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Disclaimer: the face shop or suyen, bench corp did not pay me to review their product.  I purchased this with my own money and I purchase at the face shop even before kim hyun joong was their endorser.  I also purchase with or without a kim hyun joong promo.   

Now on to the review.  The some of you that follow my blog know that i’m a super huge fan of the face shop’s herb day lip and eye makeup remover wipes that I reviewed here.  And to the ones that have followed me from the start as in way back in mid or early 09, ahem, Chiqui, lol, you know that I really like the rice water brightening lip and eye…remover that I reviewed here hahaha uso pa multiply for a social network. 

So why all the disclaimer?  Well, read on.   

I wanted to try these rice water brightening makeup remover wipes since I could no longer wait for the herb day.  I was already waiting a month and have searched thru 5 tfs branches.  So finally, I gave in and bought these.  Since anyway, I did see that even fuzkittie has tried this.out, ok naman daw.

see it removes the black liquid liner from lioele’s brush pen liner and it removes the hard to remove lipsticks i’ve been wearing from etude and laneige

and it removes the difficult to remove fiber wigs from my majolica majorca lash expander frame plus

but soon as i heard that my faves came back in stock, it’s those i purchased, and purchased i did! i now have back ups of my back ups!


  • The packaging, it has a plastic lid that snaps into place ensuring your wipes wont dry out
  • The scent!  A very feminine and subdued scent.
  • Effective in removing even the toughest to remove lioele liquid liner and blooming pop pinky tint!
  • One tissue will do to clean off makeup from entire face
  • My skin had no violent reactions to this product. 
  • One swipe if toner removes any oil the tissue left on my face since the liquid in the tissue is bi phasic has oil and water based cleansers.
  • Winner in removing my super staining lippies 


  • Luma na ata yung nabili ko, (i think I was sold an old stock) it’s kinda drying out. 0.o
  • The price.  Since this is an oldet line, it still bears the old higher prices the importer thinks these items deserve.  BUT DONT WORRY LADIES, given the competition now in the phils, the newer lines and products now have srp’s closer to online or sk prices.
  • And lastly-Omg, this stings my eyes.  Frak! I bought this nga in lieu of the lip and eye makeup remover, so I use this first on my eyes.  Grabe ang mahal tapos masakit sa mata??? Hay at dahil dyan pwes, bumili na ko ng marami nung green herb day lip and eye makeup remover hahaha fr the face shop parin. lmao

Do I recommend:  ok sure, specially for those who use a different product to remove makeup from their eyes anyway. 
Will i repurchase.  well no, i repurchased the herb day lip and eye makeup remover wipes instead


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