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So yeah, bagayan ba daw yung tube with the lipstick? (matchy matchy lippy with the bb cream tube?) Lol.  and no i’m not gonna comment on the word bebelish.  i’m pretty sure many bloggers have made fun, scrutinized and just said huh? at that word

At sa wakas, finally, I get to try this bb cream, one of the most famous bb creams of all time.  The reason why I never got around to this bb cream is because it isn’t available locally, and by the time I had gotten addicted to bb creams, there were so many other bb creams in the market that are available in manila and a lot cheaper, too

The full size of this is a cannister like doohicky with a pump.  It has all the bells and whistles of a bb cream, the whitening, the anti aging, the spf, the moisturizing, the cure for cancer, the solution to metro manila’s traffic, and of course, world peace.

I’ve been using this bb cream this week and well no world peace, and it was extremely traffic the past few days because ‘they’ think painting the underpass at farmers in cubao is not putting a flower on top of shizz.  

I’m glad I only got a sample size of this bb. 

The coverage is so so – light to medium.  Not much in the pore coverage dept.

I’m not much into whitening so I don’t care about that.

At least it has spf 25 and pa ++ good enough for indoors.

Oil control- almost 0 I have to blot off the oils about every 2 hours

I also look too made up or at least I think my face looks too fair.  I had to apply my yellow like really yellow base foundation, my kanebo liquid mineral foundation to balance it out a bit.

So I’m not a fan of this bb cream, at least it hasn’t broken me out even through this hell week and my period, so in that regard, job well done to this bb cream.

Will I buy the full size? Nope, I have other and bb creams that are far better than this.

Do I recommend- nope specially for women with oily combination skin.  this is probably better for ladies with drier skin.

This made me miss last week’s bb cream from nature republic, lol


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  1. Probably not suitable for your skin type. I have oily skin but it all good and works for me.

    • yep, i just wanna put it out there that just because it worked for a lot of people it doesn’t mean it will work on everyone. i have oily combination skin and live in a very tropical and humid country. i’m glad it worked out for your though 😀

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