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 I got this at half off at the skin food store in manila at that mall that cuts down pine trees, the mega branch.  i’ve always been curious about this salmon line but by the time i got to skin food, half the store was gone with  the half off sale, which includes the salmon concealer (the cream form of this thing)

 awww it comes with a puff

 and voila they kinda have the same effect.  the skin food has slightly less coverage than ellana’s but the powder of the skin food is more finely milled so it fills in the fine lines and pores a great deal more and smoother than the ellana hush.

 the salmon is almost this creamy pastel yellow.  it’s a soft and smooth like very finely milled talc.

 it has pretty good coverage, too.

 and it’s description.

 rolling on over to Ellana’s Hush.  I don’t think this one can be used on green veins.  but woah it nearly covered my recent scar from 2sox.

Aspect Skin Food Ellana Hush
Shade Match a little light on me  a little dark on me
Coverage light to medium medium to full coverage
Finish matte matte
Lasting Power 3-4 hours have to re touch no retouch needed
Oil Control so so better than average
Break Out / harsh skin reaction  none none
Pacakging the same as ellana tub with sifter the same as skin food with sifter
Effect  not cakey does not crepe up my liquid concealer not cakey does not crepe up my liquid concealer
Availability In most big malls i.e Trinoma / Glorietta Online, Trinoma (Landmark somewhere there)
Price hahaha, nuff said quite cheap, not only is it worth the money but the quality most of their multipurpose minerals deserve to be a little price increase pa!

I have another Ellana mineral concealer the revive, that works as well as hush, and it’s a tad closer in shade match to this salmon dark circle powder.  where as the awake one is almost like revive only cooler in tone.

Which do i recommend – well both work and both serve their purpose.  but for budget purposes, i would recommend y’all try ellana minerals before trying skin food.  much like how my journey began with makeup. i started with mineral makeup then jeee, thanks fuz and bubs, i found korean cosmetics LOL

Will I repurchase?- well the salmon dark circle powder made me more curious about the cream version of this.  but i’m still, as in STILL finishing this one kamusta naman buhay pa sya hahaha.  buti na lang mahaba ang shelf life ng brand na iyan LOL

that’s all for now, tomorrow, hopefully i get to publish my this week in bb cream.  so watch out for that 😉


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