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This is my rosey pink Valentine’s day date look.  below are the cosmetics i used for this look and are as follows:


The Face Shop Aqua Tint BB cream – as a base

Revlon Photoready foundation 03 Shell

Nars Angelika

Esprique Precious Highlighter shade

Laneige Snow Crystal concealer


Laneige Love in Bloom Eye Pallete

Lioele Brush Tip Liquid Liner – Black

Majolica Majorca – Lash Expander

Kate-Brown Collection – the brow powder

Lips – Cover Girl Lip perfection – Temptress

Tools – Bdellium Tools and Charm Pro Travel

A a dark old rose for the crease and outer V for depth

a vanilla satin shade on the inner corner and brow highlighter but not too shimmery

and and a bright aqua shade to line the lower inner corner lash line for an added spark of color

ayan, humahalik sa mama LOL

something not reflective even with flash photography.

To this day most men prefer the simpler makeup on their ladies. they prefer something that will not bury the authentic look of the woman they are with.  the look above merely accents my features.  and besides, wouldn’t you want your man to see most of what you really look like from the moment he picks you up? and not be shocked to the death the next morning and see, well, something else aka the real deal? 

Product feature on the eye pallet, soon. 

Well, what’s your plan on the 14th?

Whatever you do, have fun!


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