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Disclaimer: the WISH Company didn’t pay me to blog about them.  I had entered their survey contest thing and was one of the few that were contacted to receive these.

Today the hubby went to the post to pick up his and my stuff and here we are.
Yeah! I can get to try new stuff, thanks to these samples!  They included stuff from tony moly, the face shop, sulwhasoo, holika holika, innisfree, missha, liz, skin food, and another from real moist (?) A couple of pencils.
The survey asked me what I wanted and I was given a choice of bb creams or thus funky case.  Since, as some of you know or think I already.have loads of makeup specially bb creams, I chose the funky case, the Rainbow pouch.
I’m glad I did, hahaha it’s stretchy and opens however, it’s sorta stretchy zipper finely stitched together at the ends, so no i can’t take it apart and just have a few pairs of zippers.  It’s great for travel and it’s almost take the shape of whatever you put in it or fit in the bag whatever shape that is.  just be careful which zipper you open or all your stuff will fall out, so i guess there’s a reason why that namzia market to give you a clue which is the bottom or TOP, whichever LOL.
And it’s washable, so it’s it’s all good.
thank you, WISH Company:
their facebook page is here :

their website:


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