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As some of you may have deduced i’m on the mailing list of Laneige Philippines and I was advised that the latest on their snow bb line has made it to the Philippines.  Naturally, i just had to get one!

Product description is below please click the pics to enlarge and the description is readable.

the ingredient list, i don’t see no paraben listed, but i could be wrong.

the compact

the sticker cover of the cushion.

the lid and what separates the product from the sponge

what the product looks like.

has a luminous satin finish.

the really fine rubber sponge

the product on me no concealer under my eyes.  pic taken with no flash

with flash, just a little reflective, but it seems the skin on my arm is similar to the skin on my face, so i’m good with this product.

complete face, pic without flash.

a pic with me with flash.  i lightly patted with a setting powder.

my video review with demo on how to apply the product.


  • 3 shades the lightest for someone like my skin, something in the midldle and a third shade that the SA says can be used by women with kayumangi skin (the malay-indo skin shade, the light brown)
  • spf 50 pa +++
  • a liquid in a compact so you don’t have to bring your liquid foundation in those glass bottles when traveling
  • good shade match
  • has not broken me out
  • coverage is medium to buildable to almost full coverage, excellent pore coverage
  • i need very little concealer when i use this either under my eye or on my scars
  • photographs well – DEPENDING ON YOUR FLASH this is not reflective, so a xenon flash would work anything less and well it will be reflective
  • does not cake up in the middle of the day
  • satin luminous finish but manages not to make me look oily when i already am oily LOL
  • lasts all day, around 10-12 hours (though the revlon colorstay liquid foundation lasts just a little bit longer by about 2 hours LOL)
  • does NOT rub off on the rim of my glasses, my phone, or my clothes.
  • oh no need to set, unless you’re like me, oc oc hahaha


  • fragrance same fragrance as the rest of their face products
  • i really can’t complain about the price, it’s actually PhP300 less expensive here than the srp in SG


  • just like the revlon colorstay liquid foundation, this is very difficult to remove. i use my cleansing oil and twice per cleansing routine, i then follow it up with a foaming cleanser and tone. just like the colorstay, it’s possible you can swim with this snow bb cushion on your face and unless you rub your face? it won’t come off!
  • it’s a bitch to clean the sponge. the product seeps in the white part of the sponge provided. it’s easy to clean the blue part of the sponge but not the white part of it

Do i recommend? well yeah?! duh? the travel convenience alone is its selling point, since it’s SPF50 and PA of ++ you hit two birds with one stone you have your foundation and sun screen in one compact with mirror!


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