.  that is soooo mine 😉 

this post will be updated with the performances of sunday dream once i’ve edited the raw vids.

did i have fun?! of course! did i miss hero T, of course!  it was great that sister in law was able to go with me on day 2.  at least she gets to see first hand what this viral buzz is all about.

and an update!

folks, Etude House Philippines, Rosa Fiore, is hard at work in bringing our lovely princess pink bedroom to more malls.  that includes more ayala malls that are actually in metro manila!  rob? well? jeez, have you seen gale? it’s ok.  and i have the east wood branch for my etude fix, and now metro east! where a certain Donna resides near at.

if you couldn’t go you missed:


  1. being with really nice girls, no judgements, just like a pajama party without the jammies LOL
  2. the hawt Boram Kim and his talks on skin
  3. the games, and yes, on the second day i got all three of the huge cotton buds in that bin! booyuh! but alas there was only one styro ball that stuck to the velcro thing
  4. the photobooth
  5. the fashion talks, yey new words peplums and anoraks LOL
  6. cotton candy, pink pop corn and those french macaroon thingies
  7. and the announcement of the pink artiste grand prize winner, Orange!
LIVE LONG AND PROSPER Etude House Philippines!


  1. Where was this?? It looked like it would have been really fun ^^

    • this was held in one of bigger malls in metro manila, SM North in quezon city 😀

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