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clearly with sweltering heat and humidity it’s summer (even if it rains every so often and that they say we are in the middle of a la nina =( ) so malamang sa malamang black and white heads will develop just because our skin is comedogenic itself and with the extra moisture and heat, our skin on our faces will slough off (shed off) more and can become the cause of black heads or white heads that may turn to pimples.

so i thought i should finally use this.

the ingredient list is below: aba morrocan lava clay

the directions are in english: hindi ko kinaya hangang leeg?

what it looks like.  parang ipot.  phhhft.  ako naman ang walang takot kung maka apply lang, go kung go!

so, ayun, it’s supposed to be this colloid thing, a mixture of solids and liquids na medyo gel.  even on my fingers i can feel the heat that the chemical reaction of the heat on my fingers bring out from this gel type product.

but it’s clear once applied on the skin, massage massage

then wash off.  parang wala namang naganap?



  1. my black or white heads are not ‘ripe’ yet
  2. my black or white heads are deeply rooted because once or twice a year of pricking from a ate/manang sa derma during facials
  3. i need to use this product more to bring out my deeply rooted black heads to the surface.
too bad, the premise of this product is that the heat and massage should be able to bring out or coax or melt away the black heads eh well, mahirap nga palabasin ang black heads ko as seen below

from this Etude House review of their nose pack here.
so in conclusion, similar to the nose pack, if you wanna be gratified with a bounty fresh este bountiful harvest of black heads then well, you gotta have a lot and a lot of it nearest the surface of your skin.
HOWEVER, it can be argued that you can AVOID the accumulation of comedones aka black heads with the use of this product.  so it can be argued that this is not a once to twice a month thing where you can actually see and feel your black heads rolling off its nest of a pore just because it was heated by this thing, nay.  some will argue that the usage of this product once or twice a WEEK will prevent the beginnings of a comedone to begin with since it’s a scrub a heated one at that.
so exactly where am i on this product, on the pro? the fence? or con?  well the jury is still out.  so sorry.
this here blog post is merely a chronicle of what experienced and thoughts on using this product but here’s a few of my thoughts in enumerated format:
  • something you can do at home
  • inexpensive for something that claims to have morrocan lava clay price is here at PhP428
  • a good facial scrub it didn’t scratch my face off like lush’s coal face does, good grief that’s a tough scrub!
  • smells fruity citrusy
  • a little goes a long way for my entire face
  • no harsh reactions from my face like no reddening or allergic reactions and didn’t cause any NEW black head, hehehe sana lang
  • none yet
Do I recommend: yes, for those with really really obvious and ripe and on the surface black heads who shy away from derma clinics to have a facial done.
Will I repurchase: jury still is out on that one.


  1. ate marge, i didn’t know you had a wp blog din. anyway, may nakita ako sa (Catalina-youtube guru) kung pano niya ginamit to. dinerekta niya yung bottle sa face niya para daw di mawala yung heat. More effective that way daw. 😀

    • hehehe hi there, this wp is just my backup para rin maka reply sa mga may wp. oh catalina, mabait yan LOL sumasagot sa tweets at sa yt comments ko ^_^
      hmmmm sige lemme check out her method ^_^

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