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There is only one other cleansing oil that i’ve used since i’ve started this journey with cosmetics and that’s the Tony Moly Berry Berry Cleansing oil that i reviewed here.  i bought that at around PhP800 in Bkk, a 200ml bottle.  but with no pump dispenser.

Aspect Shu Uemura Tony Moly 
Cleansing Power similar to Tony Moly similar to Shu Uemura
Consistency this clear yellow & the one in the violet bottle=very heavy feel very light on the skin
After feel i feel i need to rinse or use a toner because of the heavy greasy feel can skip toner!
Skin reaction i’m not sure, i’m fairly sure that i broke out on the shu foundation no harsh reaction i use it to this day
Packaging same clear thick plastic bottle used so i can see the content clear plastic no pump
Price 15.2 fl oz bottle generally retails for US$105 on amazon wait for it… a whopping US$16!




i am not hating on Shu because i broke out, i super wanted that mousse foundation since you know it’s kewl with the mousse and all, and it’s cool on the skin because of chemistry and physics when dispensing a pressured liquid/gas colloid such as the mousse (hahahaha sorry nose bleed).  this shu cleansing oil was initially developed for movie and possibly stage makeup.  so the really really thick kind of makeup that ideally wont melt under bright lights.  bearing that in mind, i don’t need to wonder why the shu cleansing oil is very thick.


but as soon as i saw Tao’s skin care 2011 review, and how she mentioned that she preferred the mac cleansing oil (not because she’s a mac girl) but because of how heavy it feels, i then wanted to share my own experience now that i’ve actually used the celebrated shu cleansing oil.


the choice is entirely up to the consumer.  if you live in a cold temperate country and your skin is dry, i think your skin will be better served by using the shu cleansing oil.  but if you live in a tropical humid country like i do, and your skin is oily or oily combination then you’d want your skin care products to be as light yet as effective as they can be.


comparing the two cleansing oils, the light and the heavy, they clean long wearing makeup similarly, some foundation is left on the skin requiring me a to do a second round of massaging of the oil on my skin til i can no longer see any foundation on the tissue when i wipe my face.


it will also come down to your brand preference and budget.  clearly the other one is less expensive while the other is high end is quite pricey for a cleansing oil with lots of competition.  


well, that’s my two cents worth.
over all, even with the break out and distance, the commute, i am very glad i got to experience shu uemura products.  and glad to do have done so by paying for it rather than having the experience via a marketing event thru bloggers. that way no one can judge me with the reviews i’ve been writing on shu.  i am merely sharing what i experienced.


do i recommend shu uemura products? why not? they have fantastic eye shadows, their foundation, at least the finish is awesome and woah their makeup tools! almost divine!


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