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Just a quick post.  aaaaand who couldn’t resist taking pitures! it’s such a lovely sunny day! and seeeee i live in a high rise condo! hehehe joke

I actually got this at half off at PhP350something at the Missha store at that pine tree cutting mall. I was looking for something not lemon-y.  something not too fruity, i kinda not remember why i didn’t get an apple scent.  before even smelling soon as i saw the word mango, i knew i wanted it.

weeee, Missha’s against animal testing.

 and the ingredients.

 and the atomizer.

at first i found the scent too sweet then it started to dissipate. and then it was just right.  

a few thoughts:


  • it’s not alcholy, like that tingy feeling that it’s kinda drying on the skin? it’s not that
  • scent doesn’t last too long, but it leaves behind something really mild and doesn’t smell like old tresor or anais anais (oh ha hindi na jovan or charlie :p)
  • the scent is not overbearing 
  • since i don’t go to the provinces, i don’t get to smell fruits for real, the supermarket is the closest thing hahaha i iz a looser?  so i got this, i’m glad i did.
  • oh the atomizer works just right, too.  doesn’t do the glob of spritz and it’s easy to control.  i can do just a small squirt to a full on spritz the type you walk into while it’s in the air LMAO 😛
I’m pretty pleased with this purchase.  and it’s different.  it’s not a lemony, not apple-y it’s something else.  though actually i’ve never really tried those red mangoes.  i just know the typical pinoy mango.
that’s it for now




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