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 Kanebo has an ongoing event at SM Megamall until later today and at SM MOA beginning Monday March 04.  But for last friday, march 2, the Kanebo floor was for bloggers while the 10% discount sale still went on for the public.

Bloggers were graciously and professionally invited by Miss Yannie the marketing officer of Kanebo Philippines.  

there were three makeup artists for the make over event, two are already familiar as i’ve met them at the previous Kanebo event at the SNR studio.

and Miss Cat of Kikaytalk, the blogger who was awesome and invited me to be her plus 1 at the nuffnang 5th anniversary parteeee 😉

more bloggers! hehehe and of course i do my best not to be serious 😛

photo op with our makeup artist, Suzanne Tan

ok, in short, wag ipilit ang olive green and gold on someone with my kind of complexion.  it will end up looking like an old bruise =(

to the right of the picture below is the mineral foundation i really love from kanebo, as in i use it for daily wear! review is found here

and below is the eye pallet that i’ve grown to love and hit pan on, i super love the brow powder on this and the dark chocolate brown for liner shadow on this pallet, my review on this is here

Cat, told me that this is the pallet from Kanebo that can make a 3rd shade with just one swipe after crossing your brush on both sides of the shades.  hmmmm

and their latest, the pallets on top and the ones i’ve superimposed on the the pic below.  kinda looks like a wedge thing.

hmmmm i may go back for this blush, looks like a really good summer blush!  it’s the blush on the upper left corner of the picture below.

and their new lippies.  in fairness they really are moisturizing and they didn’t dry my already damaged lips out!

a pic moment with me and Eman, and me and Martha 😉

oooh pic moment with Eman! and there’s Sarah, i met her at the Suesh event last week 😉

and the rest of us again.  can you name us from right to left?!

and our product feature, their new eye pallets. the wide edge eyes.  has 5 shades! hehehe but complimentary !

and here the instructions below in case you happen to have this!

as a participant at this event, Miss Yannie gave me one of these new pallets.  i can’t wait to try it for a graduation look soon!

and i got curious with the ability of this eye shadow duo to create a third shade, and besides this is Eman’s favorite, so it’s famous makeup artist approved!

last friday started out toxically, with a mid-day hullabaloo waning to a nice trim of my bangs by unnie Sunny at happy salon.  i got to find out she’s a fan of ncis, csi, criminal minds, supernatural and h5o just like I AM!  so yeah, basically, the day picked up from there.  Met up with Cat and chatted her while sipping our gongcha hahaha.  then the event started.  as usual, my skin had no bad reaction to Kate/Kanebo stuff.  clearly i am now a fan!  yes, i’ve crossed the ‘pond’ (a transplanted idiom for either the english channel or the atlantic ocean) which i’ve been using for the Korea Strait.  

I embrace good quality Asian products so long as it doesn’t break me out (which scratches sh_ _em___ out).  but thanks to fuzkittie my eyes and wallet are open to kate, lunasol and shi_se___ and its baby sister MM)

the makeup artists will be at SM MOA Dept store starting tomorrow, there is a 10% discount (last day today at mega) starting tomorrow while the event lasts. 

hope you can drop by!


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