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 Hi all ^_^

Some of you who follow me may know that i’ve been kinda under the weather lately on top of which i have my usual allergic rhinitis.  so having the flu generally make the circles around my eye darker.  so i went ahead and finally used this.

below is the list of ingredients and the instructions with diagram on how to use.  each sachet includes two under eye patches.  but the purchase of PhP200+ gets you 2 sachets.  ako naman si tanga binuksan ko dalawang sachet.  di kasi nagbabasa.  it says right there next to the net wt in bold black letters in parenthesis, 2patches 😛

 i’ll do a comparative review of the same product but from other brands of this eye patch maybe by next week.  i

 ooooh slimy with something glycerine feeling substance

 my eye before


and after.  hehehe parang nag dark pa ata.

actually the entire time i had it on, it felt cool (which was about 30mins) while i watched the game of thrones (well listened, actually, and occasionally looked behind to see what sex was going on bwahahaha)

see my left eye the usual violet dark under eye (yung left eye ko yung may nunal sa ilalim) is now a tad reddened.  that’s just a reaction to the cooling sensation, an increase in circulation.



  • it’s relatively cheap here, considering it’s from the face shop less than 300 Php265 ata 2 pairs na so 2 sachet na.  kindly don’t make the idiot mistake i did LMAO
  • it’s available here
  • compact packaging
  • simple instructions that are in english
  • ingredients are in english, too
  • cooling sensation but not minty which i prefer
  • didn’t sting my eye
  • goo didn’t scatter in my eye
  • no harsh skin or eye irritation 
  • NO CLOUDINESS of vision since no product seeped into my eye
anti wrinkle – i do have fine lines, but it will take way more than just one application or use of this product to see any results in the reduction of my fine lines.

  • well see, collagen, dear people the molecular structure of collagen? isn’t it too big to enter the pores of skin?  couldn’t you bs me with just the herbal way this thing’s packaging essentially did as well with the raspberry and roots and other ‘essential’ extracts?  ah marketing nga naman.  
Do i recommend – well, if you’re lazy to brew then drink then cool down a couple of tea bags, if you’re also too lazy to buy, chill, then slice cucumbers then yeh sure go for this product.  it does have a wonderful cooling sensation at the under eye area.  
Will I repurchase ? not any time soon.  dami ko pa nito iba ibang brand



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