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 Cat of KikayTalk, (who I met at the Kanebo event about two weeks ago), sent me an invitation to come to this celebration as her plus 1.  Thank you, CAT!!!

The celebration of Nuffnang’s fifth year celebration was held at Borough, at the Podium, in Ortigas.

yey, we were fed, well eventually, LOL

 it was not a dinner event, but mostly a get together of bloggers and some picka-picka.

 the guests.

 the bar

 THE KRING! as in Yeoja Chingu hehehe, see you on saturday, hun!

 and Ms lovely Trixie! Thank you for remembering me even for food events 😉

 and and i so should have gotten more LOL, these were really nice cup cakes!

the sliders, they were worth the wait hehehe

 and for theBenj a little something for times like these that i get to stay out without him at night.

Thank you so much for this event, thank you Cat! thank you, Trixie.  Thank you Thei, i have yet to actually go to your food invites for me, but eventually, i will 😉 

Thank you Nuffnang, thank you Jessa-Mel, I’ll be waiting ^_^


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