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Some of you may recall that I used this bb cream in my recent tutorial seen below.

that night was actually the first time i had tried out this special and limited edition bb cream.  and i’ve used it everyday since then.  

 the ingredient list is below and in english.

 it has a pump and a pump that works! 

 it is more like a foundation to me though, like a a sheer sorta luminous tinted moisturizer.

 i like the luminosity on this one.  it’s really quite subtle.

 a picture of me with just the bb cream and concealer under my eyes and pimple scars. hehehe sorry hagardo verzowsa.  this is my morning fez

 it’s a tad reflective.  i had bad lighting since it was raining so the room i was in was sorta dark.  this coupled by my flash not loving me this day i took the pic and the spf in the product made it reflective. but i suppose i can still pull it off since my face is only a little lighter on my face.  so ladies with warmer and deeper skin tones, please be aware of this fact before purchasing it.  please try the product first, go around the mall, take pictures of yourself, and see if you will still encounter this floating head phenomenon, if you can deal with it, then by all means, buy it.

but if you won’t take pictures of yourself with a flash, then it really really looks natural yet you look polished. this foundation (yes, foundation) provides a thin veil of light to medium coverage that can even out the skin on your face and it made me look i had blood running up to my head instead of my non-madeup face where in i look really ashen and pale.

topped with setting powder and the bb has set a bit.  even with flash it looks sorta normal already.


  • semi dewy – makes me look healthy! well without flash photography that is.  just the normal no flash, real life, i like the finish of this
  • consistency – it’s a cross between a foundation and your regular bb cream so it’s a tad watery so it’s great to blend but blends out sorta powdery 
  • not cakey
  • covers pores evenly
  • light to medium coverage, great for summer! you don’t end up looking too made up!
  • i don’t oil up right away.  no need to reapply, even after i walked under an umbrella in the rain so it was wet and humid all i had to do was blot away the oil and moisture and it looked like new on my face again
  • THE SCENT OMG I LOVE THE WAY THIS SMELLS!  it’s super duper faint but really lovely and soft and feminine.  it’s tough to describe but it’s kinda a cross between the johnson’s and johnson’s baby powder regular scent mixed in with a little lavender but very very faint.
  • the price check out their webstore here it’s less than 500 for 30grams of product! so college students can afford it!
  • takes a little product to cover my entire face
  • a pump that works!
  • limited edition.  so hmmmm why are the good stuff limited ed? LOL
  • very limited shades.  i think they only have shade two in the stores here in manila.
  • hmmm always out of stock? i had to get mine at the eastwood branch LOL
do i recommend? – definitely
will i repurchase? – i might!

 has anyone else tried this?



  1. I gotta ask, what setting powder and under eye concealer are you using. I haven’t found the right one for me. Maybe you have any suggestions?

    • in this quarter i’ve been alternating from my laneige cool stay powder and my lunasol skin contrast face powder. these i use on my entire face to set bb creams that need setting. 😉
      they don’t cake up or crepe up my under eye concealer.

  2. can i bring this to the airplane?

    • check in luggage – definitely you can since it will be at the back of the plane and not with you
      carry on bag/backpack – to be put in overhead compartment or under the seat of the person in front of you, yes, you still can because this is less than 100ml liquid

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