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I’ve had this bb cream in my stash since July of last year.  I saw this at the watson’s at Changi airport.  so it was sorta on sale and kinda duty free so i think i got this at around PhP500 or less.

Now that it finally made its way to the Philippines, i finally decided to give it a review.  a follow up tutorial and video review on this in a few.

So here it is.  this is actually made in Korea, so I sorta consider this an Asian brand even though the Neutrogena is HQ-ed in Los Angeles, CA.  It has an spf of 19 and a pa of +++

what it looks like for real.

the ingredient list.  kindly click the image to enlarge it.

a description of its promise.

A pump that works and that dispenses the right amount of product!  and a cap that doesn’t slide off!

what it looks like.  it looks like well, talc in cream form.  i must say i was surprised, usually bb creams are dark out of the tube then turns fair or adjusts to your coloring in a few moments.  but this.  this thing is really fair out of the the pump.

and it’s fair unblended

but it blends to almost nothing.  at least on my skin.

but it also blends into something that i endearingly call the espasol factor.  that powdery white gunk that makes you look like Wednesday Adams or her mom, Morticia.

na loss na ko.  i forget which of these shots have no flash and with flash

oh, ito ata yun, photo below has the flash turned on.  and yes, i was channeling the ajhuma in personal taste (yeah the main lead)  before she straightened her hair 😛

this bb cream gave me the lowest coverage i’ve ever encountered in a bb cream.  and as you know i’ve tried loads.  i may not have tried the pioneer bb creams but i’ve tried more than my fair share of bb creams.  kindly just take a gander on my side bar for popular posts for the bb creams that i’ve reviewed.  and have a look as well at the labels at the bottom of my page for the bb creams that i have had the opportunity to review on this blog and on my youtube channel.



Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream UV SPF19 PA+++ is fortified with minerals and it can cover up blemish, leaving your skin look flawless and smooth. The Healthy White ComplexTM can whiten your skin, making it look radiant and luminous. It can also protect you from the sunlight. It can block a spectrum of sun rays from hurting your skin which will cause dark spots, wrinkles and lines. Sunscreen is definitely one of the skin products that you cannot miss. It is this little step you take that helps your skin stay healthy and young looking.

how to use it

Apply some after cleansing in the morning.


The Healthy White Complex TM: penetrate into your skin, repairing the damaged cells and accelerate the speed of the melanin to peel off, thereby improving your overall complexion.

suitable for

all skin type / all skin type


  • the pump
  • the cap, it stays on (ahem shini star bb cream so yeah i had a little bb accident in my bag last week)
  • PhP720 for 30ml of product not bad for a drugstore product price
  • the scent it’s not overwhelming and it’s very lady like
  • didn’t break me out, no additional black heads, no new millia
  • oil control is pretty decent.  i didn’t oil up til about mid day 
  • didn’t cake up throughout the day
  • easy to apply and spread/blend out
  • easy to remove at the end of the day unlike say my l’egere white multi bb 
  • not reflective on flash photography so i didn’t end up looking like toshio with a white floating head when i took a pic of myself with the flash on
  • pa of +++
  • now available locally at the watson’s in metro manila
  • coverage – what coverage?  this thing for all the talc it leaves behind or whatever that espasol powder looking gunk it leaves behind on my fingers, doesn’t cover anything.  doesn’t cover my under eye circles, doesn’t do much in covering my pimple scars, and hardly covers my pores.
  • spf 19 – really, 19? it’s usually a 20 even then that’s no longer enough, it’s now already 30 as adv by the US board that handles these affairs.  at least spf 30 on cosmetics like these and that’s just for indoors.
Neutral – the whitening – it claims to have vitamin C which has been found to be very good for your immune system hahaha i mean it has been found to be a good whitening agent.  so apart from perla white, vitamin c when applied topically for say like two years or more consistently and without fail, eventually you will turn white, someday.  since i only used for a week and i’m already using other whitening stuff like my tony moly snail serum, i cannot vouch for the efficacy of this bb cream in turning you into snow white.
Do I recommend – not really no but hey, this is at least much better than that fake bb cream from Maybelline
Will I repurchase – nope the coverage is too sheer, the spf is too little to go out. nuff said
so of the western bb creams i’ve tried this is ReviewReview out of 5.  
tadaaaah, imma going back to a Korean and then a Japanese bb cream for next ‘this week in bb cream’  til then 😉

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