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if you follow or have liked my facebook page you’d know that i told yah about this brand that’s now on the kawaii bandwagon they were on an almost exclusively copy the packaging and colors of this brand from across the korean strait sneeze haShuU sneeze.  and one of the items they good people of the face shop wanted to go kawaii on is their new set of hand creams.  tadaaaah 

it’s 30ml of creamy lotion and the ingredients are listed below:

and yes dear, there are occasions when the ‘protective’ covering is merely a plastic sheet that isn’t even glued on the rim of the tub.

and here’s the plastic thing.

the have three variants.

there are things i can’t answer for you at the moment:


  1. if the face shop is cruelty free
  2. if a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these little darlings go to save the planet like their competitor does with each sale of their cutesy hand creams
  3. and the exact price.  it’s less than 300 for 30ml
  • cute packaging hahaha clearly
  • inexpensive compared to what we’re used to with prices of the local the face shop (in the Philippines)
  • has three variants
  • this baby variant has baby powder scent which isn’t over powering and not irritating to the back of my nose going to the back of my throat.  this is almost faint
  • moisturizing, maybe not as moisturizing as its competitor with the peach anti-aging hand cream but this is moisturizing nonetheless 
  • available where the face shop malls are located which is in most major malls which include Ayala and Robinson’s malls and yeah even the tree cutting good guys’ malls
  • small enough for a woman’s purse.  well my purse is huge but this can fit in a small bag as well so it’s great for travel.
  • none that i can think of right now
Do I recommend: definitely, our young ladies can purchase this as gifts to each other specially now during graduation season.
Will I repurchase? – i may try the other variants.
has anyone else tried this?

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