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I got this diamond peel thing because it was only php500 at an ensogo.  yeah yeah i’m old enough to have a high school graduate spawn but i’ve never had a diamond peel much less a chemical peel!

so before the voucher expired, i set up the appointment and it’s right close to where i work, so it’s walking distance.

and the inside of the clinic where the reception desk is, this is where you see their ‘OWN’ products in those plastic bottles and containers that you can buy at hbc hortoleza or watson’s and those products with labels that were obviously printed with a home printer.


there are three treatment gurney-looking ‘beds’ and next to me was a 12 year old having her zits professionally pricked and popped so i kept hearing a kid wincing and whining next to me ‘aray ang sakit po’ sabi ng bata.

eh when i was twelve i kept saying aray ang sakit po when my dad or mom would clean the wounds on my knees because i keep scraping my knees riding my bike all around the subdivision 

before the diamond peel they gave me a mini-facial and a couple of masks, a collagen mask, seen in the smaller pic in the pic below and this whitening mask, (part of the package) yeah, like i need more whitening 

and the diamond peel.  so no nothing like this came out of their drawers.

it was more like this.  like a dental instrument. it didn’t hurt at all.  i didn’t even know she had already begun until i asked, ‘ano na yan?’

BUT a the nice lady decided to include pricking in this treatment session.  and i think i know why.  so i got all pricked up and ended up looking like a dart board, so she then upsells me this.

and since my last purchase of erythromycin works on my face, i said sure why not.  so i have an erythromycin toner 

i was all raw and shiz, but i was told not to wet my face til the next day.  eh frak that, i brush my teeth, so poor lower part of my face.  all tattered now.  

so the next day, i went back to my tried and tested treatment, my snail cream stuff, along with a tea tree spot corrector, and this new toner from surgiderm.  so voila, all dried up! in less than 3 days!

uminit ulo ko.  last time i had gone to the derma, also in rob, also with pricking but this time an MD derma who did the procedure, i ended up with a big gaping whole next to my nose and it took a full year for the scar tissue not to show up too much.  pakshetonly!  now this derma-tech punctured my face and didn’t squeeze too much that she still left stuff behind for me to squeeze out the next day, THEN my wounds started to dry up.

seryoso, nakakadala magpaderma.  and no it’s not ensogo’s fault.  hay, i’ll just ask my batch mate to recommend a few dermas na nga lang.



  1. I also had this bad experience with derma clinic.they rather make.may face Bad than making it better…

    • i am sorry to hear about your bad experience. it’s always a hit or miss with these places. i now just prefer to have my facial done with pricking to remove black heads, and not have something ‘major’ like this for a long time to come.

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